15th Anniversary Giveaway #2

So, our first competition winner was selected earlier today, ADJMan won himself a shiny copy of Diablo III and that will be winging its way towards his sticky little fingers hot off the presses in the not too distant future. Congrats to him.

With that one done and dusted it’s time for another copy and another opportunity. As with yesterday you simply add a post to this thread in the forum (not this news item) and a random winner will be selected around 4PM UK time tomorrow. Simple.

Additionally, a few minutes ago the spot give-away winner selected from our Facebook members was Joonas Ahonen who won himself a classic Diablo 2 T-shirt, no longer in print or on sale, in black of course. It’s the one with the wanderer on the front emerging from the flames with the awesome skellies flanking him.

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  1. Will this copy be wrapped in a decorative netting of carefully woven hair plucked from Flux’s head?

  2. Once again thank you for the chance to get a free copy. 😀

  3. It’s not sticky sausage fingers this time? :p

  4. Second times a charm =D

  5. After lurking for over a year, figured I might as well register.

  6. These things get 100 posts in a matter of minutes. People really like being given a small chance of getting free stuff!

  7. I’m blowing all of my money on $5 blackjack at a casino in Iowa for spring break. Help me move up to $10 tables by giving me a copy of D3.

  8. Awesome, pick me guys.  Free Diablo 3 Hell Yea!!!!!!!!!!!1 :mrgreen:

  9. Gratz man! 😀

  10. good luck everyone!!!!!

  11. lurk lurk lurk, maybe i should register 😀

  12. Oh boy, 14 more to go, that gives me high hopes!

  13. Well, let’s see who has the most luck today. 🙂

  14. hmmm did i miss the draw, or are you just late elly ?, 16.00 UK time tomorrow we are like 8 hours ahead of that now 😉
    maybe its becouse of weekend ?

  15. Leah wait few posts more and i promise, i will help u. Just prey to Tyrael so i can get that diabolic copy! 
    There are still few work to be done.

  16. Nice guys might finish last but help a brother out here and let me win… 

  17. We can get nothin’ without trying   😉

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