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Matirach Dextress—1.12 Ranged Enchantress

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by galtwish, Feb 26, 2009. | Replies: 7 | Views: 2921

  1. galtwish

    galtwish IncGamers Member

    Sep 14, 2007
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    Matirach Dextress—1.12 Ranged Enchantress

    Stats with gear:
    Str: 80
    Dex: 70
    Vit: 132
    Eng: 305

    20 Telekinesis
    20 Warmth
    20 Enchant
    20 Fire Mastery
    1 in Static Field, Teleport, the rest in Energy Shield

    FR: 35
    CR: 43
    LR: 45
    PR: -15

    LCS damage w/Venom: 6122-7787
    AR: 2557
    Life: 534
    Mana: 1064

    After prebuff:
    Energy Shield—23

    Tal Rasha’s Crest
    “Treachery†Dusk Shroud
    Kuko Shakaku w/Shael
    297% ED Bonesnap on switch
    Laying of Hands
    Ravenfrost +20 Dex/+ 247 AR
    Nightsmoke (upped)
    Natalya’s Soul 22%CR 25%LR
    Saracen’s Chance +24% resist all

    Storm Bond rare ring
    +1 max damage
    +2 min damage
    +41 AR
    +11 Energy
    +77 mana
    +6% resist all

    2 Burning skillers (+20 max damage on one from 1.07)
    2 Sparkling skillers
    3 Serpents GCs with secondary mods and +158 mana

    Volcanic clasped orb +2 Enchant
    Volcanic Coronet
    Volcanic Amulet
    Lidless Wall
    Spirit Shroud
    “Memory†Gothic Staff +7 ES
    Powered Amulet
    Powered Coronet

    Holy Freeze merc
    Hone Sundan 180% ED Shael/Shael/Amn
    Tal Rasha’s Crest
    “Duress†Dusk Shroud

    After finding a Volcanic orb with +2 Enchant in 1.07, I decided to make an Enchantress in 1.12. I didn’t know what I would use for a back-up skill against FIs, but figured my questing with multiple characters and limited Hell Meph running would provide an answer. Additionally, I wanted to find a better weapon than Kuko Shakaku as well. So I got started.

    6os Great Maul socketed with -15% req jewels got me to L16 where I equipped 1.07 Ravenclaw and Twitchthroe, Iratha’s set, Angelic jewelry, and Cow King’s Hooves. At L18 I was able to equip Viper Heart, a +1 Fire Skills/+3 Enchant rare orb. This utterly dominated Normal until I equipped Kuko Shakaku at L33. I socketd a Shael into the Kuko in A5 and the Ancients required no potions. Baal was silly easy at P8, and I got to 43k AR on a combat shrine in the Moo Moo Farm.

    Nightmare required just a couple of charms to get my resists to 85/xx/85/xx, and I max’ed out at 81k AR in Act 2 off of a combat shrine. I also switched to a Holy Freeze merc here, equipping him with a Lionheart Wyrmhide and a rare 299% ED/10% IAS Hyperion Spear that I just had to save. Once Ravenfrost became available, I switched over to Saracen’s Chance. The NM Ancients were funny, and a harbinger of the irony that would haunt this character for the rest of her quest. I took out the first two in less than 30 seconds, and Korlic was left. FI/MI Korlic. So I switched to my Volcanic orb + Sigon’s shield and tanked while my merc worked him down. A couple of deaths as I teleported too aggressively and kept it at P8 for the entire time except for The Ancients.

    Hell presented some challenges. I switched to Credendum, Laying of Hands, Tal’s Mask, Smoke, and Natalya’s Soul, and a dual resist rare to go with the 20/247 Ravenfrost and the 24% resist all Saracen’s Chance. I had almost 200 unspent stat points and about 15 skill points that I would be able to use before I finished. Should I go with Frozen Orb, synergize Crescent Moon in a Phase Blade, or Ribcracker and Energy Shield? I’d tried Ribcracker in A4 and A5 of Nightmare, but it isn’t impressive at P8. I settled for Energy Shield; with the prebuff as it would last for almost 20 minutes. I dumped my remaining points in Energy Shield, and strapped on Whitsan’s Guard and a Fleshrender to deal with FIs. I’d switch from the standard P1 to P3 or even P8 if there were few FIs around.

    By Act 3, I’d dropped all pretense of melee, and just used Telekinesis and terrain to channel FIs as the merc was capable of dealing with them. I had one death in the Durance of Hate, teleporting into a pack of dolls whose explosions probably killed me 3 times over when I hit them with an arrow from the Kuko. I thought I’d be fine from there, and just grit it out. That is, until the Chaos Sanctuary.

    At least 600k was spent in the Chaos Sanctuary in 2+ hours, but I didn’t die. Plenty of NDEs, as I had to telebomb OKs and herd packs on relatively open ground with TK. But in the end Diablo was overcome by getting the merc to stay under the lightning hose and running around as Diablo focused on me.

    A5 was quick, with a welcome yet ironic gift from a champion Dark Archer in the Crystalline Passage—a 220% ED/111% AR Hellrack, and me with no way to get the stat requirements to meet it as I’d been pumping ENG since A1. Ah well, time to make a Conviction/Vengeance ranger. The Hell Ancients had to be rerolled as my merc died in less than 5 seconds to FI/CI Cursed Korlic. The next roll spawned a CI/FI/EF whirler who apparently did no damage to my merc and a Madwac that was just as easily dispatched. Korlic presented no difficulties…until I ran out of arrows. So I switched to my prebuff and lobbed L7 Fireballs at him while my merc ground him down. Several NDEs in the WSK from manaburn, and I had to make 4 or 5 tries to get to the Throne Room. Once there, I probably took 20 trips to town for curse removal, merc resurrection, poison removal, etc. Lister’s pack was tough, but TK and teleporting allowed us to kill them all—no monsters parked from the waves. Baal was pretty tough but didn’t even kill the merc. His final strike at me was dropping Demon Machine—the one piece of equipment I truly wanted for the character the whole time!

