14 New Diablo 3 Screens from Gamescom 2011

Blizzard included 14 new screenshots from Gamescom, and we’ve added all of them to the pre-beta Act One gallery. Browse the full selection of thumbnails there; I’ve only included some shots that caught my eye in this post.

Like the 28 new screens from the press event two weeks ago, these are all higher image quality than any previous screenshots, and several of them show off some very cool new stuff. To the right you see our first good look at DiabloWikiBlizzard, the Wizard skill. Seems like it’s got a very large DiabloWikiAoE, like damn near full screen, if that’s a single cast working in the screeenshot. (Looks like 2, though, from the mist on the ground.)

You’ll want to check out Monks’ new Lens Flare skill. It’s got +1 to Photoshop effects!

I’m not sure what this Wizard skill is; some kind of shield effect just breaking up? DiabloWikiIce Armor, presumably, perhaps with a DiabloWikirunestone effect?

Either I just didn’t appreciate it properly before, or the Wizard’s DiabloWikiEnergy Twister skill has better graphics than it used to. The squiggles of different colors of light are pretty. Like strands of glowing yarn caught up in the vortex.

Did you know there were girl zombies that could vomit up green and pink puddles, from which other zombies would then emerge? Like undead from the floor of a movie theater? The graphics for the vomit still need some work — there’s just this big polygon of flat texture now — but I like the skill concept.

Finally, it’s been a long time since we had a big argument about the DiabloWikired target outline. Thankfully we’ve got this screenshot to reignite it.



Again, click here for the full gallery of pre-beta shots, with this batch of 14 new ones included.

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23 thoughts on “14 New Diablo 3 Screens from Gamescom 2011

  1. Good shots, sadly, again, too many wizard shots and not enough of others. MOAR VARIETY LESS WIZARDS!

    Game’s really coming together, can’t wait to test it!

  2. i didn’t know there was any debate over the red target outline, but i love it! in diablo 1 it was the only way you could even see an enemy at a distance because the cathedral dungeons were so dark (when light radius actually mattered more). in d1 even items/gold on the ground were outlined. i’m glad they carried it over to d2, and they’d better not remove it in d3, it’s classic diablo.

  3. For a game that is focused on items, even involving real money, the items texture and poly count are so bad…the overall graphics are so unimpressive..
    can someone please sheer me up and tell me these are from low settings?  :((

  4. Blizzard (the spell) is very disappointing. I wish they would have kept it D2-style, like they did for frost nova (which I think looks great).

    • I agree. It looks more like huge rain drops are falling instead of razor sharp ice shards. Maybe it’s a rune effect. It’s fairly underwhelming anyway.

    • that’s nothing new. beta is supposed to be out by the end of Q3, which means no later than the end of september. but nothing is set in stone, so who knows.

      or does he mean by the beginning of september? the wording is confusing…

  5. Theres a pic of Haunt being used by the WD too. Infact I think both WD shots have Haunt being used.

  6. I don’t remember the followers being in last years Blizzcon demo but the Templar is clearly in the pic with the Wiz using energy Twister

    • These shots are from the newest internal build. The gamescom demo is last year’s blizzcon, so no followers.

      It’s interesting on all of their screenshots; they limit the areas to what we’ve seen in the last demo, but not the skills. So every screenshot in the last batch and this one are taken from areas/monsters seen in the beta/demo. But chars are using much higher level skills than will be possible in the beta/demo.

  7. Today was a good news day.  New screenies and Inferno.  Banking all of my vacation time from work for this game’s release!  I’m a fan of the red outline – better than clicking in the darkness in D2.

  8. I like the idea behind the “red target outline,” but it sure is ugly.  I hope it’s optional in the game (not sure until I try it whether I would enable or disable it).  More importantly, they really shouldn’t include it in screenshots.  It  might be a nice feature during play, but it looks terrible in static screenshots.

    • I thought it looked kinda bad, too, but I was ambivalent over it. I wanted to use it first.

      But they have it in Path of Exile, and after spending some time in the game, I wouldn’t want to be without it. I would actually call it necessary (but for different reasons).

  9. Gold looks so shimmery! Can’t wait to play. Thanks for the screenies.

    Birthday beta, c’mon! 😉

  10. I am looking at the picture with the unknown ‘Wizard’ skill, and I just don’t think it is a Wizard, I think it is a Monk skill considering the nova’s colors consists of what they want for the Monk(being gold, white, and silver.).

    • I think it’s the wizard due to the outline of the character’s head, and you can see her raised gauntlet as well. She always has that posture, with her “orb” hand raised to waist-level.

      • Yep it looks like it is the Wizard, but the skill is Explosion, as can be seen [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Bd0_YIU3Nc&t=8m46s]here[/url].

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