Jay Wilson talks more about Diablo 3

Jjay wilson in taiwanay Wilson’s Twitter is back in action again today with a few more comments on Diablo 3. It’s interesting to note that he thinks that Diablo 2 was a hallmark game and that it could not be repeated. You have to wonder if that was the team’s mindset when they started work on Diablo 3 and that’s why the game went in the direction it did.

Blizzard gamers have become used the cartoon-like family friendly style of more recent releases like Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. However, that doesn’t really work for Diablo. One question asks whether he thinks Blizzard is capable of making a more mature themed game which is needed for the Diablo universe.

The good old Siege Breaker from the original WWI reveal video was also mentioned in the exchange. Remember how good that looked?

Q: If you could add/change anything about D3 what would it be?

Jay:That’s a tough question. I’d go back in time and not do the auction house.

Q: Why were the kill animations removed in D3? I remember Siegebreaker ate a Barbarian head in the first gameplay reveal.

Jay: That meant making very expensive animations for things that would almost never be seen. We opted for other things with higher impact.

Diablo enemies turned out to be too varied, so we couldn’t standardize animations to work across a lot of them.

Q: I give up on Blizzard for delivering a mature game then.

Jay:I think your definition of mature is…interesting. D3 contains copious levels of violence, blood, and nudity. Is your definition of mature: muted colors with photo-real textures?

Q: No. A mature game should be too disturbing for your daughter to play if you know what I mean. There are reasons for ratings.

Jay: I think Blizzard is capable of that, if they wanted to do that. An isometric ARPG would have a pretty hard time meeting that criteria, tho

Q: I’m one of those people that played Diablo 2 when it was new, and I think even vanilla D3 was WAY better just on game feel.

Jay: I’m glad you feel that way. I think Diablo 2 was a hallmark game that could not be repeated, but I think D3 did some great things as well.

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  1. Ugh, this guy again. Why do people even talk to him anymore. I kind of had respect for him back when he pretty much said “yeah, I screwed up, I’m stepping down.” Everyone makes mistakes, nothing wrong with that. Yes it sucks that Diablo had to get messed up, but end of the day it is just a game. But now this guy sounds like he’s slowly inching the other way and not referring to D3 as the steaming pile of rancid shit that it is. “He’d not do the auction house.” LOL. Good one trolol. Almost as good as your “Fuck that loser” comment.

    • I think it just goes to show how much some really love this franchise. Given the current state of the D3 meta and the ups and downs of its development in general, we’re desperate to know how we got to this point; either so we can hopefully avoid it for the next installment and/or the long-shot chance that it will give the devs some incentive to further improve the D3.

    • Honestly the “fuck that loser” incident was about the only thing that gave me respect for jay. Brevik has been making all sorts of shitty games since D2, he had no right to criticize D3. That guy has been living off the fame of D2 his whole life, every chance he gets to bring it up, he does, cause everything else he made was shit. He really is a washed up sore loser.

  2. You’re rich, Jay. Get your neck fixed.

  3. You know… I feel sorry for Jay… He gets a lot of hate out there. I understand that he is blamed for making D3 the way it is. But I think it isn’t his fault. If you ask me, it’s Blizzards fault that they put someone in charge that had no passion for Diablo 2. If he didn’t at least level one character to level 95+ then he wasn’t ever a real Diablo 2 player, even when he claims he played D2 on release for the whole weekend. I am sure that is true, but that doesn’t make him a real Diablo 2 player IMO. A real Diablo 2 player has played many ladder seasons, has done many marathon runs to level 85++, has traded items, has done at least some PVP, and has done many many endless MF-Runs till the eyes bleed, and then ONE MORE run, because that’s what real Diablo 2 players do, because the godly item MIGHT drop this time… I think Blizzard is responsible for poorly assembling the D3 team in terms of “Ideology”. I am sure all individual employees did a decent or even great job for the majority of their “tasks”. It’s just that the person responsible for inspiring them, did not have a passion for Diablo 1 and especially Diablo 2. The reason why I say “Especially Diablo 2” is because D3 is a successor to Diablo 2, and in my opinion, you build upon what the predecessor established, and add new and more features ON TOP. If they would have done this with D3, it would have been the best ARPG hands-down, and everyone knows it.

