20 New Diablo 3 Screenshots

New Diablo 3 Screenshots
Click for all the new shots!

Today has been a good day for eye-candy so far but it doesn’t end there. We have 20 new screenshots to flick through. They all take place in either Act 1 or 2 and feature the Wizard, Witch Doctor or Monk.   Obviously no one told the Barbarian and Demon Hunter there was a photo call.  Some of the skills demoed are enhanced with Indigo or Golden DiabloWikiRunestones.  Mouse over the thumbs for a short description and they all open in a pop up window for ease.


This really is the best batch of shots released in a long time and all can be found after the break, they have also been archived in our extensive gallery.


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18 thoughts on “20 New Diablo 3 Screenshots

  1. The last one of them are from the jungle environment. The subterranean water temple from the beginning of the gameplay movie is also in the jungle.

  2. In “Wizard melting Cultists with Disintegrate 2” it would be awesome if those burnt-looking men were called Incomplete Transmutations. It fits with the Cultist’s style and would be a nice Fullmetal Alchemist reference. 😉

    Secondly, we know there’s periodic weather in D3, but is there a day/night cycle? The last few screenshots appear to take place in Act 1 but at night.

    • My guess would be a fixed Day/Night, where the same levels are always in day time or night time or evening or whatever, structured in a way so that the time of day shifts as you get further along. Half Life 2 is probably the best example of this – it’s always just around noon when you start out on the air boat and when you get to Black Mesa East it’s evening and night time in Ravenholm.

      Blizzard’s justification would be so they can design the levels for the best mood and tone etc.

    • Hmm, maybe. There are still quite a lot of jaggies evident in some parts though, the candle stick pedestals in the cultist summoning shot for example.

      So maybe it’s only a low level like 2x or 4x?

    • I’m pretty sure those screenshots are not taken at any monitor native resolution. Which leads me to believe they have been shopped, and when pictures get resized and shopped, the jaggies are less pronounced. BUT, you would not get edges that smooth with only a resized image, so yea it seems there is some kind of antialiasing involved. It could be forced through the drivers though and not actually implemented in the game options (optimized).

  3. The Wizard melting Cultist with DisInt 5
    Wonder the upper body on the right which seems crawling away is actually a part of the background or one of the death animations.

    The later would have been so sick !! 😀

  4. Still the graphic details seem way too low. It looks like an old game, with so-so texture and low-poly models. Damn, Titan Quest (2006) is 10x times better (visually speaking).

    • Sorry, dude, I really don’t know what you are talking about. This is a hack & slash game with often tons of monsters (plus effects) on the screen, and for that it is absolutely gorgeous.

      • Gorgeous? Did you ever see/try Titan Quest? THAT can be defined gorgeous, graphically speaking. And it’s a 2006 game. Go get the demo (free) and you will see what I mean. Even zooming in at maximum you get pretty good models and textures, it beats D3 completely. At least D3 beta.

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