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Guide to bears for non-druids

Discussion in 'Druid' started by Gimmershred, Jul 22, 2005. | Replies: 9 | Views: 926

  1. Gimmershred

    Gimmershred IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Guide to bears for non-druids

    Bearbuilds on non-druids. Respect to the beast runeword.

    Note: These type of chars are expensive to make but since you can get a beast runeword i am assuming prices are no problem for you. Also i have to notice that i only really mention ladder-only runewords since without them bearforms on non-druids kinda suck. These builds aren’t powerbuilds but if they are build correctly most of them can stand their man...uuh bear in duels. This guide is pvp-orientated.

    Introduction or “how to shapeshiftâ€

    First of all, how does a non-druid becomes a bear you might be thinking. Well by using the beast runeword is the answer: Ber+tir+mal+um+lum in 5 sockets axes, scepters or hammers. This runeword will grant every character +3 to werebear and +3 to lycanthropy. Increasing the life, damage and defense of you character. Be warned you won’t be able to use anything but a normal attack once shifted to a bear, don’t expect to spam some holy hammers out of your claw or be able to spit out firballs out of your mouth.
    If you are gonna make this runeword for a bearbuild i can advice you to make it in a low requirement weapon. Beast itself is too slow to use for you once turned to bear. You use it to become bear and thats it, after that you can either take it off or leave it on your weaponswitch, you will stay bear either way. In most cases you will be using a phaseblade of some kind as your weapon for its excellent speed. Now if you not sure whether to make beast in some low req weapon you can always make it in a berserker axe. It defenitely has some nice trading value cause it’s a great weapon on any barb. Low lvl requirement beasts are nice on summon necro’s too, for the fanacitism aura it gives.

    Now on to the builds.

    There are 3 types of bearbuilds not used by a druid.

    1) The elemental damage type bears

    This involves especially bearbuilds with double dream and shaeled phaseblades. 2 types of bears jump to mind here. Sorceress bears and Paladin bears. A 3th possability is an assabear

    2) The physical damage type bears

    Sources for physical damage increase are minimal in comparison to druids, but there are other things that make it worthwhile. 3 types of bears worthwhile jump to mind here.
    Amazonbears (fuzzydodgers), Paladinbears, Barbarianbears

    3) A mixture of both : The assasinbear is a great example of these, also palabears score nice here.

    Now first of all some general information about bears you should take into account:
    1) Attackspeed is almost only based on your baseweaponspeed and your weapon ias
    (wias). I say almost cause when you are on the verge of a breakpoint 10 or 20% ias on your gear might help you hit 1 frame faster. For attackspeed check out this awesome calculator: http://students.washington.edu/akrinke/wereformadvanced.html

    2) The hit recovery of bears suck, make sure to hit the highest breakpoint you can in pvp.
    Hit recovery breakpoints are:
    0 , 5 , 10, 16 , 24 , 37, 54 , 86 , 152, 360
    I strongly reccomend hitting the 86% fhr break, if that is too much trouble then use 54 but never go below that

    3) Always use max block with bears if it’s possible. There are exceptions (for example a sorcbear). Faster blockrate breakpoints for bears are the following:
    0, 5, 10, 16, 27, 40, 65, 109, 223.

    4) Prebuffing your bear with as much +skillequip as you can get on your gear is a wise thing to do. It will boost both werebear and lycanthropy on your beast, wich means an increase in life, defense and damage. It’s off course also a good moment to cast bo from your cta wich is more or less a requirement.

    5)Forget about duelling all those smiters running around on ladder, they will kill you every time. The rest of the chars are possible to beat, depending on the char you use and your equip and duelskill of you and your opponent.

    6) Always walk vs all meleechars, when you got a blockbuild. Also walk the intitial big gap between you and the bowama, then switch to running. Make good use of shift+attack, especially vs wwbabas and assas.
  2. Gimmershred

    Gimmershred IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2005
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    1) the elemental type of paladin bears.
    They will make use of double dreams and use their conviction aura to weaken their foes lightning resistances. They could also be using Hand of justice phaseblades in combination with dragon runwords to deal out fire damage. The ultimate elemental palabear would be using double dreams 1 dragon and a hoj phaseblade.
    They will deal out fire and cold damage at a speed of 5fpa.