    D2 build upon D1 and added much much more on top of it. But D3 abolished D2 entirely. I don’t understand how the TOP-Folks at Blizzard allowed this to happen. I think they were still “stoned” from the WOW success and they thought they are invincible, and any of their decisions will be praised to the highest degree. Boy how were they wrong… But I also think they know that today. I honestly think they want to make up for this mistake and show us with D4 that they can do a true successor to Diablo 2. I think that’s what they have to do…

    • Yea, No. If someone didn’t have a feel for the game, they should have turned down the f*****g position. Jay is solely responsible for his decisions.

      • You guys live in fairy tale land.

        • It really feels like way too many couch developers. Not every game needs to be an exact copy of the previous. D3 tried and it did some things well and some not so well. D2 is old and you would never replicate that success because gamers like that don’t exist like they did before. Grindy video games have been replaced by the new progression design. Face that fact.

          D3 is different because it had to be to be somewhat successful in today’s game culture.

          This bandwagon hate for d3 is ridiculous and the exact same as the people claiming wow is dead every time they quit.

          • Evan Kimber: You’re critiquing “cough developers” as you sit there and couch develop. You act like people who are disappointed in D3 with valid complaints, many of them, are just on a bandwagon? You are completely out of touch with what people want and I doubt you even played Diablo 2 at all. D3 can’t even wear D2’s jockstrap.

  4. Diablo 3 is fun. Diablo 2 has a different feel, yeah, but different isn’t exclusively bad. I find diablo 3 much more compelling than 2 because from a gameplay perspective, permanently locked skill trees and grinding forever on the campaign for runewords sucks. Potion belts are no fun either.

    • “Different” isn’t bad at all, if it would be a different franchise. D3 is a “good” game, it just isn’t a “Diablo” Game. Diablo 3 has very fluent combat and that is for sure it’s strong point. But that is it…

      “Permanently Locked Skill Trees” had a reason in D2, and rerolling a class or build was what Diablo 2 was all about. However, since some patch you get to “reset” your skills and attributes once per difficulty after completing the first quest in each difficulty. This has allowed noobs and regular people that did mistakes to correct them 3 times, while still making choices matter and have an impact. This is crucial in Diablo 2. Further, in Diablo 2, you can now farm “essences” that drop from monsters, and those essences are combined in the cube to form a “Reset Token”. This allows you to have infinite “Resets” but you have to play the game to craft those Reset-Tokens. This again, is what Diablo 2 is all about, its about playing the game, where nothing is simply given to you without effort.

      Diablo 2 didn’t have a “Campaign Mode”. The whole game was “Adventure Mode”, and once completed quest simply couldn’t be completed anymore, but the maps were always randomly generated within certain boundaries.

      The issue in D3 vanilla was that Bosses weren’t worth it, so they could never become iconic. No Monsters in D3 are “iconic” because none of them matter. In D2 however, Bosses and many unique elites are iconic. NPC’s are iconic, items are iconic, builds are iconic. etc.

      In Diablo 3 NOTHING is iconic, nothing matters, you stand in the middle of packs waiting for the cooldown to wear off so you can AOE everything in one or two shots. This is not how Diablo games are. Gear is dictated by Sets and no item is iconic. Elements don’t matter at all, they only change the visuals and most of the time people pick the element that has the most damage on the skill and “skill-rune”. D3 sucks beyond words, so trying to defend it vigorously is implying you were never a real Diablo player.

      “Potions” needed an improvement, but it should have been implemented like in Path Of Exile, where you can drink a few times until the potion is depleted, and then it takes time for the potion to refil, but you still can drink it even when its only 15% refilled. But in D3, you drink once, and its on cooldown for 30 seconds. That’s pathetic. It should have NO cooldown at all, and instead should slowly recover and also get bonus recovery every time you kill a monster. This would allow you to drink a potion when you actually need it, but would also prevent long-term spam. It would allow you to “spam” it for a very limited time, until the potion is entirely depleted. Path of Exile did it right, when improving on D2’s potion spam. But D3 went WOW-style, and that sucks in a game like Diablo.

      • wrong , wrong wrong over the whole 10 yards !!!

