15th Anniversary Giveaway #1

As listeners to the Diablo Podcast will know we are planning to share some joy and run competition give-aways in celebration of our recent 15th anniversary. We kick that off today with a give-away of a copy of Diablo III. To enter you simply add a post to this thread in the forums and we will randomly draw a winner tomorrow afternoon (4pm UK time).

We’ll continue to run these give-aways every day during this week, over the weekend and into next week and as well as copies of  Diablo III we’ll also be doing random spot give-aways of loot we have gathered over the years from various shows and trips to Blizzard that is no longer (or ever was) for sale.  We all need rules, here’s ours.

Update: Post number 126 from the entry thread was selected which means ADJMan is today’s winner.  Congrats to him, he’ll be receiving  a boxed copy of Diablo III come release. #2 give-away will be going up later today so keep eyes open for that.  Gotta be in it to win it!

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  1. Hayli! Probably one of the few chick gamers on here who is SUPER PUMPED about D3 finally being here and I want my copy!  😀

  2. What a great idea! 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Guys don’t forget you need to post in the forum thread linked above 🙂

  4. Yeah I actually just made an account so I could post on this fOrum now you guys get to read posts from this guys I apologize in advance but seriously you guys do agreat job on this site thanks again for the service

  5. A free D3 would be nice

  6. ok this is me adding to the thread in an attempt to win some thing but i will settle for a beta key as i have gone completely mad i am old also i hope i will live long enough to get the game i love the way the shiny stuff pops out of the mobs

  7. ps if you want you can also send me a ps vita

  8. I can haz cookie?

  9. cant seem to be able to login to my account. but i am a member. hopefully the mod can see my mail account 🙂

  10. Im mad excited for this game to come out. I hope I get the free copy so my brother can play with mewhile I’m at school. Free copy plz!

  11. I’ve stayed a while and listened.

  12. Very neat 😀  Hope I win

  13. Thanks guys for all your hard work these last 15 years! here’s to another awesome Blizzard game and 15 more years! 😀

  14. Thanks for 15 awesome years! I’ll leave this contest to those who need it, as I’m locked in for the CE. But you better believe I am salivating thinking about all the “loot (you) have gathered over the years from various shows and trips to Blizzard that is no longer (or ever was) for sale.” :mrgreen:

  15. Nothing like a contest for free stuff to bring out the lurkers.

  16. I’m gonna win, I can feel it.

  17. I won’t get my fingers crossed, but I will truffle shuffle.

  18. Best wishes to 15th anniversary diii.net ! I wish you a lot of more years of great work… Good luck!
    <– everyday reader ;>

  19. Good luck to everyone! 😀

  20. This is very nice of you guys to do this. I won’t be entering, since I made $500 from renting out the beta so I can take $60 and buy the game. Besides, it’s kind of the principle… using money made from their game to.. buy their game…..

  21. im old ! GIMME GIMME GIMME

  22. Happy 15!! Viva la Inc! Viva la Diablo! =D

  23. Usually my day starts with this site, cause i want to see whats new in diablo3 world. This page has best answers, i dont need to go anywhere else. I like design and content of theese pages, both is very good. I wonder how much replies u can get. Well see. ^o^

  24. 1 in 27? Ill take those odds any day of the week 🙂

  25. Hell yea, let the destruction begin 

  26. Lets smisk some dibbe!

  27. I’ve come late but I love your podcasts and news. Best site on the net, not afraid to piss Blizz off maybe and always reports everything, exactly what a diablo fiend like myself wants!

  28. hehe guys this isnt the place to win its just the place to comment, its somewhere else, ps im not interested in winning im just bored, back to youtube where i pretend to play, i put it on full screen and try and guess where they will click next, prepared to swap a Path of Exile beta for a D3 🙂

  29. Happy 15 years!! I feel like such a troll.. like many of us I check this site 3+ x a day! Thanks for keeping it fresh.

  30. cheers, from holland! just found out your site about 4 months ago, but i’m addicted ever since. Thx for all the good post! keep it going!

  31. If I win I swear I will use my D3 copy to promote world peace.

  32. Jabadabadoooo!! Thanks for this oppertunity, Awesome fun and ofcouse: Congratulations with the 15th anniversary. Its been a great ride sofar and know all your work is appreciated!


  33. Can’t let this opportunity pass! I’m in 😀

  34. Use to play Diablo1 at 8 years old loveeverything minute of that game, followed the Diablo games ever since so gimme gimme gimme plox ( i have a good computer to play it ospit it would look great).

  35. I guess it’s time for this poor student to stop lurking and start posting 🙂

  36. Sounds fair, count me in.

  37. Hi there!
    Good luck to you all!
    Looking forward to hear/read about any information here revealed about Diablo III 🙂

  38. Hey guys,

    Virgin post!!! i have been reading you site and listening to podcasts for ages.  Your competition has finally convinced me to sign up… Oh well more time spent not working… 

  39. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  40. Wooooo!!! This is awesome! Congrats to everyone who made it this far and to everyone who made it all possible. *Looks at Elly, Flux and Rushster* Congrats you guys!
    Don’t put my name in the drawing (I’m already getting the digital for free and I have the CE on Pre-order) Just wanted to express my congrats, and best of luck to all who entered!

  41. <3 this site 😀 thanks for all the hard work 😀

  42. I’ve been waiting in the shadows for so long…

  43. Oh yeah pick me pick me!!

  44. wow awesome! cool to see alot of the people who never post on here show up

  45. Boxed ver? yes pls.

  46. I hope the wife’s as thrilled with D3 as she was with D2… Annoying someone shouldn’t be this fun…

  47. I’m in also, Pick me pick me 🙂

  48. I’m here for win!

  49. Does anybody know if multiple installations of the software or multiple licenses can in fact exist and\or function on a single machine?  We now longer have the capability to generate multiple accounts using the installed software (goodbye mule accounts) so I’m really curious to know exactly how this is going to work out. 

    Short of a guild bank as is present in various other games\realms … how are members of various guilds going to be able to stockpile and share crafting materials, armor and weapons as we had in the past by use of mule accounts?

    I would have posted this on the official Blizzard forums but was unable to do so because my World of Warcraft account has expired. Don’t really appreciate that … why are Dialo 3 licensee’s who have paid for and downloaded the software forbidden to post on the Diablo forums? Not cool …

    Commander, Holy Knights of Westmarch    

  50. Please choose me for the free game, other wise I have to purchase three copies: one for me and a copy for each of my sons.

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