2012 is the Year of the Diablo?

On behalf of the whole crew here at IncGamers, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Enjoy your celebrations and delights. While most of us start 2012 today, the Chinese calendar doesn’t tick over until January 23rd, when the Year of the Dragon begins. Even if you’ve no concern for Chinese astrology, you can choose to see that as an auspicious development for the DiabloWikirelease date of Diablo III. No one but Blizzard (and probably not even them) actually knows when we’ll see the game, but they’ve held to their “early 2012” comments for months now, so we can hope.

There’s also good news from Azzure and our other advance scouts in Oz and NZ, who ticked into 2012 hours ago and reported that — contra the ancient Mayan calendar — the world did not come to an end at the stroke of midnight. Lucky break, that.

Update: Several people have pointed out that the Mayan calendar actually ends in December, or something like that. As I have every confidence that my comment above is exactly as accurate as any predictions made from the Mayan calendar, or in fact any sort of numerology, I fail to see the problem.

Update #2: In comments, Nobbie points us to a new tweet from @Diablo.

15 yrs ago today the fight against Hell itself began. Now with #D3 on the doorstep of 2012, we thank you for making this possible. #Diablo15

As many people have pointed out in comments, this tweet sets a new standard for Blizzard PR’s ability to give vague, metaphorical, timeline references. “Doorstep of 2012?” WTF does that mean?

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  1. Technically the Mayan Calendar “ends” on December 21st 2012, not January 1st. And even still the calendar doesn’t actually “end” it just starts a new cycle, like your car’s odometer rolling over and starting at all zeros again.

    P.S. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an early 2012 D3 release, but then again they were crossed for a holiday 2011 release too… 😥

    P.P.S. Happy New Year everyone!

  2. Noooo, you got it all wrong. The world ends in 2013.

  3. Happy New Year 2012 everyone from Europe. Hope it is happier then the previous one, and here s to hoping for Diablo 3 in early 2012

  4. Diablo 3 will be released on March 07 th. BattleNet set up and maintenance update along with Paypal structure starts in early February.

    The next Wow expansion is planned for late september 2012 but the team will try to beat an earlier deadline. Huge pre launch event will launch in July.

    SC2 next expansion is planned for November.

    D3 launch was decided in a hot meeting yesterday. Not everyone agreed on the date, but the majority won.

    • Why would they release on a Wednesday? And not just any Wednesday, the one that’s a day after the recently awarded VGA for “most anticipated game of 2012” Mass Effect 3?

    • cool story bro. Evidence?

    • “D3 launch was decided in a hot meeting yesterday. Not everyone agreed on the date, but the majority won.”
      on dec 31. right

    • Yeah, because all of Blizzard’s Senior Management was there for a meeting to decide the Diablo 3 release date on New Years Eve. If you’re going to make something up at least make it believable.

      • The meeting was on Dec 30th,…

        Besides I don’t have to justify anything. Just wait till next wednesday ;)))

        Just be glad you know it now .;)

  5. dude, it’s december the 21st when the maya calendar ends, isn’t it? If there are any mistakes… I am drunk xD, greetings from germany and a happy new yaer, gn8!

  6. You know what…

    Screw deliberating over release dates. When it’s here, it’s here, and I’ll enjoy the heck out of it. 

    Happy Apocalypse Year everyone.

    • Finally! An even vaguer and less-specific term than “early.” I knew Blizzard’s crack release date squad could outdo themselves!

      • Diablo III will fall from the precipice of time and space in relative relation to the year 2012 on an auspicious linear timeline. Soon. Ish.

      • Flux, you are way too pessimistic. ^^

        • I do think they’ll make an “early 2012” release date, though I can easily see them dicking around until April or May, but I was amused by awesome-vagueness of the time frame in the tweet you linked to.

      • @nobbie: I don’t really wanna say this because Flux is the reason we have this amazing community. But I too detect some pessimism from Flux nowadays. Let us remain fans and not become critics. 

        Also, wishing u all a very happy new year from India!!

    • Well someone let in the door then.

  7. *Spoliers*

  8. why did i read this?

  9. doorstep of 2012 my ass, is that what they call Q2?

  10. Definitely a 2012 release and if not 2012 definitely 2013 and if not 2013 …

  11. It may be on the doorstep, but first they have to cross the street, go over the curb, through the yard, up the driveway, and onto the porch.

    • you forgot to add the prostitute they owe a 20 to in the corner, that biatch knows how to haggle, they’re natural born tax collectors, worse than accountants, could take a while

  12. It has to be 2012, they are running out of gameplay to milk it much further. Happy new years!

  13. It’s an odd thing. Just the fact that it is now 2012 by one day makes Diablo 3 seem THAT much closer. Hah.

  14. Why not February 29?  Leap Year to twist our collective melons! 

  15. When blizzard talks about they are closed release, its always about 3-4 month left hhahaha.. So Diablo3 will release sometimes in April- Maj 2012

  16. I still say release date is the February 14th 2012.

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