      • I’ll add to _TOP_Commander’s points something that perhaps Mr/Ms. Playedthemboth surely doesn’t/can’t/won’t remember: for a while in D3 vanilla there were different health potion sizes and different qualities for the jewels, just like in D2. But the D3 game mechanics were a complete f*cking joke and they didn’t made any sense because its stupid “race-to-lvl60” (it only took a few hours solo, mere minutes in multiplayer), rendering the whole crafting system useless along with the different types of health potions and gems. In D2 they made sense because we gained levels at a much slower pace than in D3. So the D3 team (jay?) simply eliminated most of them and now you go from getting chipped jewels to marquise ones once you get to 60. The weapon dmg scales in a similar stupid way (compare a lvl 59 weapon with a lvl 61 one), and everytime I play a new D3 char this whole snowball of stupid and contradictory game mechanic decisions shows again and it seems that sometime in the D3 development stage the pacing was much slower like in D2 so they copied the mechanics and items from there but then someone (jay?) mere days before launch said that it took too much time, that lvl gaining had to happen much faster so they simply compressed time while leaving all those classic mechanics in place. But they didn’t worry, they tried to cover their mistakes with patch after patch, I mean, that’s the good thing of making online-only games, right? You can cover your own shit, move forward and pretend that never happened. But we remember.

        Sometimes I think that D3 was made by a bunch of people suffering from attention-deficit-disorder that somehow thought that “pumping up the lvl gaining speed” would equal great gameplay and player satisfaction, or that over-the-top characters with corny lines were preferable to subtle ones (how many times are we reminded that we are nephalem/heroes?).

        Too bad they didn’t take the one mechanic from WoW that was much better in that game than in D3: level gaining is much much slower. No, they preferred to regurgitate its art style instead.

        • “So the D3 team (jay?) simply eliminated most of them ”

          Er, no. This happened in RoS, long after Jay had left.

          “But the D3 game mechanics were a complete f*cking joke and they didn’t made any sense because its stupid “race-to-lvl60” (it only took a few hours solo, mere minutes in multiplayer)”

          Did you ever play D3 at release? Because I think you didn’t.

        • I’ll just add a cherry on top of everything thesatanist and _TOP_Commander wrote: those mechanics you both described are particularly shitty when you compare how character creation was more meaningful in D2 than in D3 – damage didn’t come from items. Items perfected builds, but your character did damage and had character on it’s own. I just feel in D3 that characters are mere placeholders for items. Characters are only as powerful as the items they hold and the result is that tou can’t exactly build characters by choice, only the builds that RNG lets you build. It had to be like that to accommodate the AH and RMAH and I think they missed a tremendous opportunity to take care of this core flaw when they deactivated them.

    • yeah , there is nothing wrong with D3 its stupid crybabies and naggers that are bad
      learn that D3 is not the same as D3 and your nagging) kife will be better
      i love D3 !

      • i mean D2 is not the same as D3 :p

      • Shut up, teenager. Have you even played Diablo 2? LOL

        • yes , and D1
          take your stupid head out of your ass and learn that D2 is not D3
          and your life wil be so much better then all that nagging over nothing
          and i shut up when i want to shut up , nothing you can do about it nagging assf*ck !
          you are a perfect example of the nagging an whinning shitty D3 community , has nothing else to say so i go attack mode , nuff said whos a teenager here :pppppppppp

  5. Seeing Rushster sharing Jay Wilson’s twitter discussions (with generally me – permaximum88 -) rigtfully because of the lack of any D3 related news, I got a bit more aggressive and a bit more on topic this time for some real news. I think you’ll like it.

    But one thing’s for sure. Jay has definetely improved his communication skills.

    • I also kept asking questions. I am @RealDeckardCain

      Jay eventually got uncomfortable and ended the session. I think he wants to move on… but at the same time wants to defend a game he was the Director for, while also admitting some mistakes they did.

      • Although he tried to reply everything I wrote so far, there are still some answers from me that he doesn’t quote. He picks some of them and privately answer some of them. I guess me respectfully proving his recent lie about concurrency numbers of D3 and sharing the fact that D2’s popularity is about the same as D3 atm, sealed the deal. Perhaps it was the hint of art style controversy and the petition. He tried really hard to act like nothing even close to that happened and most people praised D3 for it’s art style and it’s greatness about it. Which means that petition hurt Blizzard and the D3 team bad. The pony level was an obvious FU to those fans that signed the petition but it spoke more about their rage on that controversy.

        Oddly, art directors, artists from different games that use some kind of cartoony art style and follow Jay, started to block me from Twitter just after they comment on the topic with pure demagogy. I’m sure they’re mostly Jay’s friends. Last was a senior technical artist for Eve Online who said as someone in that job for 21 years as an expert etc. etc. etc. D3’s art was supposedly a masterpiece. They’re just doing demogagy. They try to mask the real issue by acting like I did say D3’s art was bad. In fact, I only said, while D3’s art style is great and it looks great, it doesn’t look similar to what previous games had established and I don’t like it for that reason just like many Diablo players (referring to the petition and the polls). I now know which games I shouldn’t play.

