Stop forcing community names on us players!

Posted by Nevalistis - 1 year ago (May 12, 2017, 8:34 pm)

As MissCheetah indicated, often times, our item design developers will honor another member of the team with an in-game item name. Usually it's badge of honor, signifying longevity on the team or as thanks for hard work and camaraderie provided by that individual.

This is common in not just Diablo, but across the Blizzard franchises in its own way. From items or NPCs in World of Warcraft to names subtly placed on Overwatch maps, it's quite common for odes to different employees to show up in our games. This item is no different.

As for members of our community, at least for Diablo, we often honor dedicated members of our online family with additions to the Champion pack name pool. Rhykker, Leviathan, Spontainy, Quin, and many others have appeared there. It's just a small way of saying thanks for being a part of our work and lives. <3

While we do appreciate your feedback, this is something that isn't likely to change—no matter whose name might be on what.