31% of Diablo Players are Female

According to a Brand report from MCV females make up 31% of the Diablo community. The report was based on findings from 6,725 gamers, of whom 526 had played in the last six months. There isn’t much data publicly available from the report but it does show that some age groups are larger in the Diablo community than the average gamer – for example over twice as many females fall into the 30-34 age bracket amongst Diablo gamers than with games. With males the biggest difference comes in the 20-24 age bracket with 12% making up the average gamer but 18% the Diablo gamer.

Even though this report takes a sample of the gaming community and not specifically a Diablo community it will still be interesting to see what the gender make up of this community is. We have ran this vote before but many moons ago and if memory serves it came back around 6% of us were female.  We shall run a poll for that sometime in the not-too-distant future to see if that has changed.

If you’d like the full report, it’s yours for £480.00 or $765.00 or EU574.  A bar chart of the breakdown of ages across the genders is after the break.

diablo demographic


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    64 thoughts on “31% of Diablo Players are Female

    1. Wait, 10-14 being the highest age bracket for Diablo? Yeah I kinda doubt that. Although this graph is taken out of context so it’s hard to say what it is actually saying.

      Most girls I play with tend to hide their gender for numerous reasons so it wouldn’t be surprising to me. 

      • “Wait, 10-14 being the highest age bracket for Diablo? Yeah I kinda doubt that.”


        • I don’t see how a trade shortcut is indicative of age at all. I was within that range, I believe, when D1 came out and I loved it. But I don’t know when this graph is referring to, or which Diablo game.

      • I don’t doubt for a second that Diablo is huge in the 10-14 age bracket. The attitude of the typical player in public games makes it seem quite plausible.

        • This. And the players who were 10-14 back in 1999 seem to behave exact same way in 2012.

      • Umm no 20-24 is the biggest then 10-14. But 10-14 is a weird bracket given that by the age rating they shouldn’t be playing Diablo as they are all Mature rated in the US IE 17+ and 15/16 bracket in the EU.

        • you are quite wrong, mature rating doesn’t mean anything, about who will be allowed to play the game, rather it’s about advice to parents of whether or not their children should play the games…

          I can say that in Denmark a large chunk of parents don’t really care about age ratings, because games yet have to actually cause an incident here… 

    2. “The report was based on findings from 6,725 gamers” Sample size is pathetic thats nowhere close to few milions that played D2 and will play D3. I guess 5-10% but for sure not more.

      • Oh… you forgot the best part: “of whom 526 had played in the last six months”.
        So about 6199 “gamers” got interviewed but hadn’t played a game in last six months… sure I call those people gamers to and take their opinions very seriously…

          • Well said…a sample need not be large in absolute terms to be statistically significant.

            • @Laban: Statistics isn’t all “relative”. Statistical significance can be mathematically measured in a number of objective ways. It’s also very unclear what you’re referring to by “it”. What has to what?

          • Please teach me about statistics 🙂 I got only 5 years of collage studing math, and apparently I do miss basic knowledge 🙂

            • Well, if we (generously) assume a population of about 20 million Diablo players, a sample size of 6725 gives us a 99% confidence level that the results on gender are representative of the general population with less than a 1.5 confidence interval.

              There may very well be problems with this study, but if you really spent that long studying math you should know better. Or maybe you should try to get a refund for your “collage” [sic] education.

              …or maybe you just made collages instead of actually going to college? 

            • I can gladly scan my dyplom with grades, especially the one from statistics. What did you write make absolutly no sense and it only shows that you go no clue about statistics.
              We dont know if this sample is representative but I highly doubt that because it doesnt reflect the structure of the population, so the result will come with significant error. That means they probably made observational error which means we should even disscus the matter.
              On the other hand if they found somehow a metod to get representative sample then the size of the sample is very important. The sample size to population doesnt mean something is representative, thats very basic statistical knowledge, and your estimation of confidence level and confidence interval are taken out of air based on sample size? You just made out numbers to looks smart and your implication that I didnt go/finish collage are beyond good taste. So grow up and stop talking shit and offend other people.

        • Elly’s paraphrasing here is ambiguous (and it is in a few other sections as well). The nearly 7000 gamers were asked about Diablo, and over 500 had played Diablo in the last six months. It wasn’t stated that they “hadn’t played a game in [the] last six months.”

    3. Not surprised at all.  Blizzard games have a high female attachment rate (though age groups on the bottom graph seem to support the opposite).  I’ve played a lot of LAN parties with couples.

      The main thing I have noticed is that most never know they are in-game with girls because they talk nonsense in chat saying things you would never say in front of a girl IRL.   

    4. Define “gamer”. Do they see people who play facebook games as gamers? Do people who play facebook games think of themselves as gamers? 

      • And what, might I ask, does this have to do with the proverbial price of tea in China?  Drakensang has primary attachment via FB and is more elegant than most of the PC games that I played through the early 2000s.  I’m not disagreeing with you, just making the point that the line between “hardcore” and “casual” gamers is slowly but surely going the way of the Dodo.

        • Though BS may not have articulated it especially well, I think there’s a valid question buried in there. The specific games you’re counting can have a huge impact on statistics like this. It might be nice to know whether or not this study was counting facebook games or not, for example.

          • Got it.  What would help here is an n= for the Diablo population measured.  We know that there were Diablo players in the ~6700, but your point is especially valid if the Diablo n=75 or something low like that while Vampire Wars n=4500.  TY BS and MRR.

