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Monks Are Not "Fine", A Desperate Plea

Original post by XinFanChen - 4 years ago (April 26, 2014, 8 :22 pm)

According to a recent pull on the Diablo sub-reddit, Monks went for the number two mained class pre-RoS into the least mained class in RoS, not only that, many discussions around the state of Monks have been surfacing lately. With the recently blue posts about the upcoming changes to the game, here's a list of problems that exist within the class.

Disclaimer, I will not be suggesting fixes about the class, this is a desperate plea to show the point that, contrary to what the previous patch notes stated... Monks are Not Fine. I will be basing my case off my personal experience (2500 hours), fellow Monks' opinion and other existing discussion

1. Resource management/Damage output - I had to put these two together because they are dependent of each other. In short, Monk's spirit generators are very one dimensional and uninteresting. after the huge nerfs to the popular Fist of Thunder, Monks lost a reliable generator and had to look elsewhere, however, other generators are either not generating enough spirit, not elemental friendly or both. As for damage output, excepting exploding palm, which losses all effectiveness the moment mobs number goes down to one, i.e. the rift boss, all other spirit spenders are either too expensive in terms of spirit costs, too low damage output, or both. Combining the flaws of both aspects, Monks does very poorly to sustain their resources and with the spirits they do generate, they spend them to do unsubstantial damage.
Conclusion: Monks have very little options when it comes to generating spirit, and also very little options when it comes to dealing damage.

2. Defensive skills/Passives/Dex - These three are once again, dependent of each other. Monks have a number of decent defensive skills, great defensive passives, however, because of the nature of Dexterity, which translate to dodge, a very unstable and unreliable form of defense, the result is a pigeonholing build that incorporates some of the best passives which in turn, becomes mandatory. However, I cannot call these defensive skills/passive one dimensional because they are very cost effective and not much change can be warranted here, yet Dexterity is at fault and dragging Monks down in terms of overall toughness/tankiness.
Conclusion: Monks do have great defensive options but the inconsistent nature of Dex/Dodge forces Monks to gather all the defensive options they have thus limiting them even more.

3. Sets/Set Bonuses/Item choices - I don't know what is more unfair, subpar sets bonuses (Inna), unreliable set bonuses (Raiment) or inconsistent set bonuses (Monkey King). The running joke in the Monk community is that, the actually Monk sets are the Aughilds, Born and Captain sets, even Blackthrone can be more valuable in higher torment. When Monks can't even rely on their designated sets in order to perform well, I believe there's a problem here. As for item choices, the fact that Monk's offensive skills, defensive skills and dexterity are all holding the class back causes even more pigeonholing. Lightning build and Fire build are the current go to with niche builds such as Holy and Physical. But as previously stated, no matter the quality of the gears, if the Monks doesn't have viable offensive skills, the class will never be able to perform at the same level as other classes can with the same quality of gears.
Conclusion: Monk sets are actually less attractive than the all-class sets, lack of gear choices because of undesirable offensive and defensive skills coupled with the need to survive while dealing damage causes Monks to stay at the bottom of the podium

Here is my plea to Blizzard developers, Monks are not fine, honestly, the only thing that the class has now is the Dashing Strikes, I am not the only one who is unsatisfied with the current state of Monks, please make some positive changes to the class.


EDIT: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/240snk/after_one_month_of_ros_it_is_time_for_new_class/ the poll as requested
EDIT II: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/241yvx/monks_are_not_fine_let_blizzard_know/ my reddit post which received attention too
wow we are now a Popular Topic and on the front page of Diablo sub-reddit, thank you all for the support and let us keep going all week to get the Dev's attention!!!

Posted by Grimiku - 4 years ago (May 2, 2014, 8:31 pm)

Hello, everyone

I wanted to make sure that you all know that we're keeping an eye on this thread. I don't have anything new to share about whats down the road as far as Monks go, but we're certainly keeping an eye on things. Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback, and we really appreciate all of the constructive discussions.

Posted by Grimiku - 4 years ago (May 2, 2014, 8:34 pm)

Oh! I also extended the posting limit, so you can continue the conversation here.

Posted by Grimiku - 4 years ago (May 14, 2014, 9:38 pm)

Hello, Monks!

I've been keeping a close eye on this thread (and others) so when it came time to talk a little bit about patch 2.0.5, and the future of Monks, this seemed like a good place to do it. I’ve updated the posting limit in this thread, so feel free to keep it alive.

I'd like to start by pointing out that patch 2.0.5 wasn’t really intended to focus much on class balance when it first was scheduled, but there were some circumstances that resulted in it including a lot of class changes, particularly for the Crusader. The Crusader is not only the newest class in Diablo III (and a big feature of Reaper of Souls), but was in a state that (we felt) merited some immediate tuning and balancing, so 2.0.5 did end up featuring a lot of Crusader changes.

That said, while 2.0.5 didn’t include many changes to Monks, it doesn’t mean we feel there isn’t room for improvement (or that your feedback has fallen on deaf ears). Instead, we have many changes planned for patch 2.1.0, which is our first big content patch for Reaper of Souls and first big opportunity to do some meaningful evaluations for each class, Monk included.

Our future goals for the Monk in 2.1.0 focus improving core class attributes, class abilities, and addressing Legendaries that need improvement. You should all be able to see (and test out) these changes soon™ on the 2.1.0 PTR once its live. (Note: Initially, the PTR will not have all the changes we want to do for 2.1.0, but as the PTR progresses, more changes will be added. Also note that we do not have an ETA for the 2.1.0 PTR at this time.)

We also want to let you all know that we will be improving some of the underwhelming Set items. The following Sets will be receiving buffs or redesigns to their full-Set bonuses in 2.1.0 and will be retroactive, so keep those pieces:

• Firebird’s Finery
• Raiment of a Thousand Storms
• Monkey King’s Garb
• Thorns of the Invoker
• The Shadow’s Mantle