#1 WD, GR58. Plus DH Speed EXP Tutorial

Two good gameplay vids today.

The first shows a Witch Doctor taking the #1 leaderboard spot for US non-seasonal, with a GR58 clear. He’s running the Carnevil build, where the helm enables all Fetish to fire a Poison Arrow whenever the WD does. This turns every area into a poison-hued shooting gallery and it’s quite effective, as you see by the GR58 clear in 14:00, without the benefit of Stonesinger, or a Power Pylon for the Guardian.

The second video shows a detailed tutorial about the two best Demon Hunter builds for running those hugely-profitable mid-GR40s in a party. Click through to learn how to succeed in that mode, with full gear discussion and some gameplay footage.

The DH build tutorial is by Wudijo, and you can see his character here and his stream here.

Just a little demonstration of the advantages and disadvantages of the two Demon Hunter sets Unhallowed Essence and Natalya’s Vengeance and how they compare in Tier 45 speedruns. In this video, I go over the two different setups including skill, gem and item choices, compare the two sets to one another and also show 4 runs of each set in different group setups along with some commentary.

If anyone’s wondering, the Nat’s Physical build Wudijo shows off works great for Hardcore also. I’ve zoomed through many a GR40+ with it this season, solo or in parties. Obviously you want to go a bit more defensive on the overall gearing, generally switching some Emeralds for Diamonds in your armor sockets, and I find the Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard gem invaluable. It doesn’t reduce as much damage as double Unity, but it’s great in an emergency, with the big absorb and the huge hps regen that will save you from almost anything, if you can just get away for a few seconds. Besides, you can’t use double Unity in a party, and even solo you want to avoid it since it means giving up Focus/Restraint which will really gimp your DPS.

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  1. I really want that WD build lol. Thanks for the vids & info.

  2. I really want the WD to be viable. : (

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