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July 14, 2016

Wyatt Cheng on Missing Diablo 3 Cosmetic Items

Fans kept a thousand+ post thread going all season, trying to crowd source knowledge about where to find some ultra-rare cosmetic items. During the struggle CM Nevalistis kept popping in with encouragement, while refusing to…

By: Flux

June 26, 2016

Big Group “Meta” Changes Coming to Diablo 3

Senior Developer Wyatt Cheng has offered up an article-sized forum post in which he discusses the philosophy behind some major changes coming to Diablo 3. The changes will mostly affect the party dynamics, making the…

By: Flux

June 21, 2016

Energy Twister: Raging Storm Nerf Incoming

On the newest installment of the Diablo Podcast we discussed all of the top (and bottom) Wizard skills, and the recent/ongoing Wizard bug fixes on the PTR. During the chat, N3rdwards brought up the fact…

By: Flux

June 15, 2016

Diablo 3: Firebirds Finery Set Update

Nevalistis recently posted an update on the Future of the Firebirds Finery Wizard set. Keep in mind these changes wont go live right now during the current season. There will be Focused Feedback on PTR…

By: Holyknight3000

May 29, 2016

Diablo 3: The Future of Firebirds Finery

Nevalistis on the Diablo forums brought about a post on the future of the Firebirds set as well as a bug surrounding it. But plans to fix said bug wouldn’t happen until after this season….

By: Holyknight3000

May 22, 2016

Diablo 3 Hotfixes: Grotesques and Others Fixed

On Friday May 20th Blizzard deployed hotfixes to fix certain mobs with special effects like Grotesques and others that would occasionally bug out and could not be killed. I’ve not encountered this but I have…

By: Holyknight3000

May 16, 2016

Diablo 3: 4th Anniversary

It’s amazing how the years go by so fast. From the error 37’s to the Auction House and then the dabbling hell that was Inferno. So much has changed since then and the game is…

By: Holyknight3000

April 4, 2016

Diablo 3: Seasonal Stash Clarification

A player over on the Diablo forums wanted some clarification on the seasonal stash tabs. Nevalistis gave some helpful clarification. At least now you wont have to worry about the extra stash tabs if you…

By: Holyknight3000

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