David Brevik joins the Path of Exile Team

path of exileWe now know what game David Brevik is advising on, he’s joining the Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile team in an advisory role and will help them with their launch in China.

The news comes via a press release put out by Tencent addressing Chinese Path of Exile players and news that both Chris Wilson and David Brevik will be heading to China to meet fans.

Grinding Gear’s CEO Chris Wilson confirmed the appointment and told Diabloii.Net, “David is an advisor, primarily for our launch in mainland China, but we hope to learn from his experience as much as we can over the coming months.”

That’s it then, well done GGG for getting David onboard. As for Diablo, we will have to wait and see what happens with the franchise at BlizzCon.

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David Brevik confirms no involvement with Diablo franchise

Following yesterday’s update from David Brevik we all got rather excited, but perhaps it was a little too soon because David has just posted this tweet confirming no Diablo involvement.

Bill Roper also confirmed no involvement.

So there you have it. Despite yesterday’s tease, he’s not involved with anything to do with Diablo. The question remains, what is he involved with? It’s still not clear for who or what he will be advising , it was naturally assumed it would be Blizzard based on his tweet.

I guess we are going to have to sit this one out and wait for some more concrete news.

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David Brevik is Advisor on new Diablo-like or Diablo Game

Huge news this weekend straight from the one and only David Brevik. On a Twitter post today, Brevik revealed this…

So there you have it. A new game is in the works, whether it’s actually a Diablo game remains to be seen. In the picture posted by David, we see the constellation of Libra. Reading the text, it doesn’t sounds like it has anything to do with current Diablo games, the constellation of Libra is intriguing however, and it could simply be a reference to the month of November when, according to Wikipedia, “the Sun appears in the constellation Libra from October 31 to November 22”. This covers the time of BlizzCon so it sounds like there will be some kind announcement.

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WoW’s Game Director Tom Chilton moving to a “new adventure within Blizzard”

tom chilton BlizzardWith BlizzCon looming there’s been a lot of changes at Blizzard and the latest person to make a move is World of Warcraft Game Director Tom Chilton.

In a farewell message to the WoW community, Chilton states that he is moving to a “new adventure within Blizzard”. What could that new adventure be? The new Diablo project that is supposedly happening?

We have little to go on at the moment but Chilton has been essential in making WoW the success it is, so whatever this new project is, it will benefit from his vast experience.

The update from Chilton reads:

For me, Legion has been more than just another expansion, though—it’s the culmination of more than a decade of work with one of the best development teams I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. And it’s with a mix of excitement, sadness, and gratitude that I’m saying farewell to the WoW team and moving on to a new adventure within Blizzard.

My personal journey working on WoW as Game Director is at an end, but my journey with Blizzard isn’t. I’ll still be here, but will be focusing on another project within the company. However, it’s with great pleasure that I announce Ion Hazzikostas will be taking my place as Game Director for World of Warcraft.

I know that WoW will be in great hands with Ion at the helm. He’s been an integral part of the team for more than eight years and has contributed to so many aspects of the game’s development—from class design to encounter design and nearly everything in between. He also has an amazing team at his side—the same epic crew that brought you all the content you’re enjoying in Legion.

BlizzCon can’t come soon enough.

Thanks PC Invasion.


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BlizzCon 2016 Schedule Revealed – Light on Diablo sections

blizzon 2016Blizzard has posted the BlizzCon 2016 schedule this evening revealing panels and all kinds of tournaments over the two days.

As you’d expect, the schedule is packed with World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and StarCraft events and then at the end of the first day there is the Diablo 20th Anniversary section which reads:

“Join the Diablo III development team for a look back on two decades in Sanctuary, and get a first look at our plans to celebrate the occasion.”

Ont the second day there is the Diablo Art and Design panel and a Dev Talk / Q&A at 4PM.

Right now we have no idea what’s in store for the opening ceremony as far as announcements are concerned but it’s not looking great for Diablo again this year. We can only hope that the 20th Anniversary event brings something new.

Check out the full schedule here.

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BlizzCon Diablo 3 T-Shirt teasing an expansion or something else?

Blizzard has just launched their BlizzCon early access sale and it comes with a new Diablo shirt. The T-Shirt is called “Realms of Evil” which could either be a generic slogan for it or perhaps a hint at something new.

Diablo realms of Evil

Going on the name alone, it kind of sounds like a compilation of numerous games so perhaps the idea of remastered Diablo 2 is still possible. Maybe a bundle of all three games? It could also be the title of a new expansion. This is of course pure speculation and the name could simply be generic.

What do you think?

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Blizzard preview the Season 8 Journey

Diablo 3 Season 8

Season 8 will get underway on Friday 21 October at 5PM CEST in Europe, 5PM PDT in North America, and 5PN KST in Asia. Now that’s the important stuff out the way, on with Blizzard’s preview which includes a list of the Season rewards, Conquests, and Haedrig’s Gift sets.

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David Brevik and Bill Roper Visit Blizzard for Unknown Reason

roper blizzard David BrevikBill Roper and David Brevik have been busy and updated their Twitter accounts to show recently dropped into Blizzard. Why? Well, we’re not quite sure, but the most obvious reason would be to contribute something to Diablo’s 20 Anniversary celebration at BlizzCon. Possibly to film footage for a video or something similar.

Fans will speculate that maybe Brevik is returning to Blizzard to take charge of the rumoured new Diablo but that would be less likely than the above reason.

Brevik has been enjoying a spell of indie development under the name Graybeard Games following his departure from Gazillion and Marvel Heroes. He has in the past mentioned that he would be tempted to return but is settled in San Francisco.

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Blizzard and Diablo Anniversary parties at BlizzCon

blizzcon anniversary

It’s time to celebrate two anniversaries at BlizzCon 2016 and one of then is the Diablo franchise which hits 20.

25 years ago, a small group of gamers set out to create the kinds of game experiences they loved playing—and Blizzard Entertainment was born. Since then, the team at Blizzard has transported millions of people around the world to fantastic worlds of fantasy and science fiction—including Diablo’s Sanctuary, which first invited players to descend into the terrifying labyrinth beneath the Tristram Cathedral 20 years ago in 1996!

Please join us in celebrating these anniversaries on Friday, November 4 from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. in the Grand Plaza outside the Anaheim Convention Center during BlizzCon 2016. This event is open to everyone, whether you’re attending the convention or just happen to be in the neighborhood, and admission is free. We’ll also have some great food, special anniversary-themed drinks, entertainment—and even a surprise or two.

An Epic Night of Live Music

The main stage at the celebration will feature BlizzCon Talent Contest winners Songhammerperforming live—so grab some armor from your closet and get ready for an epic rock show.

Friday, November 4, 2016 from 8 p.m. through 10 p.m. PT

Anaheim Convention Center Grand Plaza
Open space between Marriott and Hilton outside BlizzCon—no BlizzCon ticket required!


  • Performance by Songhammer
  • Specialty beverages celebrating Blizzard’s 25th and Diablo’s 20th anniversaries
  • Food Trucks
  • Epic Fun

You’ll be celebrating the occasion alongside a fun-filled crowd of game developers, staff, and a swarm of fellow Blizzard gamers. You won’t want to miss a moment of this special event—we can’t wait to see you there!

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