We’ve posted a lot of #1 Greater Rift clear videos lately, but they’ve almost all been softcore, where the consequences for failure are nil. Furthermore, most of them have involved lock down CC builds where the monsters just stand there and die.

    Today’s video shows the new #2 Demon Hunter on the US, (#1 is an insane GR57, 3 higher than anyone else) and it’s a Hardcore clear so the stakes are infinitely higher. The build is the newest and bestest fire DH Natalya’s with Strafe, and the high-GR-necessity fire rune of Rain of Vengeance, which deals huge damage and knocks back the targets it hits, which provides a ton of CC and largely makes this build survivable.

    Bonus points to Xellioth for pushing through two different procs (DH has only one death cheating passive, so death with the proc timer = gone forever) and doing it in a crappy Rift… Winged Assasins! The Bnet profile for this character can be seen here, and he streams here.

    Impressed? I was. I’ve repeatedly done GRs in the low 40s this season with my HC DH, but that’s mostly using the fast-farming physical form. And to be honest, up to GR40 is pretty easy; 3-5m clears with decent gear. Things start to slow down for the physical RoV in the low-40s, necessitating a switch to the more focused damage of the Fire RoV, and it’s dangerous past GR45ish with a solo DH, since you’re not some Spin2Win barb with 160m toughness. A DH has 20-30m tops, and you can so easily get one-shotted, making your margin for error pretty thin.

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