Swedish game retailer Webhallen have kicked off a count-down clock counting down to seven days from now for a mystery special event. While we have no idea what the event is, we do know they are going to be dishing out 100 Diablo 3 Beta keys that night, along with a Battlefield 3 tournament for prizes. The event takes place at their flagship store located at Sveavägen 39, Stockholm, and kicks off at 8PM local time.

    Kaydee tells us that this store is a very large game seller and site of massive midnight launches for many games, including Blizzard titles. So basically they got 100 beta keys and rather than give them out online, they’re making people come into the store to win them. Smart business, but there’s no reason for us to think this is any kind of sign of release or official Blizzard event.

    Thanks to Jan for the tip.

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