• Developer Insights: Set Dungeons
    Patch 2.4.0 (and Season 5) introduces one of Diablo III’s newest and most exciting features yet: Set Dungeons. What was the design intent behind these formidable new challenges? We’ve prepared this behind-the-scenes look, from their origin to what you ca...
  • Season Rebirth Mail Expiring Soon
    If you jumped into Season 5 using Patch 2.4.0’s new Season Rebirth feature, it’s possible that your items may be on their way out the door! As we rapidly approach thirty days into the latest season, we wanted to remind everyone how to check on your in-ga...
  • Engineering Diablo III's Damage Numbers
    To work in software development is to know that simple problems don’t always have simple solutions. This in-depth, under-the-hood look at the deceptively "simple" Patch 2.4.0 revision of the combat number system casts some light on some of the lesser known...
  • Season 5 Now Live
    Diablo III Season 5 is now live in all gameplay regions!
  • Patch 2.4.0 Now Live
    Diablo III patch 2.4.0 is now live in the Americas! Read on to read about the latest changes.
  • Are You Prepared for 2.4.0?
    Death continues to stretch its icy grasp over the world of Sanctuary. The terrors that await will crush the life from your fragile frames, and know that I shall be patiently observing from the threshold of existence. Let us examine the trials ahead together,...
  • First Look - Season 5
    Patch 2.4.0 is live on the PTR for testing and headed soon to live realms, stuffed to the brim with great new features for Diablo III. For our Seasonal heroes out there, we’ve prepared this guide to Season 5 so you can roll right into a fresh start on day ...
  • Patch 2.4.0 Preview: Items and Sets
    Patch 2.4.0 is currently available the Public Test Realm, loaded with plenty of new items to discover!
  • Season 4 Ending Soon
    The end of Season 4 is upon us. Here's a quick refresher on what the end of the Season means and what you can expect going into Season 5.
  • Patch 2.4.0 PTR Patch Notes
    Below you'll find the preliminary PTR patch notes for patch 2.4.0. Please note that this isn't the final version of the patch notes and that some changes may not be documented or described in full detail.
  • Patch 2.4.0 Preview: Greyhollow Island
    The heavy scent of pine and sodden earth is interrupted by the sickly sweet note of decay, and a thousand flickering eyes in the distance serve as warning—if the madness of Greyhollow Island does not take you first, the beasts surely will.
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