Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.3 Datamined

Patch 1.0.3 is now on the servers (although not live to download). These are the skill changes you can expect to see once the patch is live.

Please note Stun Grenades and Weapon Throw HAVE NOT BEEN NERFED they were always 1.5 seconds but the tooltip was rounding and Blizzard has corrected it this patch. Again, neither abilities have been nerfed it’s just a tooltip correction.

The following tooltips had spelling changes or were just slightly reworded: Juggernaut, Impale – Impact, Archery, Shock Pulse – Piercing Orb

Elemental Thorns have now been added to the affix pool


Name Old New
Weapon Throw – Throwing Hammer Hurl a hammer with a 50% chance to Stun the target for 2 seconds. Hurl a hammer with a 50% chance to Stun the target for 1.5 seconds.
Overpower – Crushing Advance Reflect 30% of incoming melee damage for 4 seconds after Overpower is activated. Redirect 30% of incoming melee and ranged damage for 4 seconds after Overpower is activated.
Relentless – Advanced Tooltip While below 20% Life, all skills cost no Fury and all damage taken is reduced by 50%. While below 20% Life, all skills cost 75% less Fury and all damage taken is reduced by 50%.

DiabloWikiDemon Hunter

Name Old New
Grenades – Stun Grenades Hurl grenades that have a 25% chance to Stun enemies for 2 seconds. Hurl grenades that have a 25% chance to Stun enemies for 1.5 seconds.
Cluster Arrow – Dazzling Arrow Enemies hit by grenades have a 55% chance to be stunned for 2 seconds. Enemies hit by grenades have a 55% chance to be stunned for 2 seconds and changes the damage to Physical.


Name Old New
Seven-Sided Strike – Sustained Attack Reduces the cooldown of Seven-Sided Strike by 7 seconds. Reduces the cooldown of Seven-Sided Strike to 23 seconds.


Name Old New
Meteor – Star Pact Reduces the casting cost of Meteor to 35 Arcane Power. Reduces the casting cost of Meteor to 35 Arcane Power and the damage type to Arcane.

Changes to images in the files this time round include the following updates. Interesting to note that a PvP buff icon has now been added so they are obviously working away on PvP.


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  1. Edit: Fixed, so this post is now worthless. So … um … first? keke?

    Anyway, there’s nothing but tooltip changes and minor tweaks to skills? Or is there more, just not posted yet?

  2. No Witch Doctor changes at all? ๐Ÿ™

  3. SSS for the Monk, my question, what the hell changed? just the wording? 7 sec less than 30 IS 23 seconds

    wow I can really see how Bliz is working hard on these patches =/

    • I think Beacon of Ytar (-15% cd on everything) be more effective this way.

    • Its just making stuff easier to understand…

    • As SaltyDaveIV and The Rockman kind of stated it’s so people know how to do calculations on SSS when using beacon of Ytar. People weren’t sure if the 15% was applied before or after the 7s reduction. This lets you know it is going to be a 23 second cooldown and then you apply your 15% reduction to that.

  4. Elemental thorns? Really? Why?

  5. Overpower – Crushing advance is going to be a very decent choice for barbs as another damage migration tool.

  6. “New Witchdoctor skill: Made pets useful.”

  7. This makes no sense they wouldn’t update the servers to 1.0.3 without updating the client.

    • They upload the files (mpqs) to the servers days before patches go live. This one may be longer, as these are obviously only partial patch notes.

      • How do you tell if the servers were patched?
        And how do you datamine servers?

        • That would be a very complex answer that most people wouldn’t answer (because it’s frowned upon to do what is necessary to get this information).

          That’s not my judgement, that’s Blizzard’s old attitude towards datamining. They don’t seem to mind harmless stuff like this, but there’s limits to what you can get away with. Giving away the process would certainly be beyond that limit.

  8. I don’t understand why they messed with grenades. Was the 2 second stun really a balance problem?

    • Please note Stun Grenades and Weapon Throw HAVE NOT BEEN NERFED they were always 1.5 seconds but the tooltip was rounding and Blizzard has corrected it this patch. Again, neither abilities have been nerfed itโ€™s just a tooltip correction.

  9. @Asteria…

    This was explained in the post. Then it was bolded. Then it was repeated ๐Ÿ™‚

    It was always 1.5 seconds.

    EDIT: Spelling

    • My mistake. That’s what happens when you scoot over the text to look at the pretty boxes ๐Ÿ˜ณ Thanks for correction.

