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In the name of Zod
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May 27, 2015
Jul 13, 2007
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In the name of Zod

IncGamers Member, from Sydney

In the name of Zod was last seen:
May 27, 2015
    1. helvete
    2. omgwtfbbqpwned
      A lot of people are currently in their "not playing D2" phase, so the MP forum is very quiet. :C Hopefully it'll kick up again, but if D3 comes out too early... :P

      L4D2? I have a copy of the game on Xbox360. I had a lot of fun playing with my mates and going through the campaign. I also played on Live, but I hate playing on Live because you know, every 12 year old kid apparently has had sex with my mother. Inb4 I learn you're a PC gamer and will call me a nub for playing L4D2 on a console? =D
    3. omgwtfbbqpwned
      How's it going? :D
    4. omgwtfbbqpwned
      That Demon Claw of yours is a really nice pair of gloves.

      By the way, your perfect Enchantress Orb is missing +3 Fire Mastery. :P
    5. omgwtfbbqpwned
      --> Why am I lagging?
      --> Does it happen in other games?
      --> .. Should I use a Barb merc?

      Tell me you did not lol IRL.
    6. In the name of Zod
      In the name of Zod
      Finished studying last year, things didn't go so well there. Since then I've been looking for work. Game wise its been mostly demigod and a bit of borderlands. And now back to D2 for a bit since my old athlon64 mobo died I had to get a cheap eeepc to sort things over until 2011-12 when I'm planning a larger upgrade.

      But apart from that things have been good thanks. Now, how about you? :)
    7. essojay
      Pretty good, I guess. I've had to stop playing D2 because I'm so busy these days, but I still drop by the SPF to waste time. Where have you been all these months?
    8. essojay
      Zoddy, you're back! Welcome back!
    9. In the name of Zod
      In the name of Zod
      Thank you very much. Not sure how much of my babblings are 100% accurate though its really just a place to dump bookmarks and odd bits of info that could be useful for frenzy barbs. Should get around to updating it probably. Cheers, glad you liked it :)
    10. essojay
      I like your blog. It's got some cool info I didn't know about. Thanks. :)
    11. In the name of Zod
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