As listeners to the Diablo Podcast will know we are planning to share some joy and run competition give-aways in celebration of our recent 15th anniversary. We kick that off today with a give-away of a copy of Diablo III. To enter you simply add a post to this thread in the forums and we will randomly draw a winner tomorrow afternoon (4pm UK time).

    We’ll continue to run these give-aways every day during this week, over the weekend and into next week and as well as copies of  Diablo III we’ll also be doing random spot give-aways of loot we have gathered over the years from various shows and trips to Blizzard that is no longer (or ever was) for sale.  We all need rules, here’s ours.

    Update: Post number 126 from the entry thread was selected which means ADJMan is today’s winner.  Congrats to him, he’ll be receiving  a boxed copy of Diablo III come release. #2 give-away will be going up later today so keep eyes open for that.  Gotta be in it to win it!

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