Jjay wilson in taiwanay Wilson’s Twitter is back in action again today with a few more comments on Diablo 3. It’s interesting to note that he thinks that Diablo 2 was a hallmark game and that it could not be repeated. You have to wonder if that was the team’s mindset when they started work on Diablo 3 and that’s why the game went in the direction it did.

    Blizzard gamers have become used the cartoon-like family friendly style of more recent releases like Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. However, that doesn’t really work for Diablo. One question asks whether he thinks Blizzard is capable of making a more mature themed game which is needed for the Diablo universe.

    The good old Siege Breaker from the original WWI reveal video was also mentioned in the exchange. Remember how good that looked?

    Q: If you could add/change anything about D3 what would it be?

    Jay:That’s a tough question. I’d go back in time and not do the auction house.

    Q: Why were the kill animations removed in D3? I remember Siegebreaker ate a Barbarian head in the first gameplay reveal.

    Jay: That meant making very expensive animations for things that would almost never be seen. We opted for other things with higher impact.

    Diablo enemies turned out to be too varied, so we couldn’t standardize animations to work across a lot of them.

    Q: I give up on Blizzard for delivering a mature game then.

    Jay:I think your definition of mature is…interesting. D3 contains copious levels of violence, blood, and nudity. Is your definition of mature: muted colors with photo-real textures?

    Q: No. A mature game should be too disturbing for your daughter to play if you know what I mean. There are reasons for ratings.

    Jay: I think Blizzard is capable of that, if they wanted to do that. An isometric ARPG would have a pretty hard time meeting that criteria, tho

    Q: I’m one of those people that played Diablo 2 when it was new, and I think even vanilla D3 was WAY better just on game feel.

    Jay: I’m glad you feel that way. I think Diablo 2 was a hallmark game that could not be repeated, but I think D3 did some great things as well.

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