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One life to live:Hardcore power leveling eliminates death
I had a scary moment today during a huge lag spike in the middle of an elite pack of molten wasps set to explode. I frantically hit spirit walk and my potion and began to haphazardly smash the keyboard hoping to have hit the right combo before death could over take me.As I waited I […]
Forum Watch: What Happened to Legendary Ring Variety?
A thread from our Diablo 3 Community Forum asking about ring variety in Season Three brought up an interesting issue. What Happened to Legendary Ring Variety? I am certainly enjoying the new stuff but in the end I always come back to those 2 rings which are and Unity. It’s too bad because there is […]
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The Worst PTR Testing Advice Ever

Posted 29 Jun 2015 by at 12:07 GMT

Not even a Wyatt quote.

Not an actual Wyatt quote.

An amusing complaint leads to a Blue trying to counter The Worst PTR Testing Advice Ever:

2.3 PTR – Mortick’s bracers NEVER FORGET

Dont be a RetardedCookie…
Dont test anything…
Dont call nothing OP….
Dont use optimized builds…
Dont post about itens on forum…

Remember Blizzard philosophy: Well tested itens for 2 months get removed, items everyone said are bad and noone give a **** will make it out of the PTR.

Tyvalir: I’m surprised and a bit dismayed to see this thread. :/

The vast majority of players have been great about creating carefully constructed feedback as we test patches, much of which has helped us improve the game. Obviously, we wouldn’t ask for it if we didn’t genuinely want to hear your thoughts.

Of course, it’s totally fine to express disappointment about an item being removed on the PTR. At the same time, it’s also important to remember that the entire purpose of a PTR is to tune patches so the final version is as balanced as it can be, so it’s quite common for items to be pulled if they’re unbalanced (as Mortick’s Brace was).

Encouraging people to be deceptive in their play styles or falsify feedback is just plain not helpful. It works against one of the very goals of those who love competing on the Leaderboards: having as balanced a competitive gameplay environment as possible. Feedback about your disappointment in an item being removed, asking for better communication from the CMs (which we always strive to do!), or warning others to temper their expectations on the PTR? Those are all totally fair, if done respectfully.

The insane hyperbole in the OP’s title is wonderful, and really, it just gets better from there. The short, almost poetic layout, the delightfully QQ tone, and best of all is how he acts like like Barbs were ruinously nerfed by the (admittedly ham-handed) removal of an OP item, when they are in fact the strongest class this season/patch.

But if the “All-WoTB runes at once” bracers had remained in the patch, then Barbs would have been 5-7 GRs higher than everyone else, instead of just 2-5 GRs higher. And instead of 80% of 90% of chars this season being Barbs… 90% would have been Barbs? What a different word that would have been! When can we wake from this nightmare?!

Seriously though. The upgraded WD’s Helltooth set has crazy OP numbers in Patch 2.3. We might as well start prepping for the nerf stick before the PTR even begins. Just hope it happens sooner than later, because Never Forget.

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Pals’ Early Access: Diablo 3 Podcast #181

Posted 29 Jun 2015 by at 11:35 GMT

As usual, the newest installment of The Diablo 3 Podcast is now available early for site Pals. Check this thread in the Pals’ Forum to get access, and if that’s not you but you want it to be, here’s where to support The podcast will go live for everyone early Tuesday morning, (hopefully) not long before Patch 2.3 goes playable on the PTR.

Patch 2.3 coming very soon to the PTR, so more analysis, including new and improved Item Set properties from datamining. Also T7-T10 scaling issues, shared LGems, and purist mode Hardcore? Featuring Aahz, N3rdwards, and Flux.

Click through to view the full show contents…

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The Worst Video Game Movies Ever (So Far)

Posted 29 Jun 2015 by at 01:08 GMT

warcraft-movie-poster1Over the weekend I enjoyed reading this article on, which compiles the best and worst-reviewed video game movies of all time.

