15th Anniversary Giveaway #4

A new week brings a new winner and new opportunities. Lady luck was shining down on isak viking who has snagged himself a copy of Diablo III in our latest give-away.

To be in with a chance of becoming a winner yourself simply leave a post in the forum thread and we’ll select a number tomorrow around 4pm GMT and that person will also win a copy of Diablo 3. Our last Facebook spot give-away was for a limited edition Blizzcon 2009 DiabloWikiAuthenticator and Joel Higgins bagged that one.

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  1. Ok, fourth, fourth time’s a charm =D

  2. I’m excited about this! I hope I win!


  4. Let’s do this!

  5. Ahh Diablo III; if not for myself, then for those I love.  Surely it’s best to play together?

  6. good luck to all 🙂 Entering the competition too 🙂

  7. Come on baby!  Let the good times roll!

  8. I’d like to enter this competition!

  9. Hope this is the right thread……couldnt see another link. 48 days to go…WOOHOO

  10. and by “this thread” they mean 

    h t t p : // diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?825204-15th-Anniversary-Giveaway-4 

  11. Im in, so excited for this game!

  12. giveeeeeeeeee meeeeeee

  13. Thanks for giving away so much D3 goodness!!

  14. Good luck everyone  😉

  15. For king and country!!!

  16. This one is mine. You can all stop posting now.

  17. This thread?
    or link is just missing?

  18. In it… to win it?

  19. Nifty…just noticed I forgot to follow you guys on twitter.  GL everyone.

  20. Let’s do it ! woot woot !

  21. Right here, winner!!!! :mrgreen:

  22. Under 50 days left!! Wahoo!

  23. I hope I win. That would make my day. I don’t need any spirit generators.

  24. The anticipation is “killing” me! Ha Ha :mrgreen:

  25. Is ‘this thread’ meant to mean this thread?

  26. Could this be my lucky day?

  27. Gogogogo lets rock !!!!

  28. Somebody has to win.  Might as well be me, right?

  29. *Clears throat* Mememememeeee

  30. It will be me! 🙂

  31. Fourth time is the charm!

  32. Yoyo gonna win this fo sho on numba 4

  33. Hope any luck this time, gl dudes!

  34. It’s time!  Gogo D3!

  35. Hand it over, I spent my money going on a date to watch pop culture take a dump on George Orwell’s 1984…

  36. Once again here WE GO!!!
    Veche a vremeno!! 

  37. Is this valid for people outside the US? And does this post count for entering?

  38. Is this valid for people outside the US? And does this post count for entering?

  39. Matron Andariel commands your death!

  40. 4th time is the charm…

  41. -Knock knock
    -Who’s there?
    -Pick me and you will find out!

  42. Always worth a try :).


  44. Congrats on 15 years. Hope I win this time!

  45. Must play D3! 🙂

  46. Entered! Hope I win!  

  47. Another one bites the dust!

  48. I never won anything in my life before. :-/

  49. just singed up ..
    i’m in … from Syria  😕

  50. Griswald likes this!

  51. gimme my preciousssss

  52. Here’s a semi-spoiler info on the black soulstone from the Book of Cain

    Following our capture of the Three, Zoltun Kulle took leave of the Horadrim and returned to Kehjistan to pursue his studies of magic. We heard little of him in the subsequent years until disturbing reports blooded in that he had build a sprawling archive beneath the eastern deserts and begun a number of strange and unholy experiments.

    Initially, we did not know what to make of these reports, but then we learned the true depth of Kulle’s madness.

    The hunt for the three had left Kulle a hollow and unfeeling shell of a man. He felt no pleasure or pain, anticipation or regret. He had become obsessed with the soulstones, and believed he could create one of his own. A vessel capable of harnessing the essences of both angels and demons, Zultun Kulle would then use this blackstone, filled with rage and hope, fear and valor, as a substitute for his own black heart.

  53. Hopefully I can get one too

  54. Yeh you need to post int he FORUM thread, not this one 🙂

  55. hopen for the best 🙁

  56. can’t wait! the giveaways are a nice way to pass the time.

  57. I mostly agree with what’s been said

  58. Lets try 😉 GL for all

  59. Woohoo, can’t wait!

  60. I died on Harcore arggh!!! there is no Press Start 2 continue!!!

  61. Here’s hoping for a win!

  62. I hope I don’t break my losing streak!

  63. 100 th comment 🙂 hope it ll bring me luck this time 😉

  64. GL everyone again 🙂

  65. so i post here and i could win =D

  66. What happened to picking a 4th winner? 

  67. Was a winner ever announced for this?  I already canceled my preorder in anticipation…

  68. when is the winner going to be announced?

  69. Well, its 30th of March, and quotting: \we’ll select a number tomorrow (28.03) around 4pm GMT\. Hello?  

  70. What is wrong with giveaway? huh?

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