Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 PTR: Known Issues Updated

The Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 PTR: Known Issues Updated is worth a look, with a few new bugs that may affect your play experience:


  • Achievements associated with Greed are not currently being awarded when the criteria is met
  • The “Beating a Dead Death” and “The Demon Butcher” achievements are currently not tracking the correct monsters for completion credit
  • Combat

  • Channeled Wizard skills currently cost an extra tick of their channeling cost upon initial cast
  • Greater Rifts

  • Greater Rift bonus objective text remains in the quest tracker after the rift quest has been completed
  • After opening a Realm of Trials, the obelisk portal in other town hubs will lead to a Rift rather than the Realm of Trials
  • The health and damage of monsters within the Realm of Trials currently scales with game difficulty
  • Items

  • Legendary Gems that have been socketed into an item do not display their current rank
  • Hellfire Amulet – Amulets with the Wizard passive “Dominance” are not properly granting the passive skill to the player when the amulet is equipped
  • Fire damage from pets does not currently apply the Firebirds Finery 6-piece set bonus effect
  • Seasons

  • The New Season announcement UI has multiple placeholder and missing pieces of art
  • Players aren’t being correctly placed on the Conquest Leaderboard for the Speed Racer Conquest
  • Be advised. Fixes incoming.

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    1. IncGamers clan not working for anyone as well? It happened with the latest PTR wipe. I still have <INC> by name but can't see clan (I have UI just like I'm not in a clan).

    2. so theres this bug see,

      you open a lvl 1 rift in a group, you accept, group cancels, you tp home, everyone gets a key.

      trials are sweet, before i imported, my highest was lvl 29 key.
      facerolled lvl 24 with a group and my keys remaining were 6, 26, 27, 29. lost them all now but can be done again. ptr is nice but cant wait for it to go live …

      left group in a lvl 26 gr cos HARD

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