You’ll be unsurprised to learn that… there aren’t actually any well-reviewed video game movies. The closest is the original Mortal Kombat film from 1995, which mustered a mediocre 58% average score from 12 reviews. And honestly, that seems like a very generous rating, from what little I remember of that very cheesy non-masterpiece. I thought maybe one of the Tomb Raider films might have done decently, but nope; despite big budget’s, Angelina Jolie’s lovely presence, and a pre-Bond Daniel Craig, they managed only 43% and 33%.

While there’s only one Best reviewed video game film, the Worst reviewed easily fill out a Top Ten list, which should feature prominently in any Uwe Boll is the World’s Worst Director debate. Honestly, #1, 3, 4, 7, and 9? Uwe, save some space for the others.

This all becomes somewhat more relevant when you recall that production of a World of Warcraft movie is still lumbering along, and Blizzard should debut a trailer and other content stuffs at this year’s Blizzcon, if not sooner.

I sat through the very brief, almost entirely CGI, “aren’t the orc graphics amazing” preview clip at last year’s show, (sometimes I think my ears are still ringing) and as someone whose experience with WoW is almost entirely shaped by making podcast jokes about “the Panda King” and witnessing sweaty cosplayers shout “For the Horde” while waiting in line at Blizzcon… I freely admit that the orc graphics were excellent. Much better than some “Shrek with tusks” type low-grade CGI I’d been half-expecting.

Will the film be any good? There’s no telling, but as that Metacritic list shows, it won’t take much to vault the field of past video game movie adaptations. For the Horde?

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Patch 2.3 Datamined, but Not Coming This Weekend

Posted 26 Jun 2015 by at 21:37 GMT

Datamining is never this sexy.

Datamining is never this sexy.

Patch 2.3 is up on the server and can be datamined, but is not playable yet and won’t be today or this weekend. We can probably expect the usual, with the patch going up and the PTR turning on Tuesday early morning during the weekly maintenance. The official patch notes should be available around that time as well, though you can get a sneak peek at the item changes below.

Any ideea when the PTR for 2.3 will be up?
Nevalistis: It’s always interesting to see what kinds of patterns players pick up on or follow. However, plans can and often do change from patch to patch, especially where testing is concerned.

What I can say for now is that the PTR is not going live today. If you were waiting to make plans for this weekend, go and be free! Have a wonderful weekend! We’ll keep you updated once PTR is upon us, barring any unforeseen circumstances that may cause delays.

That is incredibly disappointing.
Nevalistis: I understand. We’re excited for you guys to sink your teeth in too! However, there are a lot of tests and general sweeps we run before releasing PTR, such as making sure the download goes smoothly and nothing completely egregious and game-crashing remains that would hamper your ability to test. While we do want you guys to find the broken stuff, we try to take care of the big issues first.

Like the horde of non-testers who sink the PTR server for their 2000% shinies without submitting feedback?
Nevalistis: Feedback isn’t the only part of testing that occurs during a PTR. Sometimes, we just need people playing the game to look at player behavior, receive automated crash reports, and pull data.

While we fully encourage players to submit their constructive and detailed feedback (as so many of you do, and we thank you for it!), even if a player never makes a single post during a PTR, they’ve contributed in some way. Just not one you may be able to see from the other side.

So what’s coming up in the patch? We got the Patch 2.3.0 preview with the big picture news, and tons of added detail about Kanai’s Cube. But what about the changes to items and the new sets for the Crusader, Witch Doctor, and Monk? Click through for datamined details on those, which are of course very preliminary and subject to change during the PTR testing.

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The Memorial Kanai’s Cube + Shared LGems?

Posted 25 Jun 2015 by at 21:20 GMT

Kevin Kanai Griffith

Kevin Kanai Griffith

Many fans have wondered where the name for DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube came from, and it’s actually a memorial to a deceased member of the Diablo 3 team.

