A few days ago, we posted a 17-minute DiabloWikiArena video recorded by a fan from Blizzcon. The author of it, Redalb, has now uploaded another long, ninja-recorded video of his PvP play from last year’s Blizzcon, and it’s much better than the first one. The camera isn’t aimed dead on the at the screen in this one, and late in the movie it drops down lower as the wearer (he had a camera hidden in his shirt) gets intent on the action and leans forward, but that’s not all bad because… you can see the interface bar! Thus we can see the Wizard’s health bulb, his skills and their cooldown time display, and the buff and debuff icons. I hadn’t previously noticed that the DiabloWikiDiamond Skin icon that popped up when I was buffed with it had the same second hand racing around to show how much longer it would last.

    The best thing about this movie though, is that everyone in the game knows what they’re doing. As Redalb said about his the first movie in our forum thread:

    This was our very first arena match, had no idea what I was doing.

    This movie was clearly recorded some games after the first one, since the play is very good. Redalb and his brother play smart as the blue team Wizards, and the red team Wizard and WD are good too. (The Barb on each team still usually dies quickly, which was generally how it went in my arena games also.) In this movie you see a lot of hit and run tactics, cover being used, Hydras being throw down for distance attacks, Barbarians who don’t just stand or WW cluelessly in Slow Time bubbles, etc. The red team Wizard is especially effective; note how there’s a Hydra pinging away at the Blue guys right at the start of virtually every round.

    The action is good enough that I had write up a short battle report, explaining and emphasizing the more interesting moments. Here’s the first couple; click through for a lot more.

    3:40-4:00—Nice chase sequence with the two blue team DiabloWikiwizards hunting down the last surviving red wizard. This happened a lot at Blizzcon with players using the posts for cover from DiabloWikiDisintegrate and moving around the perimeter. Pursuers had to throw DiabloWikiHydras out in front of them to cut them off or DiabloWikiTeleport ahead to get a firing angle. You could dodge for some time on the edge like that, but it was a doomed effort since you couldn’t get to the center where the DiabloWikihealth globes spawned, while your pursuers were able to grab them and heal up.

    4:12—The red team Witch Doctor shows how paralyzingly slow DiabloWikiGrasp of the Dead is. The Blue wizard under its effect is virtually motionless for several seconds, and only survives thanks to a lack of nearby DiabloWikiBarbarians, DiabloWikiMongrels, and the WD not being quicker with his DiabloWikiFirebomb. The Blue wizard’s round ends shortly afterwards after he takes a big DiabloWikiWhirlwind, and then gets stuck in a DiabloWikiSlow Time bubble with a Hydra banging away and a DiabloWikiMeteor coming down.


    5:00-6:12—Awesome end game fight with one blue Wizard (not the PoV) fighting a red wizard and barb, both of whom are very low on hit points. Blue Wizard does good work with taking cover, using hydras and meteors, and sniping Disintegrate, and gets the Barb, but he winds up stuck in a Slow Time and eats a Meteor when both he and the other Wiz were down to a sliver.

    6:30—Shows the danger of teleporting towards enemies, as the PoV blue wizard bamfs across the screen and lands in a Slow Time bubble, then gets absolutely chewed up by DiabloWikiSacrificed Mongrels and some Disintegrate. His round ends seconds later.

    7:36—Same problem, with a long Teleport into close range of another Wizard. Slow Time + no teleport for escape = dead.

    7:38—Nice end to the round twenty seconds later as the one surviving blue Wiz runs for it, rounds a post with a Barb in pursuit, and crashes right into 3 incoming Mongrels. I had a few of those moments myself at Blizzcon. IMHO, if you’re going to die, you might as well die big!

    8:44—Another awesome round ending as the PoV blue wizard, the last survivor on his team, runs from a Wizard, past his Hydra, and the red Barb yanks him back with DiabloWikiAncient Harpoon, right into a descending Meteor. Sooooo dead.

    9:42—Nice sequence of the PoV blue wizard who is nearly dead. With a Barb right on his heels, he races through the middle and manages to grab all 4 health globes, narrowly avoiding an Ancient Harpoon on the way.

    10:50—The PoV blue wizard does it again. Nearly dead, racing along with exploding Mongrels right on his heels, he grabs all 4 health orbs and goes back to full life.

    Add comments on what you liked best here or are confused by, or use the forum thread for discussion of both of these movies.

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