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Tournament Listings

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Jcakes, Jan 27, 2012. | Replies: 16 | Views: 21682

  1. Jcakes

    Jcakes IncGamers Member

    May 15, 2008
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    Tournament Listings

    For those of you who want to host a tournament of your own, read this helpful guide by Sint Nikolaas: The SPF Guide to Hosting your own Tournament.
    Before posting the rules, be sure that your idea is interesting enough to draw attention. Also when you are not sure about some rules, don't hesitate to make a "Tournament idea, input appreciated" thread at first.

    Active Tournaments

    Signup and In Progress
    These are available for signup and progress reports

    A Lack of Information (A S/U Worshiper Tournament)
    Starts: 17 April Host: Pb_pal

    Barbarian Brothers Tournament
    Starts: 21 March 2015 Host: Azimuthus

    The Committed Tournament
    Starts: 7 March 2015 Host: kestegs

    The Passive Aggressive Tournament
    starts: Jan 14 2015 Host: Pb_pal

    Skill-less tournament (3rd edition)
    Starts: 20 October 2014 Host: epaminondas

    Long time contests

    kegs' untwinked 99er progress thread
    starts: 12 October 2011 Host: Kestegs

    Ethereal grail
    start: 16-Feb host: Sir Lister of Smeg

    The Zod God (Long Term Tournament)
    start: 20th July 2012 Host: EasyG

    The Quest for Level 99
    start: 04-Jan host: Tweety

    1.11 SPF SC Ladder
    start: 05-Aug-2005 host: Cattleya

    1.11 SPF HC Ladder
    start: 08-Aug-2005 host: Cattleya

    1.10 Grail Status Tables
    start: ??? host: Hrus; original idea by Buster

    SPF Elite Runners
    start: 06-Apr-2006 host: Hrus

    1.11 The Perfect Grail Status Tables
    start: 07-Dec-2006 host: EasyGijs

    Dormant - no updates recently

    Undeadcraft Tournament Starts 21 Jan 2013 Host: Mezion
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  2. Jcakes

    Jcakes IncGamers Member

    May 15, 2008
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    Re: Tournament Listing **11 November 2010**

    Complete, or no update for past 3 months

    Dates aren't exact or in strict order; they're just a general guide to when the Tourney started.

    Heritage of Habacalva Tournament Starts: 18 July 2014 Host: twillight
    Tournament Impossible Starts: 6 September 2014 Host: thewamp
    Assassin, Ninja, Nightstalker Tournament Starts: 12 July 2014 Host: Vang

    The CtC Tournament for HC and SC players (untwinked, single pass) Starts: 27 February 2014 Host: HC Gunther

    Tourny - Alphabet Soup starts: 04 August 2013 Host: Sid
    Random Tournament 2013 Starts: 25 April 2013 Host: Vang
    Tournament - Envious of the Green and Gold starts: 21 February 2013 Host: Morathi

    Tournament: Super Unique Starts: 26 Dec 2012 Host: GooberGrape
    The Most Useless Starts: 15th September 2012 Host: SunsetVista
    A Lack of Positive Influences Starts: 21st June 2012 Host: EmperorMoo
    The Three Stages of Life Tournament Starts: 21st August 2012 Host: Smancer
    The Compilation Tournament Starts: 25th May 2012 Host: Malevolent :jig:
    Random Tournament 2012 Starts: 1st February 2012 Host: Vang
    Whacky Wand Tournament Starts: 24th January 2012 Host: Merlin The Wizzard
    Tournament- The Craftsman's Child Starts: 11 October 2010 Host: Kretschmer
    The Fashionistas Tournament! Starts: 12 August 2011 Host: Malevolent :jig:
    The 12 Labors Tournament Starts: 2 May 2011 Host: Quickdeath
    Slow and Steady Starts: 24th March 2012 Host: Diamond Soul
    Diablo Character Vanity Challenge Starts: 2 January 2012 Host: Liquid_Evil