    Rusthandle, Magefist x2, Stormguild, Riphook, Kelpie Snare, Tancred’s Hobnails, Deathbit, Skystrike, Hellrack, Goldwrap, Demon Machine

    Ko, Sol, Hell, Lum, Io, all between the Arcane Sanctuary and Mephisto, an Amn in Hell WSK2. Hellforge was El/Lum/Lem.

    Overall a very fun character and I really enjoyed Energy Shield with upped Nightsmoke, and once Fade was active I was safe from everything but manaburn. Thanks again to the SP members who gave me advice on what to do once I got to Hell.
  2. Antonio

    Antonio IncGamers Member

    Sep 23, 2007
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    Re: Matirach Dextress—1.12 Ranged Enchantress

    Congratulations on the matriarch!

    Pictures please :p
  3. mir

    mir IncGamers Member

    Nov 1, 2008
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    Re: Matirach Dextress—1.12 Ranged Enchantress

    Congratz on the mat!

    I have an enchantress too but mine is melee, is it annoying to aim with kuko?, is that the reason for HF merc?
    How u activated fade? And what u used until fade was active?
    I tried to use mana shield too but for some reason it's not working with 1 point only…:crazyeyes:
    U had problems with elemental attacks and mana shield?
  4. NagisaFurukawa

    NagisaFurukawa IncGamers Member

    Feb 26, 2008
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    Re: Matirach Dextress—1.12 Ranged Enchantress

    Congratulations galtwish! A Ranged ES Enchantress is certainly not something you see every day (or ever, practically). Impressive perseverance through the Chaos Sanctuary. Did you find yourself using that Bonesnap very often?
  5. NacRuno

    NacRuno IncGamers Site Pal

    Nov 19, 2005
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    Re: Matirach Dextress—1.12 Ranged Enchantress

    Congrats on the mat. I am planning a very smilar char in the future with Demon Machihe as weapon. I am happy to hear you enjoyed ES, i also want to try it with my enchantress but had doubts about it.

    What's next?
  6. xxnothing

    xxnothing IncGamers Member

    Dec 5, 2006
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    Re: Matirach Dextress—1.12 Ranged Enchantress

    This is one of the coolest character builds I've read in ages! Congrats on the Mat! :thumbup:
  7. galtwish

    galtwish IncGamers Member

    Sep 14, 2007
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    Re: Matirach Dextress—1.12 Ranged Enchantress

    Piercing 7k damage fireballs are indeed fun, sorry no pictures as my D2 machine is totally offline and doesn't have CD write capabilities. Although Fade does help the "ulgy Tal's Crest" issue...

    About ranged Enchant--
    AR doesn't matter as the arrows just blow up when they strike an object, not "hit" and object with physical damage. The "Fires Explosive Arrows" carries the Enchant damage (and any other fire damage) in the explosion. Non-FI packs go down fast.

    About ES--
    Elemental attacks don't do a lot of damage, mana burn is killer. I'd take a 1000 point hit off a Frenzytaur, so I made many trips back to town to re-buff the ES. 20 points in Telekensis is the key, and you'll want a Powered hat & ammy with a +9 "Memory" staff if you want to avoid putting hard points in ES.

    Treachery is very helpful for the IAS, and the Fade make you very durable. You can generally wait for it to trigger and soak up hits with Energy Shield + Nightsmoke, but manaburn is once again very dangerous.

    Bonesnap was used because I was stoked to have picked up a +297% ED one from Hell Meph with my MF lightning 'zon, and Dextress used her socket quest to punch a hole in it (and up it). I think Ribcracker is probably superior in every way. That said, I cracked a lot of baddies over the head with it in the Throne Room and could have really used in in the Chaos Sanctuary--big resist helper.

    Matriach Alice by SirPoopsAlot was the inspiration for this build and Demon Machine with +16% greater pierce and +mana is a perfect weapon for a ranged Enchantress. When/if I build another enchantress, it'll be Demon Machine/Upped Ribcracker with ES.

    If I were to build a melee focused Enchantress, I'd use Crescent Moon in a PB and/or Rift and probably use Demon Limb to avoid putting hard points in Enchant. It'd basically be like an Avenger with Enigma and better legs.
  8. purplelocust

    purplelocust IncGamers Member

    Nov 4, 2003
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    Re: Matirach Dextress—1.12 Ranged Enchantress

    Well done! Getting Demon Machine from Baal is just cruel irony! You should still take it out for a spin. With Treachery (or for that matter, just about any IAS) you'll hit 11 frames easily. Knockback + pierce is great for a ranged enchantress, since the knockback still works on fire immunes (kind of like TKing them) so if you don't want to switch to hitpower gloves (or Cleg's) then you can put a Nef in the Demon Machine. It seems silly to put a Nef there but it worked well for my ranged enchantress.

    Edit: wow, nice 1.07 skiller! I have now several 1.07 +max dmg Captain's charms so D2 seems to be suggesting certain builds to me...
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2009

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