15th Anniversary Giveaway #3

Well another day wrapped up in our giveaways and this winner of the copy of Diablo 3 was community member Softshack, so many congrats.

And so to the third day in out 15 Anniversary Giveways. Same drill everyone, get your name down in this forum thread to be in with a chance to win a retail boxed copy of Diablo 3. The winner of this draw will once again be announced tomorrow.

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    43 thoughts on “15th Anniversary Giveaway #3

    1. No love for me again! Thirteen more to go!! Knowing how unlucky I am, even in my rare lucky moments, I know that if I win a key it will probably be in the 15th draw to make my hearth explode…

      • lol well they gotta suck upto the community SOMEHOW. just goes to show how easily bought many members are “zomg my favorite site”. I personally couldn’t care less, I like to have the best of everything, as in the CE

    2. Loving the giveaways, grats to the winners so far.  I have a suggestion though.  You guys should count payed site member’s names twice in the drawing.  Would encourage more people to sign up and join the community, not bad business sense either 🙂

      And no, I’m not just saying this because I’m a member.  I just think it would be a good idea that makes a lot of sense 🙂 

    3. 18th!  If you had told me in 2001 that D3 wouldn’t be out for another 11 years…. I would honestly have thought Blizzard went bankrupt.  If you had told me last year at this time I still would not be playing by now I would have wondered what went wrong….. lol. 

      **Points to sky** don’t worry release PvP and Mystic, I’ll tell your story!

    4. I said that i will not tempt my luck again after I won a D3 beta key and here I am.  Congrats on 15 years anniversary and GL everyone  😀

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