#1 Greater Rifts: 4P GR69, GR58 Wizard, GR 53 HC Monk

A collection of new #1 Greater Rift completions today.

First up the new highest four player party clear, which is somewhat surreal to watch if you don’t know the builds. The party is 2 identical DHs using Kridershot with the UE set, a Crusader, and a WD. The entire Grift clear takes place in about a dozen individual “battles” of 1-2 minutes each, during which the WD locks everything into motionless punching bags for the 2 DHs to stand still and endlessly spam Ball Lightning with occasional Multishots just to keep up their Focus/Restraint buffs, while the Crusader scurries around, dragging stray trash mobs into the killing zone.

The whole thing is pretty clearly not how the developers want a Diablo game to work, and they’ve said that perma-CC tactics will be fixed in the future. For now, they are the way to do the highest GRs in a party, and it makes for a very effective, if weirdly-boring combat style.

Click through for two much more enjoyable videos showing off a #1 Greater Rifts. A #1 GR58 Wizard and a #1 GR 53 Monk hardcore.

The new #1 Wizard with a GR58 clear. Fun, very active build with non-stop multi-flavor meteors and Aether Walker for constant teleportation, plus bonus points for getting a not-easy Guardian and doing it without a great/easy rift spawn. (It’s great @ 5:45 when he takes a sniff of Floor #2, finds Sand Wasps, and immediately scoots back to Floor #1 to finish up.)

Finally, here’s a new #1 Hardcore Monk, clearing GR53 despite having terrible luck on Pylons. Perhaps the great monster spawn he got on level 1, with a high density of very slow, progress-rich enemies exhausted his RNG good fortune?

Apologies for the auto-play, but that’s how Twitch videos roll.

Watch live video from Creapzter on Twitch

People often ask what’s required to go from say GR45 up to GR55 and the top ranks, and in my observation it’s mostly about subtle improvements in gear. Most of the gear/builds you see in the very top GR runs aren’t that different than what non-full time players use for say GR40+… you just need every affix perfect to go that high, with required amounts of CDR and RCR type values that enable you to keep the procs or CC or resource flowing just a little bit more often.

Any of you guys pushing towards the top of the GR leaderboards, or aspiring to it? Or does the play style and skill you see in these sorts of vids have almost nothing in common with your more casual enjoyment of the game?

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  1. Ha ha, this crusader made me laugh so much. It’s interesting to see that the wow paradigm dps-tank-heal has become dps-cc-transporter !

  2. Its just meh. I agree with that “subtle improvements” part, as I’ve experienced it myself. The highest I got solo was 46, highest attempted was 48 ( I played exclusively solo). Very minor changes in gear can actually increase damage and survivabilty just enough that u can stand up to a grift 1-2 levels higher then previously, and with a bit of luck (pylons and mob type-density, boss type) complete it. The perma-cc is just…meh.

  3. I can’t make myself play in the “I need exactly what I have, just better” phase of the game. Nothing is going to fundamentally change about how I play, so I’d rather put that time in playing a different class to actually experience more of the game (not more of the same).

  4. The perma cc dominated nature of the game is a by product of the devs, and they don’t like it? When everything one shots you, what else is a player supposed to use, harsh language?

    The only other way would be if they let cd reduction affect on death passives and items, so you could just respawn endlessly, which would invalidate the Hardcore game mode. (Moot point really, since Online Only already invalidates Hardcore.)

    This game, and higher grifts reminds me of FF7’s Emerald and Ruby weapon fights. To win you had to either perma cc them, or endlessly respawn with final attack/life combo. Since the devs have pretty much settled on the nature of items (sets being the endgame) in this game, I’m hoping the next expansion will provide a much needed overhaul of the battle system. Otherwise we’ll probably see people clearing level 80+ Grifts right away by virtue of there being 10000 DPS ancient weapons with +2000 main stat…

    • End “perma cc?” In certain situations the monsters can do it to us (think multiple overlapping freeze). All’s fair, right?

  5. Maybe by the end of the year we’ll see gr 90 ! who knows…

  6. I tried my hand at pushing grift leaderboards this season but ended up stonewalled by my inability to find relevant Ancient weapons. Ended up maxing out at grift 48 simply due to lack of kill speed.

  7. Lol, everytime Creapz goes to #1 monk, Hagelharry immediately does one GR higher again, @ 54 now.

    He’s just trolling Creapz 😀

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