    The Exposure Tournament Start: 05-Nov-2011 host: Morathi
    How the Mighty Have Fallen Tournament Start: 02-Nov-2011 host: corax
    Slow and Steady Starts: 24th March 2012 Host: Diamond Soul
    A low-key Classic Tournament Starts: 20 November 2011 Host: purplelocust
    Skunkbelly's Ultimate Tournament Start 15 December 2010 Host: Skunkbelly

    Random Tournament 2010! is missing.[/QUOTE] Start 20 April 2010 Host: Vang
    The Fresh Meat Tourney (Diablo 1) Start 13 January 2010 Host: Cius
    The Christmas Shopping Tournament 2010 Start 10 November 2010 Host: maxicek
    The Exposure Tournament Start 5 November 2010 Host: Morathi
    Tournament: Gold Diggers Start 2 August 2010 Host: XxUberStarxX

    Tournament: The Yellow Bellies Start 26 December 2009 Host: UllaV
    -=:Three Way Dance V HC Tournament Thread:=- Start 1 December 2009 Host: P§ÃÇHÕ
    Everything Comes in Pairs Tournament Start 26 November 2009 Host: Vang
    The 12 Days of Christmas Tourney 2009 Start 18 November 2009 Host: Maxicek
    The Certain Death Tournament Start 29 October 2009 Host: Wakiki
    Unique Monster Name Tournament (Easy) Start 19 October 2009 Host: Liquid_Evil
    Septavariate Tournament Start 8 October 2009 Host: Hector
    Tournament: Merc's Merc Start 19 September 2009 Host: Morathi & Jiansonz
    The Randomly Challenged II Tournament Start 21 April 2009 Host: Jiansonz
    The Socketed Tournament of Confusion Start 4 September 2009 Host: Jamesixgun
    Tournament: Lost in The Wild Start 19 August 2009 Host: Fenrix
    Tournament: Bow Masters Start 30 July 2009 Host: JayeM
    Tournament: The Gish Start 4 July 2009 Host: AureliusTiber
    Tournament: Green with Envy III Start 2 July 2009 Host: Morathi
    Blood for the Bloodgod Tournament Start 19 June 2009 Host: newco
    Tournament: The Sword of Destiny Start 11 July 2009 Host: Sixstringer
    Is there any interest in a Classic "Tournament"Start 30 April 2009 Host: EmperorMoo
    The Family Tournament Start 18 March 2009 Host: Wolron
    Random Tournament Start 27 February 2009 Host: Vang
    Piles of Money Tourney Start 11 January 2009 Host: purplelocust

    The Peasants Tournament Start 12 December 2008 Host: Morathi
    Single Tree Tournament Start 29 Sept 2008 Host: Ohomemgrande
    The Fighter-Mage Tournament Start: 15 May 2008 Host: wakiki
    The Heptad Tournament Description Start: 1 March 2008 Host: Wolron
    12 Days of Christmas 2008 Start 17 November 2008 Host: maxicek
    The Running Man Tournament Start 13 December 2008 Host: oodjob
    Tournament: The Emperor's Clothes Start 17 July 2008 Host: Merlin the Wizzard
    Descendants of Midas Start 1 July 2008 Host: Insane Wayne
    The No Vitality Tournament Start: 28-Oct-2007 Host: wakiki
    Knights of Westmarch Paladin Tournament Start: 14 Feb 2008 Host: OldSoldier
    There Can Be Only One Start 29 August 2008 Host: Antonio
    The Random Tournament Start: 22 June 2008: Host: Vang
    Three Way Dance IV Start: 25 Feb 2008 Host: Psycho
    Tournament: Beyond the edge of the shadows Start: 12-Dec-2007 Host: Heskla
    Swashbuckler's Ahoy!Start: 08-May-2008 Host: Merlin the Wizard
    Ancient's Tournament Start: 03-May-2008 Host: DeathMaster
    BowBarb Tournament Start 12 June 2008. Host: Morathi
    Lethal Weakness Start: June 13, 2008 Host: Merlin The Wizard
    "Make no bones about it" Start: 19-Dec-2007 Host: Merlin the Wizzard
    2008 Ladder Start: Jan 2008 Host: Ohomemgrande
    Green with Envy II Tournament Start: 17 March 2008 Host: Morathi
    Solitary superheroes start: 01-Oct-07 host: Jaedhann
    Classic HC Tankazon start: 01-Sep-07 host: Fists of War
    SUTC3: "The Deuces Wild Tournament" start: 19-Jul-07 host: Skunkbelly
    Diverse Tournament of Multifariousness start: 20-JUN-07 host: Kool69
    The Apprentice Program for Scavengers start: 21-Nov-07 host: Wolron
    Spoilt little Sparky Start: 2 Jan 2008 Host: Paladingo


