I expect more 1.0.4 videos to surface as people settle into the groove of 1.0.4 gameplay and auctioning but for now here’s two I just watched in the TV section which I thought you may find interesting too.

    Usethemforce takes a single run through of the DiabloWikiWarden and the DiabloWikiButcher in Inferno. During his commentary the gameplay is sped up a bit for ease of viewing so as to demonstrate the drop rate. You can see how much he increases his DiabloWikiParagon level and all the rare items he gets from just that short run and he then ids them all to see if better quality loot is noticeable in 1.0.4.

    Slybacongaming explains DiabloWikiZombie Dogs scaling in 1.0.4. This is definitely aimed at the statheads with a penchant for maths at breakneck speed. It’s actually a very informative video even though I went a bit spaghetti brain when he was on a roll. Had to hit stop and rewind a couple times.

    If you have anything new, cool or weird to share, just add the link to the TV section and the system does the rest (no uploading required).

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