    The pro’s: Much life, Good blockrecovery, Can deal out their damage as fast as zeal or 1 frame slower with a hoj phaseblade. Can reach pretty nice defense. Don’t need to run away as much as normal dreamadins do. Has vigor and holy freeze to catch fast running chars or telechars.

    Con’s: Attack rating is low

    Helm: Dream helmet
    Armor: Dragon (only when using hoj as weapon), shaftstop (upped),
    Weapon: Hoj, Phaseblade with minimum of 60% ias (and for example 3 rainbow facets), Enigma for frw+str,
    Shield: Dream shield (or dragon if you are going pure fire)
    Gloves: Bloodfists for fhr life, Draculs for lifetap and ow
    Belt: Verdungo’s since you will be missing out on DR
    Rings: Angelics

    -Maxed lightning resist aura
    -Lvl 25 conviction with taking into account +skillequip
    -Max holy shield
    -Max Blessed aim (blessed aim gives 5% attackrating per skillpoint invested even when its not on)
    -lvl 9-14 vigor with taking into account +skillequip
    -1 salvation
    -Whats left goes into defiance

    If you are using both dreams and dragon+hoj you will need to max the fire res aura too. Then you will go low defense and use a +- lvl 10 holy shield for 30% increased block and less points in vigor and no defiance.

    The Physical damage palabears:

    These bears will do excellent in meleeduels. Their defense will be skihigh by making use of an exile shield and by having maxed holy shield+defiance. They use either fanacitism for the attack rating and a lower lvl concentration for the 20% uninteruptable attack wich is awesome vs high speed opponents.
    They should also max blessed aim for the hidden ar bonus:

    20 holy shield
    20 defiance
    20 fanacitism
    1-10 vigor
    1+ holy freeze
    1+ salvation
    20 blessed aim
    Rest concentration

    Weapon:grief phaseblade ( try to get 37% ias on it, coupled with 10% ias on gear you will hit a 5 frame attack) Everything lower then 37% will hit 6 frames
    Armor: Fortitude (try to get the best defense armor depending on the str req on your exile)
    Shield: exile
    Gloves: bloodfists
    Rings+amu: angelics (try not to have to use a ravenfrost for cannot be frozen mod)
    Helm: Crown of ages Cham/ber, Upgraded rockstopper when going for low str., cham or ber it
    Boots: Eth sandstorm treks or Shadow dancers
    Belt: verdungo’s (or trang belt for cannot be frozen)

    Keep some anti-caster equip with res and frw in your stash (res/frw items)

    You won’t really need to boost damage and ar by using offensive skillers, your best bet is using damage/ar/life charms fhr charms and res charms.

    The physical + Elemental palabears:

    Will use grief+forti+double dreams and switches between fanacitism and conviction aura’s. Tries to use 10 offensive skillers to deal with the lack of skillpoints to synergize everything. Different routes to follow on skill distribution
  3. Gimmershred

    Gimmershred IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2005
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    2) The bearenchantress

    Aah now 1 of the more funbuilds, A hairy sorceress with an energyshieldorb on her back is always a nice sight.

    Double dream is great on a sorcress and its much more worthwhile then the dragon+hoj setup. This is because your lightning mastery will count twice when you use a melee attack (non-ranged). Lightning mastery adds way more damage then fire mastery does and hand of justice is a way too slow weapon for a sorceress in werebear form. So stick to the double dream.

