February 2, 2016

Diablo III Log In Issues: February 2nd

A small patch went up with the maintenance last night, and it seems to have brought about unforseen consequences. Diablo III Log In Issues: That was about 9am (PST) this morning, and it was immediately…

By: Flux

October 23, 2015

Blizzard to Test New Battle.Net Voice Chat Next Week

We’re not sure whether this news is relevant to Diablo 3 yet but it’s worth pointing out to the Diablo community. Next week Blizzard will launch the beta test for their upcoming shooter Overwatch, and…

By: Elly

September 11, 2015 Mobile Authenticator Updated

Since the Real Money Auction House went away and all the good items items became BoA, the Diablo 3 community hasn’t heard or thought much about authenticators. They’re still out there though, and Blizzard posted…

By: Flux

July 15, 2015

PTR Termination Issues [Resolved]

Update: Blue says the problems are now fixed and all PTR play should be fine. I tested a game a bit ago and it worked fine for me at least, and everyone in the clan…

By: Flux

PTR Game Disconnects Continue: Fix Tonight?

Last weekend’s saga of repeated game disconnects on the PTR has continued into this week, with a technical fix attempted this afternoon. It didn’t work, not entirely at least, and the PTR is going down…

By: Flux

July 13, 2015

PTR Technical Problems Under Investigation

Players on the PTR had technical issues all weekend with abrupt with constant game crashes. You’d start playing a new game (a joyful experience with the queues very short all weekend) and after a few…

By: Flux

July 10, 2015

PTR Log On Changes + PTR Season Four is Live

Season Four is live on the PTR, beginning right at 5pm as promised. Surprisingly, the community buff is gone, so starting off in S4 means no bonus legendary drop rate, bonus Shards, double Goblins, etc….

By: Flux

July 2, 2015

Diablo 3 PTR Game Creation and Joining Problems

In the early days of Diablo 3 PTR, the patches went live and hardly anyone bothered to test them, since they didn’t contain big game changes and/or there were no incentives to grind for no…

By: Flux

January 14, 2015

Clan Function Bugs in Patch 2.1.2


got a few new features in the patch, but there are unexpected consequences. I guess this sort of thing, plus the bugs with Rifts and other assorted stuff shows why we didn’t get this patch…

By: Flux

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