Kevin Kanai Griffith is a very dear friend to many in the game development community. He currently works at Blizzard as Artist on the Diablo 3 team. KKG has been fighting a rare and ruthless form of cancer known as Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS)… On October 17, 2014 Kevin lost his battle with ASPS cancer and passed away. We will continue the Artbook project in his memory and in tribute to him.

A nice tribute to put his name on a very useful and cool game feature.

In happier news, one topic of conversation about the Cube is how it seems a logical method to make DiabloWikiLegendary Gems sharable across your entire account. We’ve seen a lot of requests for that, since there are a lot of annoyances to Legendary Gems being physical objects.



  • They consume a lot of stash space.
  • It’s annoying to have to remember to unequip and leave them in the stash when sharing the same LGem between characters.
  • It’s annoying to have to level up spare LGems to use the same one on multiple chars without switching, or to have a backup in case of HC death.
  • It’s annoying when Guardians keep dropping level 0 gems of a type you’re using on another char.
  • It’s really annoying when you switch around gear and forget to unsocket a gem before you dump the jewelry into your stash, whereupon it vanishes from all space and time.
  • Etcetera…
  • Kanai’s Cube could solve all those issues, simply by integrating LGems into the interface and allowing each character to either 1) right click and extract a copy of their current level of that gem, basically like creating a crafting recipe without any RNG, or 2) making LGems completely virtual, so you’d just click some icon on the paperdoll and then select which of your LGems to activate in which piece of jewelry.

    How about it? Do you guys want Legendary Gems to leave the stash-clogging physical plane and become virtual bonuses a bit like passive skills? Or would that fail to activate your hoarding and clicking feedback pleasure centers and you want there to be physical LGems you can sort and arrange and chuckle and gloat over in the dark of the night?

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    Infernal Machine Fixes: Socketed Hellfire Amulet

    Posted 25 Jun 2015 by at 02:45 GMT

    HFAs: soon to suck slightly less!

    HFAs: soon to suck slightly less!

    More good news about the upcoming Patch 2.3, with fixes/changes/improvements to the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine event. Infernal Machine Fixes: Socketed Hellfire Amulet! Here’s Travis Day’s statement:

    Will we see any changes to the Infernal Machine in patch 2.3.0?!? As I remember I saw a post or video of the devs saying that there will be changes in a/the next content patch.
    Travis Day: This is a very large patch so we were unable to fit ALL the awesome changes into the preview blog. There are changes to the Hellfire event structure coming in the next patch. Keywardens will now directly drop Infernal Machines instead of Keys and the Hellfire Amulet now has a socket built in.

    Check them out once they hit ptr and let us know what you all think! =)

    The inherent socket has been the #1 fan request for improving the HFA (and HFR) since Legendary Gems made sockets in jewelry desirable, so cheers on that fix, though it would be nice if the Hellfire Ring got a socket as well. It’s so far from DiabloWikiBiS potential as a ring that it could use any help. (Or Kanai’s Cube give it new life, with that huge +EXP% affix there for the taking?)

    I am curious to see how the drop rates and overall progress changes. Will KWs dropping Machines instead of keys effectively make it 4x faster to farm? Also, what about drop rates with T7-T10 coming? Currently you’ve got a 50% chance of a Key and 100% chance of an Organ dropping on T6, but that’ll surely change with 4 more difficulty levels and KWs dropping machines directly.

    We hosted a community discussion of how best to improve the Infernal Machine a couple of months ago, and got a lot of useful survey results and dozens of comments. The most popular idea from feedback was Lanth’s idea that instead of dropping a key (or not) each time, the Keywardens should drop key materials. Say you needed 10 key mats to make each key, and the KWs always dropped at least one, and could drop up to 10 (scaling with higher difficulty). The best aspect of that idea is that you’d never run a KW and get nothing, so it wouldn’t feel like a wasted run. Doesn’t seem that Bliz has taken that idea to heart, alas.

