28 Clicks of Visual Delight

I have been unforgivably remiss in not previously posting news of the 28 new DiabloWikiDiablo III Screenshots released in Blizzard’s media kit at last week’s pre-beta gathering, but I couldn’t think how best to do so. I said in our midnight UnicorNDAy chat that the new screens were by far the best we’ve ever seen of Diablo III… and I hold to that.

When I point out that I created a new folder to house these (and future, for I assume these are but the vanguard of a new and glorious visual era) Act One screenshots, since they are that markedly different and improved from previous visuals of the game, it sounds like I’m despairing the previous screenshots.

I am not; I’ve always thought Diablo III looked good, and sympathized with the DiabloWikiArt Controversy only in a joking sense. I’m not sure what makes these shots look so much better than previous batches; obviously the developers have been improving the visuals all along; adding more details to the dungeons, monsters, spell effects, and other environments, but it all seems to have come together in this batch with visuals of unsurpassed clarity.

One factor is that they seem to have turned down, or off, the environmental effects. Quite often with previous screenshots, where the visuals were obscured by fog, or rain, or blowing sand, or glowing sunlight, I was left trying to explain that yes, the still image looked murky and fuzzy, but that in the game those effects looked awesome, since you saw the mist or wind or dust blowing realistically across the scenery. Which is true; the game looks far better in person than in screenshots or the LQ gameplay movies we’ve seen, but in screenshots at least, it definitely looks better without those effects visible.

The fact that a DiabloWikizoom function has returned to Diablo III (after the devs previously said it would not be included) also helps, since a lot of these shots give you a real close up view of the characters and monsters that shows off their details and gruesome textures in pleasing fashion.

I’ve included a few thumbs here, but with 28 new shots I’m not going to put all of them in, since it would just be visual noise. You really have to click through the whole gallery and look at the giant 2200×1238 images to appreciate the details. Enjoy, and if you want the full visual experience, download the press kit; you’ll get all 28 screenshots plus the rest of the artwork and the HQ gameplay movie. Be warned, the screens are all 8meg .tga files that you’ll need Photoshop to view. Thanks to HolyKnight3000 for uploading and captioning all of these.

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    44 thoughts on “28 Clicks of Visual Delight

    1. Photoshop?  Try irfanview if you want a free viewer/converter for whatever image format(s) you can imagine.

      • Yes no need for photoshop, the old roadkill (the icon looks like a flattened raccon or something) will do the trick just as nicely

    2. I first analyzed all of them closely when they were released. Now even thoroughly! Convinced me to chose the monk after playing with the WD. The game zgonnabe outstanding! Can’t wait! No more picture for me! No more gameplay video! Bring the freaking game on! I have  butterflies in my stomach when I see this stuff, like when I was young and wanted to ask a girl out. CRAZY! :love:

    3. eh I thought there was only like 22 or so screenshots in that pack. Downloading it now yussss

    4. I think they’re running it not on the best PCs. And still they’re probably running video capture on the same computer. Almost same thing was with SC2 beta battle reports. Actual game now looks much better on Ultra. Even with DirectX 9.
      For example in that footage: http://www.youtube.com/user/Diablo3Inc?feature=mhee#p/u/5/KjkNpBYEK1M (from 2:20 till 2:30)
      Look at the fire animation. It’s not smooth and freezes sometimes till wizard stops casting spells.

      And there is a huge capture bug with DH part later (2:43, top of the screen). So I believe the configuration they were using can’t handle D3 on high definition and hd video capture.

    5. The movie from the press pack looks great in HD. A recommended watch vs the SD version out there, imo.

    6. Do I have to say “terrible, 2003’s graphics with cartoony style” again?

    7. downloading the pack actually reignited my passion for the game after all the bad news (imho) we received in the last few days. 

      It really is a beautiful game. While I dont like the really bright skill animations, the art style is really pleasing on the eye, some of the monsters are really detailed considering we’ll be seeing them up from the clouds.

      bring it on!

    8. The health orbs destroys everything… argagaghhg.
      I hope I can turn off or at least lower the glowing effect “HELLO I AM A RED BALL OF HEALTH, RUN OVER ME AND FEEL REFRESHED”.

      • The “Health globes are not realistic in a diablo game” argument is so worthless. we’ve got wizards shooting red heat beams from their hands and witch doctors summoning zombie bears anywhere out of the ground… demon hunters wrapping bolos around doors to blow em up… Its a fantasy setting guy! some people have said “If they just made them look like potions it would be fine”, ridiculous. there’s nothing wrong with the health globes imo, far better mechanic than potion spamming.

        • I was misunderstood.
          I like the health orbs and how they work.
          I do NOT like how they look, filling up every screen with red glows all over the place. That’s why I wrote that I wanted an option to turn down the glowing effect.