    Pro’s: Unbelievable high damage dealt out faster then any normal enchantress will ever can do. Uses an energyshield wich doesnt matter if it depletes cause you won’t need mana for attacking. High life for a sorceress. Very fast attack for a meleesorc. People with bad res die from your aurapulse

    Slow walkspeed, Need much frw on charms/gear. Not enough skillpoints to get everything you want. Naked people die from your aurapulse pretty fast (evil). Block is not a very good thing to have on this sorc unless you are using Guardian angel armor for the faster blockrate and increased chance on blocking ( wich for the rest is pretty useless). I tried this sorc with twitchtroe and max block and without faster blocking you will get blocklocked very bad. Better to be able to attack and die faster, then not being able to attack and live longer. If you want to try blocking anyways make sure to make your dream in a towershield.

    All your damage will come from your double dreams. With a high level lightning mastery you will be able to deal out 55k lightning damage per hit easily. It will probably gonna lay around 40-45k since you also must be able to hit people.

    - Max lightning mastery
    - Max Enchant for attack rating
    - Max telekineses for your energyshield
    - Max warmth for your enchant and energyshield
    - 1-20 Energyshield
    - Rest in fire mastery

    Now for your energyshield: if you use a low % es there is a little trick wich involves “damage taken goes to mana†items involving mostly nightsmoke build. For more information about this read here: http://forums.diabloii.net/showthread.php?t=245089

    Helm: Dream
    Shield: Dream
    Armor: Coh or Eni or Guardian Angel when going block (Do not use twitchtroe)
    Weapon: Phaseblade with minimum of 95% ias for a 5fpa attack
    Belt: Nightsmoke or verdungo’s or mavinas for 20% frw (vs casters)
    Gloves: Frostburn of bloodfists
    Rings: Angelics or Ravens
    Amu Angelics or metalgrid or cats eye for 30% frw (vs casters)
    Boots: Natalyas or Aldurs for 40% frw or Silkweaves

    Get a combintation of light skillers, res charms and ar/life frw charms

    3) Assasinbear

    Now a build that i havent tried myself yet but wich i thought about a lot. Taaaadaaaaaa, i present you: The Ultrafast Assassinbear. There are 2 routes in this: Going the full venom route or going venom coupled with physical damage.

    Pro’s: Catching casters can be entertaining with some frw and a maxed out burst of speed.
    This baby is possible to attack as fast as 2fpa. This is the same speed as the fastest strafers you see around. The only problem is that you need a 3 socket runic talons of quickness for it to reach that attackspeed. More realistic is a 3 fpa attack or a 4 fpa attack ( wich equals a zealot). You can reach 3fpa with runic talons with 60% ias on em and 4 fpa with fury runic talons. You can achieve high life (1 vitalitypoint = 3 life).
    Good Dr using fade vs melee and not having to use the high str. req Stormshield.

    A faded bear looks supersexy. A superfast walking+attacking bear looks supersexy. Bladeshield on a bear looks supersexy. Just to be short: Massive stylepoints.

    Con’s: Weapon block doesnt work. Wearing 2 claws also seems to take down your attackspeed, so you will have to go claw/shield. Damn the attack rating again

    Now a pure venombear will do massive poisondamage using a bramble and trang gloves. She will also try to stack on open wounds. The only thing negative about this is that the venom duration lasts quite longer then your superfast attackspeed. This means some of your hits aren’t really doing anything.

    The physical/venom bear will deal out decent venom and will use fury feralclaws+fortitude for some decent damage and 4fpa attack. Its a bit like those wolfbarbs using griscaddies you see walking around except that you will do better damage at the same attackspeed. Why fury you asking. It has a decent ed mod, just enough speed to hit 4 fpa with feral claws. It has open wounds and the awesome 33% deadly strike on it. Together with the critical strike from your claw mastery you will have a decent chance on doing double damage.

