For the second year in a row, a Diablo III costume won the Blizzcon Costume Contest. Last year it was Rainyu’s amazing Mistress of Pain, and this year Christine Estrada won with her female Monk costume.

    As she says in her victory interview, it’s all hand-tooled leather, custom sewn, riveted, the works. Plus the cool DiabloWikifist weapons, the platinum blonde wig, and all the rest, made her a worthy winner. Especially when you consider that the female Monk wasn’t even revealed until earlier this year, back in February.

    There are more pictures of the winning Monk costume in the Blizzcon 2010 gallery, and you can view the costume contest finalists video if you click through. A female Witch Doctor was another of the five finalists; Diablo fans represent!

    Speaking of Blizzcon contests, no Diablo fan art placed in the top three in the Fan Art contest, but the 3rd place winner could almost be Diablo artwork. It’s awesomely grim and gothic.

    As for the winner… OMGWTF? it’s like a hardcore Diablo fan vomited up the worst stereotype they could imagine of WoW, and then submitted it. Well drawn and cute, but um… wow. Literally. Wow.

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