    Changes to the Infernal Machine system. (Vote all you agree with.)

    View Results

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    Blizzard Q&A on Kanai’s Cube

    Posted 24 Jun 2015 by at 22:25 GMT

    Click me. Love me.

    Click me. Love me.

    The Blues keep answering questions about Kanai’s Cube, and so far they’ve filled in most of the details. The main issue (which people are still posting questions about) is that you can obtain the orange text legendary property from items via the cube, but 3 of them at once, and only 1 each from jewelry, armor, and weapon/off-hand. You can not get the orange bonus from 2 pieces of armor at once, 2 weapons at once, etc, and it’s just the orange bonus; you don’t get credit towards item sets by putting one item in, etc.

    A few new replies from Travis Day on this morning:

    Does this mean that the cube will store every item sacrificed to it and you choose from a drop down list what passive you’d like to use? If so, the stash saving applications for this item are incredible and the ability to find a usable ancient weapon for your class / spec has effectively doubled.
    Travis: The primary function of the cube is to serve as a collection system to allow you to accumulate powers from items and then assign the powers you want to use. This has a lot of benefits one of which is hopefully to help free up some of that stash space that players, like me, are using to save cool items “just in case”. Now instead of keeping 1 of every cool item in my stash you can simply extract its power for later use.

    Anytime you extract a power from an item it is added to your collection of powers. You can enabled any power you have ever extracted, within each specific game type. To assign powers you will access the cube in town and from there are able to allocate whatever power you like based on the 1 Weapon, 1 Armor, 1 Jewelry rule of the cube.

    I’m really excited to see what kind of awesome builds everyone comes up with now that they have far more options at their disposal!

    Ancestor’s Grace can’t be extracted into the cube and it is not a season only feature.

    So now, I’m wondering how the game will track Legendary abilities that have roll ranges? Store all the ranges you’ve melted down? Over-write with the best one?
    Travis Day: Powers that are extracted into the cube are extracted at their maximum power.

    I’m surprised at the loss of RNG by just extracting powers at their maximum range. Some items have a huge range of values, and I figured we’d be hunting perfect rolls in our legs to put the best possible value into the Cube.

    As for Ancestor’s Grace, that’s not unexpected, but a bit lame. On the podcast last night we had fun joking about how HC players could hoard that amulet and then keep feeding new ones into the Cube every time they died. Like candy! Hardcore LifeSavers! Oh well…

    One question I’ve yet to see anyone ask or reply to. What about Twinking? Are powers you’ve already added to the Cube available to a brand new level 1 character? Do they enable at preset levels like passives at 10, 20, 30, 70? Do they preserve the level req of the item you fed into the Cube (i.e. if you find a Calamity at level 42, that’s the level req when you could enable it on a new char via the Cube.) Personally, I’d say just make them available at level 70 as this is an endgame feature — on the other hand, having them from level 1 would make twinking pretty fun.

    There have been dozens of other Blue replies to questions about Kanai’s Cube posted in comments, forums, Twitter, and elsewhere, and if you want to know it all, you need to read them all. We’ve been collecting them in our original Patch 2.3 article with most of these, but as that post is several down the page by now, here’s the full reprint.

    Click through for dozens of additional info tidbits about everyone’s favorite new Reaper of Souls artifact-object.

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    The Diablo 3 Podcast #180: Patch 2.3.0 Preview!

    Posted 24 Jun 2015 by at 11:11 GMT

    The Patch 2.3 Preview is blowing up with new content, and it’s all discussed on this show. Kanai’s Cube and all the new legendary passives, Torment 7-10, the Ruins of Sescheron, combat tweaks, removed Wave of Trials, and more. Featuring Flux, AdAstra, and Tyr.

    Update:Don’t miss The Diablo Podcast #179, posted Tuesday morning and promptly stomped out of sight by the Patch preview.

    Click through for more details and segment starting times.

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