    SUTC4: The "Pick Your Poison, and Pass It On!" Tournament Start: 17-Dec-2007 Host: Skunkbelly
    The Bountyhunter's heaven start: 06-Nov-07 host: Merlin the Wizzard
    Begins with a 3 Tourney start: 29-November-07 host: Morathi
    12 Days of Christmas start: 15-Nov-07 host: Maxicek
    PvP Moor Challenge! Class Battle FFA! start 23 October 2007 host: Liquid_Evil
    DoA Challenge PvP start 10 October 2007 host Liquid_Evil
    Battle Royale - Summary and Results Thread start: 14-Sep-07 host: Zhao_Yue
    A most unusual tournament start: 31-Aug-07 host: EmperorMoo
    The Road Not Taken start: 20-Jul-07 host: Wolron
    Barb Thrower Tournament start: 17-JUN-07 host: Morathi
    All Alone Tournament III start: 07-JUN-07 host: skoolbus
    The Afterlife Tournament start: 03-MAY-07 host: Wolron
    "We love to be NAKED" Tournament start: 15-APR-07 host: Morathi
    The Golem-mancer Tournament start: 29-JAN-07 host: Quickdeath
    Skunkbelly's Ultimate Tournament Sequel start: 10-FEB-2007 host: Skunkbelly
    Obsession Tournament start: 26-DEC-06 host: Wolron
    Leveling Wars Tournament start: 15-MAY-07 host: mwille
    LK Tournament start: 27-APR-07 host: ZeN
    Top of the World,Ma - PvP Tournament start: 01-JUL-07 host:Thyiad
    Moor Tournament! 2v2 Odd Couples! PvP start 6 March 2007 host Liquid_Evil
    Random Tournament 2007 start: 20-MAR-07 host: Vang
    Transmutation Fascination Tournament start: 18-MAR-07 host: Brak
    The Trader's Anatomy:. Tournament start: 31-JAN-07 host: Drixx (and Freekje)
    Green with Envy Tournament start: 24-JAN-07 host: jgreg7
    Co-Op Tournement start: 06-JAN-07 host: YoungDbl