            • Yeah – Elly noted that “there isn’t much data publicly available from the report,” so it’s hard to say for sure. I’m willing to bet that any research firm worth their salt would do things in a mathematically sensible way, but “What counts as a game?” can be a fairly contentious issue sometimes, even when you set aside the nerd-bashing prejudice many people have against “hardcore” gamers and the e-peen-stroking prejudice hardcore gamers have against “casuals”.

      • Being transgender is no picnic. Please don’t go there. You know less than nothing about which you speak. Being transgender is dangerous, and you’re subject to constant derision. I only wish I could meet more people like me. I am a transexual woman and I’ve been playing Diablo since the first demo, but, of course, I don’t count as a real woman. On TV we are prostitute corpses, victims, and psychotics, so of course I can’t be a tech-savvy gamer who likes RPGs and 4x games….

    5. I have no trouble believing this.  If your judgment is based on anecdotal evidence, you are quite likely to be wrong because most women are too smart to broadcast their gender where the potential for idiotic responses is high.  And that would pretty much define the gaming world.

    6. Oh please.
      I’m a female hardcore gamer, have been playing computer games since 1980, have played Diablo since D1, and there are plenty of us, believe me (and the percentage grows every year). Most of you guys immediately assume I’m male… you perceive other gamers you meet online as male because you make the assumption without any evidence that you’re surrounded by other males, so you “see” males all around you who aren’t there. (And, btw, while I prefer RPGs to shooters, I HATE Facebook games with a passion.)
      I’d also point out that a poll on a site like this might not be that revealing since not only do many women hide their gender online, they also are not as outspoken in aggressive, argumentative gamer-culture forums like this one :p Games appeal to both genders, but the same can’t be said for “gamer culture” as expressed in most fansites. (Personally I kinda like it, which I guess makes me a deviant 😉 I definitely find it intriguing to observe!)
      However, carry on with your delusion that the party you’re in is a sausage fest and not a hen party if it makes you happy 😉

      • whoa-whoa…..slow down there miss…
        nobody is saying that female players dont exist  -but-  the male players are not the only 1 who makes mistakes and act aggresive…..nobody is saying that you play bad but you must see the big picture…
        you -womans- like to have your little sexy fingers everywhere…even in football…(no pun intended)
        ummm…..yea….can i have your number now please     😛

    7. Yeah, no. Maybe if this were for L4D, Portal, or Mario Kart I’d find it more convincing.

    8. You all probably play with a lot more women in game than you realise, it’s just that we don’t advertise the fact because suddenly everyone wants to be your friend and giving crappy gaming pickup lines. Forum dwellers are usually more sane though so it isn’t so bad here..I say usually…
      http://youtu.be/6_mIQaTG4BE – Perfect example, although at least he’s doing it to be funny though, watch it all! (oh and whitemane is hot!)

      • A/S/L? I’m hung like a Tauren, and I’ve heard that you are an epic mount.  😛

        I kid, I kid.  And tonight when my wife checks this site, I’m dead, I’m dead. 

    9. I could believe this. This may come off as stereotyping but I think Diablo is a game that might appeal more widely to certain female sensibilities than some more explicitly violent first person games for example.

    10. I’m loving the comments… so much awkwardness and confused nerdrage. It’s always interesting when women are into something traditionally assumed to be a male hobby, like hunting, fast cars, sports, whiskey, etc. Some guys are ridiculously excited, others get very uncomfortable.

      • I think a lot of male players would like more females to be playing. At  least hypothetically. The doubt about the female % figures comes from the Diablo community at this point, which I’d say is overwhelmingly male. But people following the game pre-release, during the beta, etc, =/= the playing population post-release. I know a number of diablo players IRL who aren’t really following the game that closely, but who will certainly pre-order and play starting on may 15th, and several of them are female. 

        I think this pre-game, intense following, speculation stuff is more for males, at least in this mileau. Probably get a kind of reversal with something like the Twilight sparklepire series. Actual book/movie attendance is like 40/60 M/F, while Twilight fansites are probably 90/10 F/M. 

        All figures pulled from thin air…

        • If they would really like more females to be playing, AND part of the community, AND self-identifying as female online, they might consider modulating their behavior a lil bit 😉 The knee-jerk (and I use the term “jerk” advisedly) “there are no women on the internet” response, exemplified so well in the first page of responses here, is one of the reasons there SEEM to be so few women on the internet :p At least on gaming forums.
          It’s one of those “mind over matter” things: keep your mind open to the possibility that anybody you meet in a Diablo context might well be a woman, act as though you consider women to be human beings not that different from you, and you may suddenly discover women all around you.

      • There’s so much doubt because it flies in the face of all experience. It’s easy to find girls playing, e.g. L4D or Portal. A nerd core game like Diablo? Not so much.

    11. So there’s no *gamers* over age 45 in this study?  Bashiok’s grandma will NOT approve 😥

    12. Over 10% of Diablo players are 10-14 year-old girls and equal in population to the same age-range of boys? Really? I find that pretty hard to believe… The rest of it makes sense though…

    13. I think everyone just needs to stop being so cheap and cough up the $765 for the report. Because the world must know the TRUTH.

    14. not entirely sure what you people are discussing here, but normally a statistic made on about 1000 is considered reliable regardless of the total population, simply because the largest errors have been removed at that point.

      • It’s not reliable if the sample is not representative of the underlying population. Maybe I fail at reading but I can’t find how the sample was randomized and what design was used.
        If it uses real statistical methods, it means something. If it asks willing visitors on their website to complete a questionnaire if they have time, it’s garbage.

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