As fans continue digging content out of the Diablo III beta client, some more visuals are appearing. Today is the best eye candy yet, in the form of a couple of dozen pictures of Diablo 3 characters in wild, creative, somewhat-ridiculous high level DiabloWikigear sets. These could almost be considered spoilers, though they have nothing to do with the game story, just in that most of them show off items we’ve never before seen or even seriously imagined, in many cases.

    As I joked on the podcast some weeks ago, when discussing those Transformer-looking Inferno armor sets. “…remember when Diablo players could point and laugh at the outlandish costumes the WoW characters wore?”

    That’s not to say all these outfits suck, but if you were under any misconception that the armor and weapons in Diablo 3 were going to be based in some kind of functional reality, these should disabuse you of that notion.

    A few thumbs are visible here, and you can browse all 25, along with all the other good images we’ve seen of gear sets, in the Item Artwork gallery. Or view them via Maudib’s forum thread, which is already full of much debate over the merits of these clown suits gear sets.

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