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January 23, 2013

The First Max Level Diablo 3 Barbarian, Remembered

I always see cool stuff while browsing our extensive Diablo 3 galleries, especially when I run into images released during Diablo 3’s development. Because things change! Today’s example came courtesy of Fmulder’s Google wizardy. He…


September 11, 2011

Jay Wilson Interview from Gamescom @ Gamer.NL

EvilMe points us to Dutch site Gamer.NL where there’s a new interview with from Gamescom last month. It’s a short interview, but they get right to the point with the requisite questions about the Real…


September 6, 2011

Gamescom Street Art Beta Contest Winners

Blizzard Europe ran a contest during Gamescom, where fans could take their picture with the Diablo street art display in the Rudolfplatz, style it up a bit, and post it on some form of social…


September 5, 2011

Josh Mosqueira Video Interview from Gamescom

GameReactor has posted a video of their eight-minute interview with Diablo III console lead developer . The interview was recorded at Gamescom last month, and while there’s not really any “new” info, it’s a nice…


August 30, 2011

Brief Ninja Gameplay Movies from Gamescom

A few days ago, Danish site posted three short gameplay movies recorded from the monitors at earlier this month. Though there’s no sound and the gameplay action is nothing special, but the video quality…


Gamescom and IGN Set Records

Two loosely-related news items from Gamescom. The show itself was huge. How huge? In total 275,000 visitors attended the trade and consumer video games show, beating all previous records for the event and bettering 2010…


August 22, 2011

Gamescom Josh Mosqueira Interview

Jay was obviously busy so Josh Mosqueira is the man answering the questions from German site Gemwelt. In this interview Josh talks about the gameplay experience and, yes you guessed it, the auction house. Josh…

By: Rushster

Jay Wilson Interview with Railgun

Jay is in front of the cameras once again and this time the guys from ask the questions. Jay discusses the background story in Diablo 3 as well as some of the features in…

By: Rushster

August 21, 2011

Jay Wilson on End-game and Auction House Again

It’s Gamespot’s turn to probe on the end-game and RMAH in their interview at Gamescom. Jay’s responses are more rehearsed than some site readers thought because the answers are pretty much identical to yesterday’s interview…

By: Rushster

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