    Skill-less tourney Signup and progress thread
    Untwinked, Coffin Dodger Hell Journey Tournament start: 29-DEC-06 host: Morathi
    Single Pass Untwinked MLD Tourney start: 02-DEC-06 host: Brak
    The Enchantress Tournament start: 30-Oct-06 host: Quickdeath
    Glass Cannons -=- The Dexterity Tournament start: 15-Oct-06 host: Freekje
    "The Moo Moo King Must Die" Tournament start: 10-Sep host: Quickdeath
    Heros of Heavenlight aka 1.07 lvl 99 quest start: 01-Mar-2006 host: Skullcaptain
    The "Diablo Playes" Thespian Troupe Tournament start: 27-Aug host: Wolron
    Set/Unique Item Worshippers Tournament II start: 30-May host: erimatbrad
    Scavenger Hunt #3: The Desperate Hunt start: 03-DEC-06 host: Quickdeath
    Skunkbelly's Ultimate Tournament Challenge start: 28-Oct host: skunkbelly
    "On the 12th day of Christmas, Blizzard gave to me..." tournament start: 11-DEC-06 host: Atil
    The "Six of One, Half-Dozen of Another" Tournament start: 09-Sep host: skunkbelly
    Untwinked Grail Tourney start: 28-Aug host: jjscud
    Bingo Tournament start: 3-Aug host: GooberGrape
    'Three Monsters' Tournament start: 1-Aug host:p§ÃÇHÕ
    Art Exihbition 2 start 21-Jul host: Atil
    The Race to Baal Tournament start: 22-Jul host: Quickdeath
    The A.D.D. Tournament start: 15-Jul host: ElMiko
    Ironman Tournament start: 15-Jul host: LordMay
    Let's get naked! start: 10-Jul host: OneFromBeyond
    The 99-Item Tournament start: 5-Jul host: skunkbelly
    The Tournament of the Ring start: 12-Jun host: Sint Nikolaas
    Roll of The Dice Tourny start: 25-May-06 host: IRoK
    Jekyll & Hyde Tournament start: 16-May host: mwille
    Skill-less tourney, 2nd ed. start: 27-Apr host: Docturnal
    The "Pass It On" Tournament start: 14-Apr host: skunkbelly
    PvP Bad Blood Tournament start: 27-May host: Zhao_Yue
    Strength -=- The Powerful Tournament start: 22-May host: Freekje
    .:The Trader's Anatomy Tournament:. start: 21-May host: Drixx, Freekje
    Just got this touny idea start: 3-Apr host: DeathMaster
    Tournament: Money-Hating Barbarians start: 10-Feb host: jiansonz
    The Pic'o'rama Grand Tribute (Tournament) start: 25-May host: Sint Nikolaas
    The "It Takes All Kinds" Tournament start: 14-Mar host: skunkbelly
    Tournament of the Scavenger start: 23-Feb host: Wolron
    Ten Days, Ten Tasks Tournament start: 19-May host: Atil
    The Lifeless Tournament start: 11-Apr host: Rizzo
    Scavenger Hunt #2: The Great Hunt start: 2-Apr host: Quickdeath
    Noob Warrior/Classic Set (NWCS) Tournament start: 17-Mar host: Quickdeath
    Tension in the Moor! A Challenge! start 17 feb 2006 host Liquid_Evil
    PvPLadder start: 24-Feb host: Zhao_Yue
    Kool69's "Straight and Narrow" Tournament start: 11-Feb host: Kool69
    Tournament: The Art Exhibition start: 31-Jan host: Atil
    The "When It Rains, It Pours" Tournament start: 23-Jan host: skunkbelly
    The "Homage to the desert mercenary" Tournament start: 30-Jan host: newco
    2006 Bad Manner PvP Tournament start: 11-Jan host: Liquid_Evil
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  3. Jcakes

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    May 15, 2008
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    Re: Tournament Listing **11 November 2010**

    2005 and Earlier[/highlight]

