2012 Most Anticipated Vote

This year there are some great games coming out on all platforms, Diablo 3 being one of those games. The guys at Game Trailers have posted their most anticipated poll for 2012 and Diablo 3 is naturally on the list. There are some big titles it’s up against including Guild Wars 2, Halo 4 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown to name a few. You can now head over to the site to view the full list and cast your vote.

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  1. voted for mass effect 3. I stopped anticipating when blizzard started lying.

  2. Voted for Diablo 3 I’m not going to lie about what game I want most.

  3. I didn’t even know a new XCOM was in the works. I assume it will be terrible. They just don’t make games like the original XCOM anymore.

    • Don’t look. For the love of God…don’t look.

      • I did look and I’m excited.
        Somewhere in my periphery i was aware of the FPS X-COM game in the works but a couple of weeks ago they (2k) announced X-COM: Enemy Unknown (being developed by Firaxis) which seems to be a straight out copy of the original albeit with a few minor system and game-play changes (to some these changes will mean the end of the world but we know their sort well).
        I’m actually not sure which game i am anticipating more, D3 or X-COM. Definitely two games whose predecessors I keep going back to. 2012 is indeed a good year for my gaming.

  4. d3 gets my vote, but GTA5 and RE6 are right up there as well. (although i wouldn’t be surprised to see gta get pushed to 2013). also, i’m not much of a tomb raider fan, but the new reboot looks good. the e3 2011 trailer was amazing.

  5. Maybe if Diablo doesn’t make it, they will wake the fu*k up.

    • I doubt it, they don’t care about Diablo fans. D3 is a joke and we all know these pointless changes are just an excuse for some other kind of holdup.

      • why would it be pointless? they r just trying to make it fair and fun. but if it does not come out before june, i will be mad lol

  6. Stupid poll doesnt show you who’s winning after the vote……..

  7. There is no X-Com: Enemy Unknown. There is, however, a piece of shit being overproduced by a horrible company called “Enemy Unknown”.

    Looking forward to ME3.

  8. hmmm no way… most anticipated of 2013 maybe!! :mrgreen:

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