2009 The Year of the PC

SeattlePI’s Derrik J. Lang has posted an article about gaming and the lookouts for 2009. He talks with DigitalTrends publisher Scott Steinberg as well as taking quotes from a wide range of industry giants, and they talk about consoles versus PC games, mentioning that, according to Nielsen Media, gamers spent 24h a week less on a PC in 2008 than the year before. However, with games such as StarCraft II and Diablo III expected to arrive in 2009, people might start playing other PC games than WoW for once in a long time.

“Video games are poised to eclipse all other forms of entertainment in the decade ahead,” Activision president and CEO Mike Griffith proclaimed during his CES keynote speech. He cited market statistics which stated that between 2003 and 2007, the cumulative number of movie ticket sales and hours of television watched fell by 6 percent, music sales slumped 12 percent and DVD purchases remained flat. Over the same four-year period, Griffith said the gaming business grew by 40 percent.

With long-awaited exclusive PC sequels like “Diablo III,” “The Sims 3” and “StarCraft II” also expected in 2009, this could be the year when gamers pay attention to something other than “World of Warcraft” on their computers. According to Nielsen Media Research, gamers spent 24 fewer hours a week playing PC games in 2008 than they did the previous year.

While the “StarCraft 2 in 2009” is a pretty sure bet, we just have to see about Diablo 3 coming this year. Blizzard did seem a lot more keen on releasing Diablo 2 closer from announcement than StarCraft 2, but could they possibly release the game before 2009 is over?

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  1. I agree with Bashiok. The old paperdoll inventory at times felt like a punishment with the limitation of what items such as charms you could have, on top of carrying around the Horadric cube which took considerable slot spaces. That not counting the horrid amount of slots you needed to carry mana pots and health pots.  This was what made you port-spam back and forth to the towns in order to kill Duriel or Diablo.

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