    Weaponless Tournament II start: 30-Nov host: JohnnyBravo
    MFL II start: 31-Dec-05 host: Hrus
    Scavanger Hunt 1 start: 05-Dec-05 host: Quickdeath
    The Every. Single. Skill. Tournament. start: 8-Nov-05 host: Lostprophet
    Pindlethon start: 22-Nov-05 host: Hrus
    All Alone Tournament II start: 28-Nov host: skoolbus
    Gypsy Scoundrel Tournamant start: 1-Nov host: Wolron
    Single Pass Untwinked Magic Find Tourney start: 28-Oct host: Cattleya
    The Darts Tournament start: 7-Oct host: Tasdaz
    Three Way Dance III start: 6-Oct host: P§ÃÇHÕ
    Gamblers Delight Tournament start: 17-Sep host: Humphrey
    Single Skill Tree Tourney start: 30-Aug host: Corax
    All Alone Tournament start: 4-Jul host: skoolbus
    Three Way Dance II start: 15-Aug-04 host: P§ÃÇHÕ
    Alphabet Tourney start: 23-Feb-04 host: azn_apocalypse
    A Quick Tournament IV start: 18-Jul host: Cattalya
    Mastery Sorc Tourney start: 16-Sep-04 host: Uzziah
    The Green Mean Fighting Machine (PvP) start: 18-Sep host: Mankey
    Untwinked MF Tourney (SC) start: 17-Sep host: Hrus
    Rizzo's Charity Tourney start: 16-Aug host: Rizzo
    "Gifts From Above" Tournament start: 10-Aug host: skunkbelly
    Survivor Tourney 3 start: 22-Jul host: Cattleya
    Multiple Events Tournament start: 14-Feb host: Hrus
    "I Got The Melee Blues" Tournamant and Scorecard start: 1-Jul host: skunkbelly
    The Team HC Tourney start: 22-May host: Severoth
    Theme-Based Tourney start: 14-May host: Horobi
    Set & Unique Item Worshipper Tourney start: jan (or dec) 2004 host: jiansonz
    Color Tourney start: 2-Jun host: kool69
    "Rare Pleasure" Tournamant start: 1-May host: skunkbelly
    The Official Ear-Cutting Olympics start: 23-Apr host: kabal
    MFL Tourney start: 28-Mar host: DougTheHead2
    The Survivor Tourney II start: 7-Mar host: Cattleya
    A Quick Tournament III start: 12-Feb host: Cattleya
    Planners Delight: a hardcore tournament start: 19-Jan host: Gaz
    Renaissance Man Tournament start: 15-Feb host: skunkbelly
    The Point of No Repair start: 4-Dec-04 host: water_moon
    Weaponless Tournament start: 21-Jun-04 host: GooberGrape
    The Zod Tourney start: 28-Feb host: farting bob
    Tankazon Tourney revisited start: 19-Oct-04 host: freekje
    Bounty Hunter Tournament start: 7-Jan host: goltar25
    “What’s Your Poison?!!?” Tourney start: 11-Dec-04 host: Exarkun
    Low Level Random Tournamant Round 2 start : 15-Oct-04 host: goltar25
    The Survivor Tourney start: 10-Jan host: azn_apocalypse
    Random Skills Banned (SPHC) Tournament start: 27-Nov-04 host: Hrus
    A Quick Tournament (remake) start: 22-Oct-04 host: bradley_turner
    The Scavenger Hunt start: 18-Dec-04 host: ron
    The Shadowsin Tourney start: 5-Sep-04 host: GregTheGreat
    just an impossible idea start: 2-Sep-04 host: DeathMaster
    Brother Bear Tournament start: 6-Aug-04 host: JicamaEater
    Jack-of-All-Trades Tournament start: 27-Jul-04 host: Summoned
    A Quick Tournament start: 21-Jul-04 host: El Communisto
    The Septavirate Tournament start: 2-Jul-04 host: XorceR
    HC Tankazon Tourney start: 20-Jun-04 host: AdunaCCDanimoth
    HC Tourney, Low Level, Max Random Skills start: 3-Jun-04 host: goltar25
    Three Way Dance HC Tournament start: 11-Jun-2003 host: P§ÃÇHÕ
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  4. Jcakes

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    May 15, 2008
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    Re: Tournament Listing **27 January 2012**

    Magic Find Tournaments

    MFO Summer 2013: Signups and Progress // Results // Meet the Olympians
    Starts: 28 June 2013 // Ends: 7 July 2013 Host: Fabian

    MFO Winter 2013: Signups and Progress // Results
    Starts: 4 January 2013 // Ends: 13 January 2013 Host: Fabian

    MFO Summer 2012:
    Signups and Progress // Results // Meet the Olympians
    Starts: 17 August 2012 // Ends: 26 August 2012 Host: zgpmf

    MFO Pre-D3 2012: Signups and Progress // Results
    Starts: 27 April 2012 // Ends: 6 May 2012 Host: jjscud

    MFO Winter 2012: Singups and Progress // Results
    Starts: 10th February 2012 // Ends 19th February 2012 Host: jjscud

    MFO Summer 2011: Singups and Progress // Results
    Start: 8th July 2011 Ends: 17th July 2011 Host: jjscud

    MFO Winter 2011:
    Signups and Progress // Results // Meet the Olympians
    Start: 11th February 2011 // End: 20th February 2011 Host: Fabian

    MFO Summer 2010: Signups and Progress // Results // Meet the Olympians
    Start: July 16th 2010 // End: July 21st 2010 Host: jjscud

    MFO Winter 2010:
    Signups and Progress //Results
    Start: February 12th 2010 // End: February 21st 2010 Host jjscud

    MFO Summer 2009: Signups and Progress //Results //Meet the Olympians
    Start 18 July 2009 Host: JJscud