    Max Claw mastery
    Max fade
    Max venom
    Slvl 12-20 burst of speed
    Slvl +-10 blade shield ( it has a short duration and you cant cast it when in bearform)
    Slvl 1-20 shadow warrior or master (what else to do with skills and they might tank you some elemental damage)

    · Claw: Runic talons 100% ias, fools runic talons with 60 ias, nice rare runic talons 60 ias, Fury feral claws (they hit 1 frame slower then the others mentioned but good mods on em).
    · Armor: Bramble or fortitude
    · Amu: Angelics, Cats eye or Highlords vs low def chars
    · Rings: Angelics, Raven+ any other vs low def chars
    · Shield: Whitstans guard or Sanctuary runeword
    · Helm: Kiras guardian for res cbf and fhr , Shako for skills/life,
    · Gloves: Trang ouls
    · Belt: Verdungo to reach 50% dr with fade, mavina for frw, Crafted belt with open wounds and fhr, Trang belt if you need cbf
    · Boots: Shadow dancers if you planning on gettin str high, otherwise some 40% frw boots or gore riders.

    For some more discussion about assabears look here

    http://forums.diabloii.net/showthread.php?t=255885 and here http://forums.diabloii.net/showthread.php?t=356664

    Clan_iraq also seems to know much about them, he build a couple of them i think
  4. Gimmershred

    Gimmershred IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2005
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    4) Fuzzydodgers (amabears)

    And now the bearbuild i maybe love the most. The fuzzydodger. Its a bearama using only the passive skilltree from the amazon. This ama is quite the tank since dodge/evade and avoid work all three in bearform. It also looks very funny, every time you d/e/a the ama shapes back and forth real fast between bear and druidform (aint that some sick ****, kind of a transsexual ama). The fact that you got loads of skillpoints to spend on these 3 skills and the fact that these 3 give you the possibility to “blockâ€every attack in the game, makes this ama quite hard to kill.

    Pro’s: She can get decent attack rating cause of maxing the penetrate skill. She is able to tank a lot of attacks. Melee (except smite) through 75% block combined with +-60% dodge. And all other attacks through evade and avoid. High level critical strike+ grief+forti is enough damage to kill (based on own experience)

    Con’s: She will get locked up horrible if she gets spammed with fast attacks. Winddruids+ cs Zons for example are pretty damn hard to beat with this baby. You will need 100%+ frw on your casterequip.

    Max dodge
    Max evade
    Max avoid
    Max penetrate
    1 slow missiles
    Rest in critital strike (try to get it around lvl 15)


    Weapon: Grief pb (make sure it has 32% ias or higher) Some people might say to use a griscaddy with shaels for a faster attack so you will get more attacks in before gettin locked up again. I tried it and for this build it absolutely sucks. The damage is just too low in a pvp environment where every1 deals thousands of damage.

    Armor: vs melee Fortitude vs casters enigma or trangs
    Shield: vs melee Stormshield( shael it) vs casters phoenix
    Belt: vs melee verdungo vs casters mavina’s
    Amu: vs melee angelics , vs casters Cats eye
    Rings: Angelics, ravens dwarfstars , whisps
    Gloves: bloodfist (make sure you reach 86 fhr on this build) or draculs
    Boots: nat’s or aldurs
    Helm: i love kira’s guardian. Since you use stromshield, coa can be a good possibility too

    Charms: res/ frw/ life/ ar /passive skillers (wherever your weakness lies)

    Also take a look here, the original fuzzydodger thread by sonnich http://forums.diabloii.net/showthread.php?t=305368

    5) Barbearians

    I will mention the barbarianbears another time, although you could better use the great wolfbarb guide for those made by zero-unit, take a look here. They can use feral rage wich is quite awesome.


    This ends the guide on how to succesfully make hairy freaks, and remember: “bears rule, wolves droolâ€. Have fun exploring the worlds of the “i got facialhair†chars.
  5. Gimmershred

    Gimmershred IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2005
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    pls feel free to comment about things i forgot or arent correct, this is the first version of the guide
  6. '22'Souljah

