24 Hour Beta Test for Diablo 3 Ladders

As you know there are no ladders in Diablo 3, a feature many players were hoping to see in the game. Not wanting to be defeated, Diablo3ladders.com has spawned giving Diablo 3 players the chance to take part in either hardcore or softcore ladder seasons.

For the past few weeks the system has been put together and it is now ready for registration testing. The process to take part in a ladder season is quite simple.

  1. Create an account on the Diablo3Ladders.Com (if you have an account here no need to reregister, your account will work there too)
  2. Create a level 1 Hero in Diablo 3 and then quit the game.
  3. Enter your BattleTag on Diablo3ladders.com once logged in.
  4. Join a ladder

There is a test ladder running for the next 24 hours and the site is inviting players to register and join the softcore  test ladder.

Once testing is complete, the first Diablo 3 ladder seasons for both hardcore and softcore will begin but we’ll keep everyone up to date with the start date details.

There is more to come and further features and info will be coming in the days ahead,  but for now this is a simple test. Head to the site now and join the test.

Please post any feedback you have in this thread.

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    15 thoughts on “24 Hour Beta Test for Diablo 3 Ladders

    1. awesome. just joined the ladder. I take it that since it says the ladder ends in 20 some hours I can play right now?

    2. The lure of D2 ladders was the resetting of the economy. I wouldn’t be into a race to paragon 100. I would be into increased drop rates and a fresh economy for a given ladder season.

      • While there are always limitations due to Blizzard’s system we are going to be looking at ways we can spice things up too.

      • The Ladder being reset and me not being able to carry my items through to the next season is whet ruined D2 for me. I didn’t care about the ladder and just wanted to play the game with other people with the items i had, but everybody left each reset.

    3. Yes you can play right now. In fact if you do that would be cool then we can track the progression. Remember though, when the real seasons start that character will not be able to join as you always have to be level 1 to at the start of a ladder.

    4. I agree with duncan, the whole point of the ladder was a reset of everything, new heros, new economy, competition, etc.

      While I think this effort in the community is great, I am saddened that blizzard doesn’t just figure out a ladder reset system or some kind of ladder system to do what diablo players love most, replay the game over and over and over, just spice it up enough and diablo players will continue to do so.

    5. Yep, this is lame idea. I can just use mine billions of gold to buy top gear and beat any ladder. And i can reuse this gear and there is no way to determine if item was dropped today or yesterday or was it picked up by fresh hero or spoiled one.

      • There will always be cheats in life but that’s not really cheating because anyone can do those things so for those people it will be an even playing field. You can do that and so can others so the race to the top would be equal and therefore still a race.

        For everyone it might not be about the race to the top. They may assume people who just deck out in the best gear will get there first so their challenge will be to see how high in the ladder they can get in the season. Or the ladder could be on elite kills as well as levels.

        Those are the only parameters open to us. Custom ladders will allow guilds or groups of people to create their own ladders/tournaments too and they can set their own rules, just like the SP forum has been doing here for years. They don’t have to be on levels at all. It could be 24 hours to see who can get the most elite kills using whatever level characters you want. Or Paragon level only race, or race from x level to x level. The list isn’t endless because what Blizzard gives the community to play with, or not but that doesn’t mean we can’t be inventive and have a go.

        If it’s not something you wish to embrace fair enough. ’tis entirely up to you. It’s just a bit of fun.

    6. The appeal of ladder to me was always the incentive, or rather the lack of a disincentive, to start completely fresh with a non-twinked character and build up from there and play with others on an even playing field. An external ladder can’t really enforce this.

      On top of that, D3 simply lacks the enjoyable progression from 1-60. The game is built to heavily emphasize the level 60 item grind and thus does not appropriately reward the level up process. Leveling another character to 60 is a chore since everything between 1-59 is basically meaningless with respect to the content at level 60. Nothing you earn or invest up to that point will have any value since skills can be completely reset and no item less than 63 is viable as an end game item. Ladder worked in D2 because the progression through the lower levels were meaningful and fun.

      • Steve totally nailed it. There is *no value* in playing at low levels. There are no worthwhile drops. There is no character progression other than items. There are no overpowered lowbie items or fun builds at low level that are comparable to those same builds at max level. Sorry, but d3 is not meant to be replayed. If you want to try some new build, you can do that immediately with a few clicks and some ah shopping.

        Ladders in d2 were mainly for the economic purge and to get people to come back. Without the economic purge, I don’t see any reason to do ladders for d3 since alt play feels so pointless. Maybe they will do a ladder for d3, but I think its unlikely until after an expansion.

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