Necromancer removed from Diablo Beta again for tuning

It appears as thought the Necro was removed from the Diablo 3 beta for tuning reasons. Not too surprising but for those hoping to raise an army of the dead you’ll have to wait again. Hopefully, the next version will include class weapons so that we can begin to see how the class works in conjunction with all its parts!

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I count myself lucky to have been able to interview the people I have. It’s awesome to spend time picking the brains of people who shaped the worlds you love. My luck continued with a conversation with David Brevik. We spend time discussing Diablo, his current pursuits, as well as advice for those looking to go into the industry. David also goes into some depth as to his thoughts on a D2 remaster. I won’t lie, I jump around a bit, which I credit to nerves but overall it’s worth a listen.

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