Diablo 3 Developer Q&A Full Transcript
The promised Diablo 3 Developer Q&A on Reddit is set to kick off in just minutes, with a bunch of devs ready to type answers to player questions. Update: The start time has been pushed back to 3pm, and the chat is now scheduled to run for just one hour. Update #2: Lots of Blue […]
Blizzard on Solo vs. Multiplayer EXP Bonuses
Continuing our series of posts (yesterday was UI buff display) focused on the most important topics from this week’s Reaper of Souls developer chat, let’s talk about solo vs. multiplayer experience. It’s well known that playing in MP parties is a certain route to much more exp than is possible in solo play, and we’ve […]

Ninja Team Deathmatch PvP Videos

Posted 23 Oct 2011 by

Site visitor Tevin has just got back from Blizzcon and he took some time getting stuck into the PvP Team Deathmatch that was on the show floor this year. He managed to grab some video footage which includes 2 barbarian, 2 monk, a wizard, demon hunter, and a witchdoctor video.

Check all the videos after the break.

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