    MFO Winter 2009: Signups and Progress // Results
    Start 2 January 2009 Host: jjscud

    MFO Summer 2008: signup // Progress // Results
    Start July 19 2008 Host Drixx

    MFO Winter 2008: signup // Progress // Results
    Start: 27 Dec 2007 Host: Drixx

    MFO Summer 2007: progress // results
    Start: 07-JUL-07 host: jjscud

    MFO Winter 2007: Progress Thread // MFO Results
    start: 24-FEB-2007 host: jjscud

    MFO Summer 2006: Progress // Results
    start: 5-Aug host: jjscud

    MFO Winter 2006: Progress //Results
    start: 25-Mar host: jjscud

    Area 85 MF Tournament 2009 signup and Results Thread Start 19 September 2009 Host: bassano
    Mini-MFO XIV (The Fourth Rune Hunt, RoF) Start 16 December 2008 Host :jjscud
    MFO Penta Start 4 April 2008 Host: jjscud
    Untwinked MF Tourney (part of the Ladder) Start: Jan 2008 Host: Ohomemgrande
    Memphaton start: 12-Nov-07 host: SirPoopsalot
    Pindlethon 4 Start 1 Nov 2006 host: Cygnus
    SPUMF (Single Pass Untwinked Magic Find) Tourney II start: 3-May host: Cattleya
    MFL3 start: 01-DEC-06 host: Hrus
    Pindlethon 3 start: 04-Oct-06 host: Hrus
    Pindlethon 2 start: 07-Apr host: Hrus
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  5. FredOfErik

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    Mar 29, 2011
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  6. Morathi

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    Dec 22, 2006
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    Re: Tournament Listing **27 January 2012**

    Nice job mate!

    I guess the last year or so has been tough on me with full time work and other commitments, wasn't able to keep this thread up to date.

    I am sure Thy would be more than pleased to sticky this one and remove my current one.

    Again, good work!
  7. Thyiad

    Thyiad Moderator Single Player, D2 Assassin, Barbarian

    Mar 3, 2006
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    Re: Tournament Listing **27 January 2012**

    My thanks to Jcakes for taking up the mantle on this thread. The thread is now Stickied.
  8. Grisu

    Grisu IncGamers Member

    Jan 3, 2007
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    Re: Tournament Listing **27 January 2012**

    Thanks for taking care of this thread!

    I noticed the Random Tournament 2010! is missing.
  9. Jcakes

    Jcakes IncGamers Member

    May 15, 2008
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    Re: Tournament Listing **27 January 2012**

    I'll put it in there.

    I have only added the current active tournaments at this stage and will go back to the 5th of November 2010 and start adding the others when I get a couple of hours to myself.
  10. Jcakes

    Jcakes IncGamers Member

    May 15, 2008
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    Re: Tournament Listings

    Just did a quick update of the past few months, as I stated before if anyone notices anything missing please let me know in thread (or PM me).

  11. Jcakes

    Jcakes IncGamers Member

    May 15, 2008
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    Re: Tournament Listings

    OK i've edited in most of the MFO's that were missing (from 2010 onwards). I need to hunt for the meet the olympians threads though. If anyone sees anything else missing let me know and I will try to rectify it.
  12. mr teach

    mr teach IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2012
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  13. Jcakes

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    May 15, 2008
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    Re: Tournament Listings

    Updated 06/08/2013

    Moved the MF tournaments into a separate category.
  14. epaminondas

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    Oct 11, 2014
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  15. bladejj

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    Sep 16, 2003
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    Has anyone thought about taking it on themselves to update the the tournament listings?
  16. Jcakes

    Jcakes IncGamers Member

    May 15, 2008
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    @Pb_pal just pm'd me with some updates so I will go through and make the changes. I am still around, but happy if someone more active wants to take on the role of keeping this upto date.

    Edit done. If I get time this weekend I may do some more digging for 2013 tournaments etc.

    @epaminondas The one you are after is Skill-less tourney Signup and progress thread (courtesy of PB-pal)
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  17. Jcakes

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    May 15, 2008
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    If anyone wants anything added please just post a link here and I will add it.
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