Good news for players who felt DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts needed to be more rewarding; Blizzard has buffed the drop rates of Legendaries in Rifts by 25%. (Update: This is now live on the realms.) Also note that Horadric Caches (obtained for completing all Bounties in an act) can *not* drop Torment-only gear, no matter what difficulty you obtain them on, which indirectly makes drops from Rifts even more valuable.

    Live Hotfixes:

    * There is now an additional bonus 25% chance to find a Legendary item while in a Nephalem Rift.

    * The number of chests that spawn in the following zones has been reduced:

  • Core of Arreat
  • Briarthorn Cemetary
  • Battlefields of Eternity
  • Crag of Eternity
  • We are keeping a very close eye on the rate of reward for playing in Story Mode versus Bounties versus Rifts. We wanted to make Rifts more attractive, so that’s the aim of this particular hotfix.

    Consequently, some areas were spawning too many chests and creating a relatively trivial method to acquiring loot. We don’t want chests to be in a place where they become unexciting to open when you come across them, but as with other changes we want to address situations that create less than compelling game play.

    We’ve been keeping a close eye on player feedback regarding Legendary crafting materials (specifically their drop rates) as well as on our own internal data. Right now, we agree that the drop rates do feel a little low and somewhat prohibitive, particularly since crafting adds another layer of RNG to the mix. In an upcoming patch we’re going to be buffing the drop rates for Legendary crafting mats by a fair amount, effectively bringing them in line with the drop rates for DiabloWikiDeath’s Breath.

    Legendary material.

    Currently very rare Legendary material.

    In case some of you may not have seen previous posts where we’ve shared the rates for Death’s Breath, here you go:

  • Normal – 15%
  • Hard – 18%
  • Expert – 21%
  • Master – 25%
  • Torment 1 – 31%
  • Torment 2 – 37%
  • Torment 3 – 44%
  • Torment 4 – 53%
  • Torment 5 – 64%
  • Torment 6 – 77%
  • This also brings up another opportunity for clarity: While the drop rates for Legendary crafting mats do scale with difficulty, their scaling is independent of the Legendary drop rate bonus slider in Torment 1-6. /themoreyouknow

    Not clear what “bringing them in line with DBs” means there. I guess this means that Purples who could drop a Leg Mat will have the same odds to drop it that an Elite now has to drop a DB? That seems too high, to me. Legendary materials are supposed to be quite rare and require a fair amount of farming time. I think they are too rare now, especially the ones that only drop from monsters that don’t spawn every game and are hard to find when they do, but they should be at least fairly rare, since a lot of the items you can craft from them are very powerful.

    I don’t want to do 50 Maghda runs to score up mats to make a single item in Cain’s Destiny, but popping the mat every 4th game on Master difficulty seems too easy. (At that rate we’ll all have stacks of leg mats and the crafting bottlenecks will become Souls and gems?)

    Related news I mentioned in the first paragraph, regarding what Horadric Caches can and can not drop. The bug where you could get a goodie bag on normal, open it in Torment 6, and score Imperial gems has been hotfixed, but players keep asking about the item quality possible to get from goodie bags. So now we know; difficulty level no longer makes any difference for Caches. Not the difficulty when you find them, or when you open them. You can not get Torment-only items from them.

    Difficulty level has no impact on Horadric Cache loot. We recently hotfixed an issue where gems from Caches were erroneously being impacted by difficulty level, but this was not intended.

    There are, however, special Legendaries that only drop from Horadric Caches. The Ring of Royal Grandeur, which reduces the number of items you need to complete a Set bonus by 1 to a minimum of 2, is such an example.

    I don’t think that was the question. Can Cashes only drop exclusive Legendaries? Can they drop any Legendary? Can the drop any legendary except those that are Torment exclusive?
    To clarify: Horadric Caches can drop any type of Legendary (regular or Bounty-exclusive) EXCEPT those that require Torment difficulty on higher. As difficulty has no impact on Horadric Caches, this also includes the ability to drop Torment-only Legendaries. Kadala is similar, as she also cannot generate Torment-only Legendaries.

    Only the gear from monsters, including Rift Guardians, is affected by Difficulty level.

    I’m not sure this is fair. If you earn a bag on Torment, shouldn’t the bag have contents commensurate with your effort? I guess the argument is that while earning the bag on Torment you are getting Torment-quality drops from monsters, and much higher exp/gold/shards for doing the bounties… Agree or no?

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