        Still, I guess Jay getting uncomfortable and taking a break is more related to his old Bliz pals and losing followers. His followers downed to 17.2k from 17.3k after today’s conversations and I’m sure some of his Bliz friends warned him because he was slipping insider information here and there when he got sentimental and he started to really criticize D3. Admitting mistake on major game systems, story and monologues that still exist in D3, criticizing non-existent PVP, speaking about concurrency numbers, revealing he played all of the Blizz North build version of D3, admitting taking concepts and designs from it by going specific, revealing the fact that the d3 engine that’s praised is Blizzard North’s engine, revealing getting weekly reports about D3s popularity status, giving insight into how Blizzard designs games and how there are a few people that direct those designs, how they wouldn’t even make D3 if it had to be close to more gritty, dark arty style.

        Actually, I’m surprised it took this long for him to stop. I don’t think we’ll hear from Jay about Diablo in the near future 🙂

  6. Objectively, Jay makes a good point in reference to the ‘maturity’ component of D3. Sadly, he’s still not being quite honest. This is a game that has a rainbow, care bear filled ‘pony’ level. To troll the fans of the series is cool but it should have been a temporary event, much like the upcomming ‘Darkening of Tristram’. Instead the whole supposed ‘gothic’ feel of the franchise is lost every time that rainbow portal pops, it’s a total ‘facepalm’. Objectively I like most of the ‘art’ in D3, but the feel can be WAY more mature and Jay per usual seems rather defensive in his replies.

  7. You guys are actually a bunch of retards circle jerking abou who is and isn’t a “real diablo player” like you have any fucking authority on any matter just play d2 and stfu

  8. This is why Path of Exile was made, now those guys had a passion for Diablo 2 way more than the D3 dev team ever did sadly to say.

    • No wonder the D3 naggers are playing that game is stupid as hell
      That game sucks harder then a wh*re
      Now stay with that shitty game and leave the great D3 alone

  9. The issue isn’t even that D3 is or isn’t (because it is) inferior or superior to D2. Even as IT’S OWN GAME D3 is a steaming pile of shit. For one, we have to pick a frigging version of this crap fest to even be able to critique it properly. Do all the supposed supporters who bot every season REALLY like the 3 or 4 versions we’ve had of this frigging game? Even when the versions are so different from each other? To me the best iteration was the one right before RoS dropped. When you could level a character to Paragon 100 and the best way to do that was to run Crypt of the ancients in act 1 fields of misery. I had the most fun with that version of the game. Because playing it had PURPOSE. You could set GOALS. D3 isn’t a game that’s so fun to play that just logging the fuck in is reward enough. D3 is the kind of game where there has to be something TO DO. And the version we have now is just a mindless, aimless, shit fest.

    I’ve been doing seasons in D3 for the stash space, and if i can finish the damn lvl 75 rift it’ll be my last season because I have all tabs. This is the WORST iteration of D3 to me BY FAR. OMFG THIS SEASON TABS SHIT MAKES ME HATE THE GAME SO MUCH. The very idea that you have to unlock game features through play has to be the most fucktard idea in any video game ever. Even in fucking Mario you unlock CONTENT not motherfucking FEATURES. It’s like having to reach T1 to unlock the right mouse button. The D3 team is obviously a bunch of sick fucks. Right up there with the cock sucker who decided to put Chansey in the fucking Safari Zone with a 0.5% catch rate & instant run away.

    More to the point, this ‘game’ isn’t even really an ARPG anymore. It’s really a shooter type game, not that FPS bullshit, I mean a shooter like Gradius, R-TYPE or Thunder Force. Because the end game is rifts, the end game plays JUST like these shooter type games. The enemies will one shot you, and they fill the screen with ‘bullet hell’. Bosses take forever to down. Call me crazy but a Diablo game shouldn’t invoke memories of playing Parodius. But my biggest frigging gripe has to be this game is so devoid of anything of any MEANING or SUBSTANCE. How can this team of developers be so frigging bare bones BLAND to give us a game with absolutely no frigging SUBSTANCE? Why is there even a campaign mode at all? It’s literally POINTLESS to click on that game mode. Does nobody realize how disgraceful that is? This is the only game I’ve EVER played where there’s literally no story progression rewards. This game appeals to me the same way Duck Hunt appealed to me, the combat is kind of cool, but neither has shit for story, or shit in terms of progress. It’s just the same shit over and over again, only harder.

