As you know there are no ladders in Diablo 3, a feature many players were hoping to see in the game. Not wanting to be defeated, Diablo3ladders.com has spawned giving Diablo 3 players the chance to take part in either hardcore or softcore ladder seasons.

    For the past few weeks the system has been put together and it is now ready for registration testing. The process to take part in a ladder season is quite simple.

    1. Create an account on the Diablo3Ladders.Com (if you have an account here no need to reregister, your account will work there too)
    2. Create a level 1 Hero in Diablo 3 and then quit the game.
    3. Enter your BattleTag on Diablo3ladders.com once logged in.
    4. Join a ladder

    There is a test ladder running for the next 24 hours and the site is inviting players to register and join the softcore  test ladder.

    Once testing is complete, the first Diablo 3 ladder seasons for both hardcore and softcore will begin but we’ll keep everyone up to date with the start date details.

    There is more to come and further features and info will be coming in the days ahead,  but for now this is a simple test. Head to the site now and join the test.

    Please post any feedback you have in this thread.

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