Diablo: The Hell 2 Mod Released After 13-Year Development

Diablo: The Hell 2 Mod Released After 13-Year Development

It took about 13 years of development, but Diablo: The Hell 2 mod for Diablo: Hellfire has finally released, adding upgraded graphics and fresh content to the decades-old game.

Mod creator Mordor writes on the game’s Patreon page that the mod features immersive gameplay and stays true to Diablo 1 in every aspect, in addition to being “balanced near perfection.”

Diablo The Hell 2 Mod Screenshot
Screenshot from Diablo: The Hell 2 mod.

The creator confirmed that the mod will work on the on version currently being offered on GOG.com. However, The Hell 2’s upgrade an Ultra HD (4K compatible) graphics might be a bit redundant since the GOG version already has an improved graphics mode. Fortunately, The Hell 2 also offers quite a bit of extra content that makes the long wait worthwhile.

A brief rundown of the main highlights include:

  • At least 50% more content than any other Diablo mod, with 24 basic dungeon levels and special quest levels in single-player mode. The mod also removes/corrects “controversial” decisions from Hellfire that David Brevik was displeased with.
  • Full support for Ultra HD, wide screen, window modes, borderless, fullscreen, switching them on the fly (Alt + Enter), with frame rates up to 80 fps.
  • Functioning multiplayer(through Hamachi / Zerotier + IPX wrapper).
  • Fixing all the original Diablo bugs.
  • Modernized gameplay features for items, monsters, music, randomizations.
  • An even darker atmosphere for the game.
  • 29 new and changed classes to play: Warriors, Archers, Sorcerers, Monks, Rogues, and Savages.
  • Configurable options to adjust the style of play to suit individual needs.
  • Four game modes to choose from: Normal, Hardcore, Ironman and Nightmare.
  • Three new item slots: gloves, boots, belts. There are also three weapon slots to alternate between.
  • An expanded inventory that supports a 10 x 7 grid instead of the original 10 x 4.

Head over the to the Patreon page for more information on how to download and install the Diablo: The Hell 2 mod and its predecessor. In development since 2006, the mod aims to help Diablo reach its full potential by adding content the original development team at Blizzard was unable to. If nothing else, it should breathe some new life into the 23-year-old game and expansion.

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    8 thoughts on “Diablo: The Hell 2 Mod Released After 13-Year Development

    1. If anyone’s wondering what that reference to David Brevik is about, the reddit thread clarifies: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/bjf1au/new_massive_diablo_hellfire_mod_on_the_rise/

      in short, Blizzard had forbidden Sierra to add easter eggs and “joke” type contents (which imo absolutely do not fit the dark theme of the game), but Sierra did it in secret and Blizzard had to discover it once the game was released. supposedly it was a very heated topic

      Hellfire was also Synergistic’s last project. “As soon as the game was released and they found out about some of the Easter eggs, somebody from Blizzard — I don’t remember who it was — said, ‘None of you will ever work in this industry again,’” Tsang said.

      The mod’s author says:
      Basically, all the goofy stuff from Hellfire is removed. And the game remains true to core Diablo 1 atmosphere. A lot of work done. It’s been in development for 13 years after all, and Hellfire was produced in about 2 months. 150 months against 2 months. That should speak for itself.

      There was a quest of a complete nut who would give the bovine plate. That npc was removed of course. There is no need to explode the entrance to level 17, player descends there from level 16 of hell normally. Same with transaction from level 20 to 21. Teddy bear is left in the game but this quest doesn’t seem to break the atmosphere, Celia’s voice was removed though, sounded awful.

      • I’m with ya. The thing about D1 is that it was really good. The thing about D2 is that it was really GREAT. It took all the bad from D1 and removed it and all the good from D1 and improved and enhanced it! To me, there’s no reason to go back to D1 because D2 completely eclipses it. I tried playing it recently and only lasted about 30 minutes, up to the point where I found my first magic item. That’s when I realized, I’m only ever going to get items with 2 modifications. No rares, no jewels, no runes, no charms. *Yawn*

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