1.0.4 Videos on Diablo3.TV

I expect more 1.0.4 videos to surface as people settle into the groove of 1.0.4 gameplay and auctioning but for now here’s two I just watched in the TV section which I thought you may find interesting too.

Usethemforce takes a single run through of the DiabloWikiWarden and the DiabloWikiButcher in Inferno. During his commentary the gameplay is sped up a bit for ease of viewing so as to demonstrate the drop rate. You can see how much he increases his DiabloWikiParagon level and all the rare items he gets from just that short run and he then ids them all to see if better quality loot is noticeable in 1.0.4.

Slybacongaming explains DiabloWikiZombie Dogs scaling in 1.0.4. This is definitely aimed at the statheads with a penchant for maths at breakneck speed. It’s actually a very informative video even though I went a bit spaghetti brain when he was on a roll. Had to hit stop and rewind a couple times.

If you have anything new, cool or weird to share, just add the link to the TV section and the system does the rest (no uploading required).

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    10 thoughts on “1.0.4 Videos on Diablo3.TV

    1. forst. Hey, I saw a vid of 104 windforce somewhere, stream I think, but I think a vid of that would be great in lieu of a 104 new proc/legendary effects video, which’ll take a while, I’m sure. New windforce is amazing!

    2. Based on my my health + resistances + zombie dog health, and according to this guy’s math, my Zombie Dogs can take roughly 30 hits before dying.

      I’m not that great at math, but to all those guys who knock the dogs and saying they’re still rubbish, f*** those guys. I’m running Inferno with NO problems right now. Get a ton of life, resistances and thorns damage–nothing survives your dogs and gargantuan. Nothing.

      • Hate to say it but that sounds like an incoming nerf to thorns damage. I’m assuming your pets stand in the fires getting hit 10x a second and taking little to no damage, while doing thorns damage like mad to the enemy? I don’t play a WD but if this is effective enough that people do this on other classes with their followers then expect to be nerf batted :(.

        • That is the notion, yes, but this is just act 1 and 2. Who knows what Act 3 will be in comparison… But if I can ramp up the thorns to 25k (which is about max based on gear on the AH) then things die super quick even if the dogs only take a few hits.

      • sadly in act 3 pets are back to useless 🙁
        but WD just became the best farming machine for act 1 🙂 dogs just wipe everything on their way with a little support

        • I had the chance to do act 3 with dogs and they were excellent meat shields! Almost never had to recast them

      • I haven’t worked through the maths, but I have to vouch.

        Here is my WD:


        Some gear is a bit rubbishy, as I’m self-found, but dogs + garg + 3 offensive skills make rather short work of A1. I did my first (mostly) full clear of the act today, and I did lose a couple dogs to some of the nastier packs, but all in all, the dogs did their job: they kept stuff out of my face while I hurled artillery.

        Some tuning is still in order. I don’t think I really need astral presence; I may swap that out for blood ritual for the life regen, as reflect damage packs gave the most grief by far.

        But, anyway. With better gear and a better tuned skill loadout, dogs can only get better. If I can make them rock with my ghetto gear, it can’t be that bad for others.

    3. WD is finally fun with this patch. Last patch, the entertainment came from the sheer limitations to make things work with very little mana. After the patch, the dogs have been awesome in inferno act 1 and 2. Just about to act 3, and I’m hoping they’ll survive the hordes there.

      As for loot….wow! Just got two legendaries in Act 2 within 15 mins of each other. I was with a group for about 2 hours…finally got up to 5 champ kills with lvl 1 paragon and MF shrine. Now have a bow and wizard amulet for upcoming classes. Rare drops have increased so much that it feels like you’re at Frys and electronics are just falling into your shopping cart! Still a lot of trash rares (lvl 54-59), but certainly more nice ones to store in the vault or add to my toon. I’m amazed by the MF scaling on items. I’m getting items with 35% MF on them now.

    4. I i just fraps an awesome video last night of me and a friend rolling act 2 inferno. The intention was to show off a 2business handed elite item and what ended upp is 2 epic 2 handed legindary drops. My mx17 lappy craped out towward the end but none the less an exilent example of improvements to 2handers/ legendaries. Ill send it over after editing tonight! Rock on inc gamers ..i mean fuck these guys

      • I play as a wd and ihope it shows the community and ( you podcast wd guests whom believe to describe there feelings of inferno whille only reallly playing a1) that wd is not a bad class and with the right passives ( especially hp globe boost “forgot the name” thhat give 10% int x5 stacks plus grasp with 10% globe drops or z dogs pens some eyes up. Also spirit walk chaining with the passive that reduces cds by 1a sec per kill. Add a ground of mobs and zbears and u got urself an almost invisable wd that constantly gets hp globes.

        .. o and hp globe range is a must

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