100k North American invites Europe on the Way

As we reported yesterday Blizzard have sent out more beta keys and today that was confirmed to be 100,000 to North American gamers. With the focus very much on North America some of you may be asking yourself “what about Europe?”. Well, so did @Reinhardt_T when he asked Bashiok the same question. Bashiok tweeted him this ray of hope:

We’ll have information on regional betas soon! Stay strong.


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  1. Yay EU gets some <3

    • So now comes the effective stress test stage. 100k new invites to the US would seem to be at least a doubling of all invites given out so far.

      So much for all their “not inviting everyone” palava.

      • They didn’t add 100,000 new testers, the total is now 100,000 after their most recent wave.

        That’s kind of a big difference.

      • I didn’t get an invite, so your “not inviting everyone” gripe is moot.

        • My point is that when this beta first stated, they made a big deal about how it wouldn’t be as long or as large as their other previous betas, in particular SC2 and WoW.

          Now with this massive wave of invites, easily doubling the number of invites sent up until now (possibly 2 or 3 times as many), along with how long this beta has gone on for, they’re putting paid to those statements.

          I think it’s highly likely they’ll end up just making it a stress test once the game has gone gold, or is close to doing so.

          Frankly it’s surprising that they haven’t made a beta invite a bribe for pre-orders.

  2. waiting for EU same quantity. stress test is here 😈

  3. What’s a ‘Europe’?
    Lol win caption: “Gotham City” 😀

  4. Wow, this might be a good sign! Now I’m not sure if I should go out and buy SWTOR today or not…

  5. one hypothetical question: someone from europe having a fake battlenet-address somewhere in the USA. Does he count as american (battlenet-address) or european (ip)?

    • I think it it checks what region the games are registered on, if its WoW or SC2 obviously since previous games dont have a region, so I guess it would work having just Diablo 2 registered and adres to 90210 L.A. or w/e.

      • European, both because of the IP and because, with European IP and because those are the only region accessible from Europe, you can only play EU versions of Blizzard games.

      • this niqqa.. 90210 ROFL 8)

        • I see , thanks guys, that makes sense. The theoretical person just doesnt like putting his real address into accounts in the internet if he doesnt have to do it. Theoreticaly speaking 😉

  6. So here is the release date coming soon speculation:

    With them clearly scaling up to do tests with a lot of people, it looks like they have added more servers and are now ready to do more of the final testing of the server structure.

    Do I read this as they will now have EU beta servers, because that is new also and is another sign of getting closer to release.

  7. IN! Long time lurker. First post. Registered at the site just so i could brag and get a pink avatar! 🙂

  8. I bet part of the reason for this is to entice players to stay in or return to Camp Blizzard, who might otherwise go play SWTOR.
    Or at least steal some of the PR thunder that SWTOR has going for it atm.

  9. Finally being in the beta, only being able to play to level 13 makes me salivate for more action. :/

  10. “Soon” there’s that word again! 😀

  11. Stay tuned for more info.

    *2 months pass *

    There will be no european stress test.

    Problem, europe ?

  12. Sign of release for sure. I say we’re about a good month away.

  13. Can’t wait for those massive 1000 EU beta invites :)!

  14. I believe it when they say 100k in North America. The game is laggy as hell right now, had to use task manager to kill it because it lagged so bad that even the menus weren’t responding. Last night when I first got into it the game had great latency and ran smooth as butter. Guess they’re finally starting to stress test the servers.

    • Agreed never had this lag before. In public games, it reached a point where the game freezes for a few seconds then resume. Also congrats to all those who got in.

  15. still dont got a key, cool!

  16. 100k NA invites huh? Wow… that just makes me feel even more unlucky… thanks Blizz! 🙄

  17. Waiting here in Europe. Hope soon will be very soon =)

  18. regional betas soon? we’re halfway through Q1…………………Q3-4 it is then, early 2012 my ass

  19. Well, some of you don’t understand what “regional beta” means.

    Let me explain it then, you hard headed fools!

    Regional beta, means european, and Aus/asian/oceania servers. And amount of invites for regional beta, means more or less – new server hardware test, and stress tests on new servers and it’s connections.

    Meaning, we’re nearing the release, and they are setting up and testing their server software by inviting to the new “regional beta” big amounts of players.



    • how long the regional betas gonna GO ON FOR!! that’s the million dollar question. plus they said a month or so between beta end and release, but this is Blizzard so add a couple months to that if you wanna be accurate.

      SO you’ll need truckloads of Viagra to keep your body ready for all that time

  20. Reading this I almost shit my pants… FINALLY some wheels seems to be turning!

  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYNMo8b_Ybg
    :44 :58 …1:20  1:41 1:42 1:43 🙂 1:50 2:07 2:20 TRREEEMBLE ! 2:40 2:42 2:44 etc…
    🙂  Sign of relief…

  22. I don’t trust Blizzard at all anymore and I still don’t see it releasing soon. I just bought SWTOR today, and everyone needs to check it out. I’ve had beta for months and really it’s a joke.

  23. +1 if you’re not from NA but still checked your account, just to make sure! xD

  24. Sadly I’m still in the 99%.  Damn you 1%’ers with your beta keys!

  25. forget europe !

    what about Australia!!!

  26. 100k is roughly the number of participants in the Diablo 2 open beta – what was known as the D2 stress test.

    From memory, it lasted a weekend or two and the game hit the shelves 4-6 weeks after it ended.

    Late March release is ticking a lot of boxes imo.

  27. No love for South America? I guess its because of the RMAH region locks, so there’s still no plan for SA probably.

  28. They announce it 8 weeks prior. so no…they will not release it soon.

  29. People only think about EU or KR players, never us, the AHEUAEHUAEHAEUHAEUAEH BRBR Brazilians 🙁

  30. I used to work QA for Sony and from my experience it usually takes 4 – 6 weeks after the master submission is accepted to print and distribute discs. Late March is at the very most optimistic end of any prediction and that is if they actually finish the game in the next week or so.

  31. Aaaaand… I still don’t have one.

  32. I wonder if the “other region beta” he means other continents like South America.
    Does anyone can confirm if the beta is only for PC or for Mac also?

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