Blizzard included 14 new screenshots from Gamescom, and we’ve added all of them to the pre-beta Act One gallery. Browse the full selection of thumbnails there; I’ve only included some shots that caught my eye in this post.

    Like the 28 new screens from the press event two weeks ago, these are all higher image quality than any previous screenshots, and several of them show off some very cool new stuff. To the right you see our first good look at DiabloWikiBlizzard, the Wizard skill. Seems like it’s got a very large DiabloWikiAoE, like damn near full screen, if that’s a single cast working in the screeenshot. (Looks like 2, though, from the mist on the ground.)

    You’ll want to check out Monks’ new Lens Flare skill. It’s got +1 to Photoshop effects!

    I’m not sure what this Wizard skill is; some kind of shield effect just breaking up? DiabloWikiIce Armor, presumably, perhaps with a DiabloWikirunestone effect?

    Either I just didn’t appreciate it properly before, or the Wizard’s DiabloWikiEnergy Twister skill has better graphics than it used to. The squiggles of different colors of light are pretty. Like strands of glowing yarn caught up in the vortex.

    Did you know there were girl zombies that could vomit up green and pink puddles, from which other zombies would then emerge? Like undead from the floor of a movie theater? The graphics for the vomit still need some work — there’s just this big polygon of flat texture now — but I like the skill concept.

    Finally, it’s been a long time since we had a big argument about the DiabloWikired target outline. Thankfully we’ve got this screenshot to reignite it.



    Again, click here for the full gallery of pre-beta shots, with this batch of 14 new ones included.

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