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QoL changes - what to expect?

Posted by Nevalistis - 6 months ago (September 8, 2017, 2:54 pm)

09/07/2017 09:37 PMPosted by Babylon
Apparently, QoL changes to make the game more engaging are not something of importance.

It's not that they aren't; it's that this isn't the focus of this patch. We certainly appreciate the feedback, though, and I'm happy to file it away for future consideration.

The main reason for the title edit was that including developer names in a title is a violation of our forum posting guidelines. Rather than locking or deleting a thread that is thoughtful and well-constructed, sometimes we prefer to moderate gently as a reminder. Apologies if this wasn't clear!

It should also be noted that upholding both the forum code of conduct and guidelines is something executed not only by myself, but by our forum moderation team. They are not developers or community managers and won't respond to such topics. In the same right, that doesn't mean we haven't seen it either. While we're making efforts to improve our rate of communication, we're still not realistically going to be able to respond to everything. Developers have bugs and code to attend to, and I do a whole lot more than just post on the forums and collect feedback.

Your feedback is important! It's just one part of a very big plate of duties we have.