    RPGs aren’t addictive because they offer endless challenge, but because they offer endless variety. No two playthroughs of D2 are ever the same, even with the same class. There needs to be a peak to every mountain. A sumit for every character to reach. The climb back down should be instigated by the promise of another awesome trip back up to the top, not by game features or endless challenge. Get rid of the feature unlocks & replace with content unlocks. And save the endless challenge Bull shit for the survival modes of fighting games.

  10. “Story-Mode” and “Adventure-Mode” should not even exist as terms. Both those “world” should be just one world like it was in D2. The truth is, that the whole game world should have truly randomized maps by default. There should be 3 or 4 difficulty levels that you must play though every new season (or one time in non-season per new character) and then new random quests are generated within the world and they could act as “bounties” etc. Quests in the first play-through on each difficulty should give skill points, attribute points, resistances, health, mana etc as quest rewards. Doing those quests should on one hand introduce you to the Diablo world, but also reward you with permanent perks for doing the quests. Once you finish all the quests, the next objective becomes farming areas, and Bosses for specific loot. There should be Trading and PVP to further appeal to various people that enjoy this kind of gameplay.

    Things like “Endless Difficulty” should not exist in a game like Diablo. They harmed Diablo 3 beyond repair. Also endless-difficulty harms build diversity, because only a handful of builds emerge as “the best” where everything else sucks. Capped end-game difficulty is necessary to have a feel for “I finally arrived in the final difficulty, and I am now embark on my journey to become leveled and geared well to be fast and efficient in this endgame difficulty”.

  11. “Q: If you could add/change anything about D3 what would it be?
    Jay: That’s a tough question. I’d go back in time and not do the auction house.”

    Is it? I do think it’s very clear at this point that the game got released half-ready because the team had to stop everything they were doing when project “money making machine” suddenly became the sole development priority.

    The lacking content, non-existing interweaving of assets and mechanics, shallow and arbitrary systems, bloated numeric value-based randomness, abysmal balancing, untested gameplay/UX, complete devaluation of the loot reward scheme, forced online connectivity supporting perpetual beta development and AH population, … it all leads back to the game director greenlighting a belated integration of the AH.

    I do admit, that obviously something went terribly wrong in terms of creative/art/music direction as well. But D3 is certainly not a game which will be remembered for its strong points though …

    • Disclaimer: My opinions contain rough and offensive language.

      It’s hard for me to pinpoint my thoughts about Diablo 3. I am one of those Diablo fans that was incredibly disappointed with Diablo 3 from the very beginning. I mean absolutely nothing in the game makes me feel like I play “Diablo”. There are so many things “wrong” with this game, it just paralyzes my mind and I dont know where to start. Diablo 3 is a clusterfuck of epic proportions. The only thing I like about Diablo 3 is that the game feels responsive during combat and it feels “well polished” in some few areas. But those random polished areas are resting upon a construct of epic clusterfucks, which ruins it for me no matter how I look at it.

      Trading IMHO is fundamentally important in a game like Diablo, but Real Money should be kept out of the equation at all costs. Trading should happen between players and be “Item for Item” only. Players who want to get certain items, must play the game and farm monsters and bosses to find loot. If they are lucky, they find the item they want, and if not, they will at least find items that someone else wants, and they can trade items they found for items they could not find. This is how D2 worked, and its awesome.

      Diablo 3 is IMHO beyond repair, as it is a game that is fundamentaly UN-Diablo in every possible way. Ironically even Cain was “killed by a butterfly” which was the last nail on the coffin in story-terms alone. There is absolutely nothing memorable or iconic about Diablo 3 if you think about it. The only thing I cannot forget about Daiblo 3 are the annoying clusterfucks like “Look, More hidden footprints…”, or the incredibly clusterfuck PR stunt in form of the “Pony level”. That development time could have been used to create the talisman and have charms instead lol. What an epic fail in terms of game Direction.

      I have incredibly low expectations for Diablo 4 and I honestly think that the chance that Diablo is dead as we knew it (D1 and D2), is very high. It is very hard to take for me, because Diablo 2 was one of the most iconic video games I have ever played. So seeing it go to absolute Shit is like having a child that is incredibly intelligent and talented, but instead was brainwashed by society to think that he or she is just “average” and should shut up and be quiet. It’s heart breaking for me.

      Diablo 3 will always be the “biggest failure” in the Diblo franchise, even if Blizzard will never admit it, and will always counter argue that it sold 30+ million copies which is WAY more than D2 sold etc. They will never publicly admit that the reason why D3 sold so many copies is solely due to D1 and especially D2 which have created an immense franchise-fan-base. It’s absolutely beyond me how they decided to absolutely alienate the whole fan-base like they did with D3. What were those fucks thinking?

