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  1. JoshuaJoshuaJoshua
  2. TheWalker1997
  3. BipolarChemist
    BipolarChemist pharphis
    you're a real piece of work >:(
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  4. trieudu
    I'm crazy with db2
  5. Jyritor
    EUSCL account -> *Yorcster
  6. monitorman
    monitorman ZappaFan
    HI! I was out of the country just about the time Blizzcon took place. I don't see anything from Flux post-Blizzcon, yet there's also no retirement announcement or any discussion at all.
    Is he just taking a break?
  7. emex
    Need help kill dia clone right now
  8. CheeZ_WhiZ
    Mmmm, Nachos
  9. Regg
    Regg corax
    Hey, by chance u play war of Nations w1 on Android?
  10. Cliantha
    Although it is generally accepted that all vaporizers with atomizers is called e-cigarettes, or Electronic Cigarettes,
  11. Cliantha
    The atomizer is sometimes called tanks, clearomizer, glassomizer, and even cartomizers.
  12. crawlingdeadman
    Look at me, I'm notable!
  13. crawlingdeadman
    no one's left!
    1. pharphis
      and give me back my goodies ;p
      Nov 15, 2016
  14. pharphis
    pharphis crawlingdeadman
    stop following me, you creep
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  15. lepsulet
    creating artwork based on Diablo universe.
  16. In the name of Zod
    In the name of Zod
    It was humour, no rts.
  17. DigitalDiarrhea
    DigitalDiarrhea In the name of Zod
    Where did you you hear about an diablo rts game....
    recruiting two more werewolf's for a full werewolf team im brewing up , west d2lod1.13d tcp/ip please leave a hosted ip address
    this laptop this iso cant see d2lod p1.14d . im wondering if someone would like to host a d2lod p1.13d game over tcp/ip ?
  20. HellsAngel
    HellsAngel Elly
    Hi there Elly,

    I had registered an account for but didn't receive the password email so i can login (I used my hotmail account as an FYI). I did send in an email using the contact form on that same website, but haven't heard anything back. I had also sent you a conversation here on diabloii about the aforementioned.

    The account is currently a pending request, any help is great.