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[Guide] SPF FAQ Index 2013

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Thyiad, Oct 1, 2013. | Replies: 0 | Views: 10139

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  1. Thyiad

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    Mar 3, 2006
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    Other Useful Links and Information

    The PM box of your friendly SPF Mod. If you're really stuck or are unsure if something is allowed, PM the Mod and wait for a response.

    The Community Forum FAQ by Dredd. This is an amazing piece of work. Absolutely worthy of your attention.
    The Arreat Summit - The Official resource
    D2 Terms and Abbreviations

    SPF Rules and FAQ Index

    Single Player Specifics
    Game-related SP information. If you've come from Bnet, this is for you.
    • Should I do this in SP
    • Can I do this in SP
    • Multiplaying in SP
    • Trading in SP

    SPF Showcase Part I - The Community
    Newcomers really need to read this section. It's absolutely essential to get a feel for the SPF.
    • Places
    • People & Sayings
    • Awards
    • SP Oddities
    • Familiar Faces

    SPF Showcase Part II - The Game
    Game-related SPF specifics. Including Tourneys!
    • Contests
    • Build Guides

    SP Versions
    Why play 1.07? Here's the who what how why why.
    • How to play multiple versions
    • Where to get previous patches
    • Why you would play multiple versions

    General Guides
    General game related guides covering the usual questions.
    • Magic Finding
    • Rune Finding
    • Directions
    • Twinking
    • Mercerenaries
    • Item Generation (rolling, cubing, inbuing, crafting, staff mods and more)

    Additional Links
    Some very useful links here. Check the full post, if you're looking for something, the odds are it is here.
    • Arreat Summit
    • Wiki
    • Calculators (pets, blocking, weapon speeds and item upgrades and more!)
    • Armour and Curse appearances
    • Sockets List
    • Much much more!

    The End
    • Contact Details for Mods
    • Ban Appeals
    • Credits

    Accepted Gameplay Rules
    It is essential that you understand this before MP/trading.
    • Open Bnet
    • Third party programs
      • Editors, Trainers, Drop Mods, Map "enhancements"
      • Game mods (rune word mod, red rune mod, colour rune mod)
      • Muling and Reporting Utilities (ATMA, GoMule, Flavie, Trenshaws Version
    • D2 variants (Median, Eastern Sun, Hell Unleashed)
    • Versions
    • Hardcore/Softcore Transfer
    • Stripping gear from dead HC characters
    • Hotmuling
    • Ingame commands (/playersx, /nopickup, /fps)
    • Command line commands (-w, -ns, -seed, -act5)
    • Bugged Items
    • Ubers & DClone Mods in Single Player

    Info on Editors, Trainers, Duping, Drop Mods and CD Key downloads

    • Editors
    • Trainers
    • Duping
    • Open Bnet
    • Drop Mods
    • CD Keys/game files
    • Posting edited characters/items
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