    '22'Souljah IncGamers Member

    Dec 15, 2004
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    SASSABEAR IS SO COOL btw what is it's physical damage for the venom/phys damage one?
    do you use ar/max/life small charms or shadow?
  7. batuchka

    batuchka IncGamers Member

    Jul 16, 2003
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    Hi! Nice eye opener for non druidic bear form - good work! However exactly what happens when a char attacks at 2fpa? I heard somewhere that the game does not read the physical dmg component just elemental/OW - is this true?
    I hope you do share insights on the bear barb build as i am meaning to make this char for PvM :p AR is going to be the problem :( Also many players are stil unsure if fanaticism/BOS helps out attack speeds. I have read Dragoon's guide they do (especially with slower weapons) as they are SIAS (skill ias). Perhaps your guide should state what items for prebuff just for the sake of completeness/new players. Like spirit for palabear need not be in a Monarch but even a normal/exceptional pally shield would do :D Also what about any of these builds for PvM/fun? I was thiking of a bearbarb-summoner with skills:

    Max BO
    Max Shout
    Max Weapon Mastery
    Max Ironskin
    Rest into Increased Speed

    Beast Warspike (6fpa)

    Spirit Broad

    Bear attains AR frm raven, mastery, charms, fan aura and demonlimb prebuff
    Support unit of might merc + 3 dire wolves/grizzly (synergised by beast + wolfhowl) How viable would this build be?

    p.s Would a bear necro and his merry band of skeletons be considered a non druidic bear build?
  8. Gimmershred

    Gimmershred IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2005
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    [QUOTE='22'Souljah]SASSABEAR IS SO COOL btw what is it's physical damage for the venom/phys damage one?
    do you use ar/max/life small charms or shadow?[/QUOTE]

    Max damage/ar/life sc's would be more preferable on this build. Since they get boosted by the ed% you try to wear as much as possible (forti) and since you will be hitting fast
  9. Gimmershred

    Gimmershred IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Thats a nice pvm build. Beast sure helps ar and damage a bit with the aura. A pvm possibility wich will solve ar promblems is the use of a itd (ignore targets defense) weapon. Again i refer to a grief phaseblade. Also since you will have high defense there isn't really big needs to go the blocking route. Coupled with some lifeleech and a phoenix shield (redemption aura) you will be almost unkillable and even have higher damage. Also the draculs lifetap is great for a pvm bear. Shout+ironskin+beardef+chilling armor really makes blocking kinda needless in pvm. When using a itd weapon your only problem will be hitting bosses. But then you can switch to your beast warspike.

    If you notice you will get hit often after this (wich i seriouly doubt) you can always take a defiance merc (ooh my god, godly defense), otherwise a might merc or holy freeze merc for crowd control will do. If you are really rich throw a pride polearm on your merc wich gives him a lvl 18 concentration aura, otherwise reaper's toll is nice for the decrepefy, wich removes immunity against physical immunes i think.

    Also reconsider your helm, it's nice for prebuff but you won't be able to use feral rage wich makes an arreats a much nicer option. Also a delirium helm on yourself is very good in pvm for the 11% chance to cast confuse on striking, within a few hits whole packs of monsters will stand there and do nothing.

    I didn't mention the bearnecro since this guide was kind of pvp-orientated and a bearnecro will never get decent ar (the poisondagger ar bug doesn't seem to work), nor will it have anything to boost its damage (can't cast curses in bearform).

    Sias (skill-ias) and OWias (offweapon-ias) can help you hit 1 frame faster attack in some cases, especially in cases where you aren't hitting fast already. I mentioned this for example on a paladinbear using a grief phaseblade. You should always check the dragoons calculator if it's the case of OWIAS (off weapon ias) or SIAS (Skill ias) might help you or not. Also high levels of werewolf can make a difference.

    I can't tell you what happens when you hit 2fpa on a assabear. Artisans runic talons of quickness are quite hard to find. 3fpa seems to work fine though, also according to clan_iraq.
  10. Baranor

    Baranor IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    Looks ok to me...

    Did you also check out the WB guides on the respective forums? I know both the paladin and sorc forums spend quite some time on creating guides for their WB's, and discussed the subject quite a lot.

    Too bad I'll never make one.... some things are hard to come by on HC ^_^

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