4 More Gameplay Videos from Gamescom

Four more gameplay videos have surfaced this morning, sniffed out by eager-beaver snurrfint.  They’re all are on youtube and of varying quality and bear in mind they’re taken off of monitors at jaunty angles so they don’t show Diablo III off to her (yes, she’s female) best.

Male Witch Doctor

Female Barbarian

To keep the load time down on the front page click the Read More button to get the others.

Male Wizard

Male Barbarian


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1 thought on “4 More Gameplay Videos from Gamescom

  1. Thanks for the report.

    The Dune Dervish sounds incredibly annoying.  In what type of numbers were they?  I could imagine any more than two fo them could be a real problem, especially if they are deflecting your projectile spells.

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