      The only way to make D3 look “better” is to fuck up even more with D4. But this is not possible in my opinion, or at least I am not capable of imagining a more fucked up version of Diablo, than D3. However, there are moments in history where things go to shit even more than anyone could have imagined at the time. I mean no one could have imagined D3 to be worse than D2, as everyone with a brain expected D3 to take what D2 had, fix issues, and build upon D2 to make an even more epic experience. Boy were we wrong. They decided to “revolutionize” the genre by making a Diablo that had nothing in common with the previous games. What retard was allowed to go through with this idea? I mean, WHAT THE FUCK?

      I think the original D3 that Blizzard North was developing between 2001 and 2005, would have been MUCH closer to what everyone expected of D3 as a successor to D2. Internal politics and arguments between high-up’s has caused a franchise to go down the shitter forever IMO. After that Blizzard Irvine started fresh and created something totally different. It was inevitable.

      The future of Diablo as we know it is “GAME OVER”.

      Blizzard will keep developing games for the “Diablo” franchise, but I highly doubt we will see anything like Diablo 2 ever again.

  12. Great game
    Great man

    but yeah the nagging community f*cked it up again

    • stop “liking” your own comments ROFL

    • You know, it really baffles me how anyone can not like D3 with how much detail & passion all the pro D3 people go into when they write about the game >_>. Seriously, they’re as good as speaking about D3 as the Blizz devs themselves. All I ever read when someone tells them “A” sucks is the same “We feel that “A” is good the way it is” bullshit & it’s another thing that makes me hate the shit out of this game. You get PAID to play this game. I PAY to play this game. I don’t give two shits about what you feel about the game or like about it, if I DON’T LIKE IT I’m not going to pay for it, so it really, really pisses me off when I read or write a complaint and have to read that “we like it the way it is” shit. How people even put up with this crap is beyond me. If I rented an apartment to someone and it had a hole in the wall they wouldn’t let me get away with telling them “I like the hole in the wall, I feel it gives the apartment character.” They’d be all fuck you, you fucker, now fix the mother fucking hole in the wall before I sue your cheap ass. But Blizz says it and everyone all like “complainers are the real problem with the game” and “all these entitlement kids”

      • Hate to break it to you but you do sound like you’re entitled to something. Newsflash, you’re not. You bought the game and don’t like it, cool that’s a valid opinion, but it’s not a game you created. It’s not your art. It’s not up for you to decide how something other people created is or plays. You can voice your opinion, but moaning like that won’t get you far.

  13. “Q: … and I think even vanilla D3 was WAY better just on game feel”
    Like WTF!?
    I played Diablo 2 as a kid and I would never thought about it being disturbing at any point.

    And I’m glad they tried to make something new with D3. I love D2, and when I want to play D2, I play D2.

  14. Now Blizzard forced Jay to delete recent tweets. Then I really pushed his buttons lol 😀

    Those 7 bad things about D3 in my tweet were all major components of Diablo 3 and Jay eventually had to agree on the fact they were mostly bad. I bet his former team members and Blizz management went nuts as soon as they saw him confirming they suck 😀

    I had to take screen of it damn! 😀

    • So much for that supposed “freedom” they got over there at blizz. If they can’t even respect freedom of speech, what should we think about the supposed “creative freedom” jay was talking about in their interview?

      B*llshit and hypocrisy, I say. Another shameless PR stunt. What’s next blizz, hunting down journalists to silence them as in 3rd world countries?

      This anecdotes only reaffirm my belief that really there’s not such a thing as freedom in the blizz quarters nowadays. Only executive decisions dictate how games are made, so expect to see more blizz games in the vein of D3 and SC2. And don’t forget to say thanks to the D3 casual-spending fanboys with low gaming standards who are letting these game companies to get away with their tactics and policies.

      Good thing we have at least their classic games to recall how good they were back in the day.

  15. Blizzard generally don’t like to admit they have made a mistake so I am not surprised if tweets vanish.

    Still good job chaps on pinning Jay down.

  16. Haven’t read the site in a while since there’s very little to read about Diablo currently, but damn reading these comments some people need to chill out. Views must be down if you’re actually willing to sacrifice the site/comments section to the amount of vulgar bitching and fighting going on here. I know people have been salty for a long time but this is next level.

    PS Rushster: footer says DIABLOII.MET 🙂

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