          • I never liked the look of the health globes because I don’t know what it’s supposed to be. Now it looks like a glowing ball of blood with metal bits on each end. But what the heck is that? I like the sound they make, and it’s not a deal breaker or anything, but I think they could do better.

            • I personally liked the health globes in the original gameplay trailer better… I liked how they kinda looked 2d-ish and the effect around them… they looked like they belonged with the rest of the game’s visuals better than these, but they’ve had these current style for a long time so I doubt they’ll go changing them now…

    9. To any here who have actually played the beta: The textures etc in the B-roll video are okay to terrible in certain places…such as the blank area with yellow grass. It seems everything has been stretched to breaking limit in order to achieve “beautiful+low graphics”.

      So can anyone tell us whether the game (with better, less laggy comps, interface et al) looks more beautiful than this crappy B-roll gameplay vid…or is what we’re seeing what we’re gonna get?

    10. The graphics and the gameplay also, look terrible in Broll video, why is it laggy and slow? It`s an official vdeo, so it has to be “normal” but no.

      • I think bashiok said something about how they encode the videos, causing this. You’d think they’d have fixed it after all this time, but I guess not.

        • But there are a lot of D3 videos, none of them were laggy and slow, only Broll video is bad. It is by far the worst d3 video ever in terms of pace, polishing and graphics.

          • I’ve noticed it in other videos. Not the artisan one, but BlizzCon brolls. I had assumed the game was just laggy due to lack of optimisation but apparently not. The gameplay reports often mention that the game runs as smooth as silk, even the beta reports.

            But I do agree on you about this being one of the worst videos. I managed to find it boring to watch.
            I think that maybe they’re not running everything on high settings at the time of making the video, while they’re working on the optimization. Or perhaps certain things are bugging out so they disabled them.

            On the judgehype report, he said that the max res for the beta build at the event was 1680×1050, so that also says a lot, I think. They’re probably just working on it.

            • So there is no Full hd (1920*1080) support? My laptop screen supports only that resolution (native resolution) if i try to lower the resolution, the picture becomes blurry. So I hope d3 will support that resolution.

              And there will be anti aliasing right?

            • There will be FSAA. I’m assuming that retail at least would support full 1920, because WoW and SC2 support pretty much every resolution under the sun.
              Odds are slim but perhaps there’s a way to select a custom resolution in the ini, or perhaps they’ll have the game optimized by the time the beta ships to a point where they can support that res.

              You can’t force AA in SC2 through your card’s panel, and it’s looking to be the same thing in D3. But if the FSAA is good enough, perhaps that won’t matter. I’m assuming they went with that due to engine limitations, and to force less load on the cpu and more on the gpu. Blizzard’s always heavily relied solely on the gpu for brute force in system resources.

              I play in 3D and get flamed a lot for that, but it’s one of the big benefits. AA begins to mean nothing when you play in 3D. 

              That’s weird about your resolution thing, though.

      • I thought that at first too; however, I think that what you are seeing is a gold chain coming out of a pile of gold.  I really hope that this is one of many icons to represent gold drops (as it looks odd enough to draw attention to itself, seeing the exact same pattern everywhere).  I was going to post something on BN, but I am a lazy, lazy man.

        • Hmm, that makes sense. But I find it odd that they’d use a graphic for gold that is an actual item drop, even if it is in a pile of gold.

          • After this past week, I think this just scratches the surface of their “odd” decisions (yes, I know, fictitious replier, they all make sense from the business end of things, blah, blah.)

    11. Hey didn’t know where else to put this:  Bashiok gave a great response to the RMAH giving money spenders an advantage in PvP:
      Q u o t e:
      That being said, you can’t deny the fact that someone who can purchase gear can get advantages over fellow gamers in PvP

      Sure, but the advantage (in PvP) would be they could maybe get a short winning-streak but with the matchmaking system it would compensate and they’d quickly get matched against better people and it would even out.

      If having better gear makes you a better player in PvP (which I would argue is only true to a small extent), it doesn’t mean anything because you’re getting matched against similarly skilled players each time.

      • And I will add:

        Why is it so laggy and slow?

        Why there is no special sounds for some spells (like time slow) (there was before)

        Is that beta video actually a far earlier and buggy than the other D3 videos?

        • Speaking of sounds… did anyone else how there are often speech bubbles popping over the player characters and the followers with no sound accompanying it? There are only a couple times in the video where there is actually sound for it (the two where the demon hunter says short lines and the part where the female monk is talking to Leah in a dungeon)… It made me sad because there was one where the wd says something and I wanted to hear what his voice sounds like when he is actually talking instead of his usual shouting while casting stuff…

      • This is what most Blizzard titles look like on Medium.  In their current titles you can choose detail of Low through Ultra.  Shadow settings are controlled independently with Low through High.  Considering the beefy 2200×1320 resolution, they probably don’t have the sliders maxed out.

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