Some Christmas Eve reading, a new interview with DiabloWikiJay Wilson has appeared on 1UP.com. The solid, four-page interview covers the class design process, how they plan to keep the game “fresh” for today’s gamer, scripted events, their reason for bringing the Barbarian back, and more. The interview also comes with two new screenshots, (thumbs to the right) which we’ve added to the Diablo 3 Screenshot Gallery. A quote:

    1UP: Since you came from a different company and worked on other genres before working on Diablo 3, as an outsider, did you want to change or preserve anything from the previous games?

    JW: When I started the project, I was a lot more fixated on what I wanted to keep. I really wanted to work on Diablo because I didn’t want someone to take it and turn it into something else. I didn’t want to make it a first-person shooter or a third-person action game. I wanted it to be the isometric Diablo that I knew and loved. I wanted the item-gain to basically stay the same. Certainly, when people see Diablo 3, they’ll find lots of little changes that make an impact. But overall, the item-gain is the same basic concept as in the [previous Diablos]. The general feel of you versus a ton of enemies, the dark tone of the universe—all of those things, I thought, were really important to keep.

    As we worked on the project, I started to identify the things that I thought could be improved. The combat model doesn’t have a lot of depth in the previous games. It was very much a “one-skill spam” kind of game, which I think works great for the Normal [difficulty] playthrough. I think most of the audience is just fine with that, and through most of the Normal difficulty, it’s going to be like that. But as you go into Nightmare and Hell difficulties, I think that the more serious player will appreciate a game that’s a little deeper on the combat-mechanic side. On the item and customization side, I think the game was pretty deep and pretty good. I still think we could do those things better, but again, it’s the difference between a big significant change or small cosmetic ones.

    And the last one is in story development and the universe. The previous Diablo games did not have the depth that I think other Blizzard games did in terms of the universe they created and the characters that existed within that universe. Everyone knows Deckard Cain and maybe Tyrael, but past that, who’s a memorable character in the Diablo games? [Who are you] going to keep coming back for? So those things became more important as we continued to develop the project.

    Thanks to site member Gart for the tip.

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