3rd Round Beta Sweepstakes Notified

diablo 3 beta invitesBlizzard have announced that alll the third round winners of Blizzard’s Beta Sweepstakes have now been notified. So your emails, but better still, to avoid email scammers, go directly to your battlenet account and check the games in your management panel.

If you were one of the chosen, you’ll see the Diablo 3 Beta there at the very top.  Congrats if that’s the case.

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30 thoughts on “3rd Round Beta Sweepstakes Notified

    • Why u sad bro?  If you want to play the beta you can rent it from legitimate sources for around $6 per 24 hour period.  I’m not going to share the source here, but PM me and I will let you know.
      My friend let me borrow his beta last weekend, but I wanted my wife to be able to play too so I just nabbed one off of a site that most people here would remember from D2 days… hint, hint.

      • Yeah… I just started renting mine and I’ve already made over $100… for about 30 minutes of work communicating with customers, not bad. But for what it is worth I would still much rather Blizzard just give out a ton of beta keys, even if I made less money, so we can all enjoy this epic game.

  1. i have not accepted that – as many others – as a long time customer (since d1) I never received a beta key because I live in europe … or whaterver ;(

    oh… I have to say, I played warcraft 1 on my pentium I with 60 Mhz… (80 with overclocked button on – lol)

  2. I believed you need to take part in their crappy events to get the key, first it was facebook, now twitter, both which I do not like and do not use. Bleah.

  3. just checked it and…..

    OMG!!!!   😯 i got one!  can’t wait to get off work and start the download!!!!    this day is going to take FOREVER.   😡

  4. nothing again..
    maybe my friend has got one… and maybe he will give it to me :)) but chances are 1% as i counted 🙄 or less

  5. I’m not even going to check!
    (Okay I am going to, but I’m not expecting anything other than spam)

  6. I’d be cool if they could give all of us in the beta all a friend-invite key or something. I’d love to be able to do co-op with a buddy instead of random strangers. Of course people would probably eBay them or something. Too bad they couldn’t attach a requirement like you can only invite someone you’ve been real-id friended with for at least a year.

  7. Nope, another week and no beta 😥
    I’m seriously considering renting via craigslist, and taking chances with a possible scam…
    I am dying to play!

  8. Due to my personal hatred of both Facebook (though I love The Social Network) and Twitter, I am on neither of those. I don´t know who are they targeting with this Facebook and Twitter cr*p, but it isn´t me. Guess I´ll be one of the many waiting for the final game for chance to play (even though I am long time hardcore player, grumble, grumble).

  9. Nada. I have a feeling someone is breaking into my account stealing my invites. I’m dusting for fingerprints.

  10. yah seriously if i dont get d3 beta, or they dont rapidlyramp up invites soon via opt-in my chances are..none.
    guess im waitin for release to even test the game once too…. sad day lol. 🙄

  11. IS it possible that, because my twitter email differed from my bnet account, that I did not receive one for this reason? would they still have emailed me, notified me? (i have now changed it to the correct email address, for the future..just in case) 8)

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