  10. I was hoping Monk skills like Wave of Light would be made useful/not stupidly expensive. Me and my lofty expectations…

    • My monk uses the reduced cost wave of light in Inferno (act I, at any rate). The cost isn’t too high, it does a knockback to clear an area for most monsters (besides brickhouses and golgors, things like that) and it goes nicely with the life on spirit spent item mod.

  11. Barbs crying for buff and they got nerf lol. Overpower change is nice, but its useless skill with small aoe…

    • Uh… Barbs didn’t get nerfed, they only corrected the tooltips. Overpower is also a very good skill. A ‘useless’ 165% Aoe damage with 30% mitigation which can be constantly sustained and the 165% damage refreshed every 4 seconds with a decent crit build? Useless indeed.

      Did I forget to mention that each time damage is reflected, LoH is procced for 33%? You can essentially gain health by sitting in pools of desecrate/plague or any enemy DoT as long as you have decent LoH.

      • Relentless got nerfed. The AoE of Overpower feels like 3 yards….

      • to use Overpower you need to be up and close in crowd since the aoe feels like 1 yard. Revenge does everything you said better with higher 220%dmg+ heals + no cooldown or resource.

        • Firstly, the AoE damage is not the primary use for this skill-rune combo, it is the mitigation and reflection which procs LoH. That is independent of how close you are to enemies.

          Secondly, revenge does not mitigate, nor proc LoH to the extent of overpower in many. The only thing it does better is AoE damage and healing in large groups, Against smaller groups of enemies or bosses, overpower’s healing is superior as it can not only be sustained while dodging the larger boss attacks, but the mitigation provided means that the LoH healing is magnified by your greater EHP.

          Sure, revenge is good for standard cookie cutter builds with no specialization or attempts to diverge from the norm, but overpower with crushing advance is still a very potent skill and superior to revenge in some situations. The combination of the two in a specced build is very nice for mitigation and permits tanking outside of the standard sword-n-board setup.

          As for relentless being nerfed, touche, I didn’t notice that being a nerf and not just a correction.

  12. Demon wings = Kung Fu Panda Collectors edition item.
    Unless you still play WoW or is crazy enough to fork out the $ just for the wings with a different color…

  13. D3 is such a big snowball of fail. Elemental thorns? Those are the new “interesting” affixes? Give me a break. I can’t wait to see this legendary revamp. Who wants to bet me now that it’s going to be mediocre at best? Just like the rest of the entire game.

  14. Well.

    Good to see they’re nerfing the overpowered skills that no one is using.

  15. The rough look of the fonts on the picture resembles d2 more than d3 overall.
    Also, they shouldn’t just add any new achievements, just fix the ones that’s bugged (as far as I know several lore books are not dropped, and places like Lyceum is not appearing at all).

    • The image shown was created by Diablo.incgamers. They extracted the individual icons/images from the patch, arranged them on a nice black background (with the site’s URL as a watermark) and added the text using the Exocet font to say what they are (presumably derived from the original file names).

  16. Blizzard are really master trolls. “We will buff the melee classes and nerf ranged, mostly DH”. DH skills that got touched are almost not used end-game and barbarian “fix” is even worse. Is this their idea of how to make Barbarian useful? By touching spells that are barely used(serisouly, who uses weapon throw on inferno, or any fury spender skill? Most go with CD spells only and Barbarian still gets its ass kicked.). I must only laugh, barbarian will be still useless on 1.0.3 and DH will still steamroll inferno..

    • Patch 1.0.3 is not supposed to be the skill / class balance patch. Patch 1.0.3 is mostly balances to the monsters, party play and loot drops.

    • My perspective is that Barbarian is not useless, it just has it harder in certain groups or perhaps solo (idk, i dont play solo). Im in act 3 inferno right now, act 2 was a constant struggle, unless there was a good group (monk, DH and Wizz or WD), the game was very hard and challenging, and if we were out of luck, we had to skip certain elites (that part of the game is indeed broken), but the relatively low cost of repair makes dedicated players try a lot of times before decision to skip is made. fortunately, through act 2 I found amazing gear, and now…life is easier!;)

    • Reading comprehension fail: This was not supposed to be a class balance patch.

    • You softcore guys are hilarious. Barbarian is King in hardcore.

  17. Anything about making game up to inferno actually fun or meaningful? Or are we still just grinding up to lvl 60 when the real game starts (real in terms of still grinding but with items that drop having 2% chance to be useful, instead of 0%).

    • Hmm, i wonder what do you mean by saying: “making game up to inferno actually fun or meaningful”

      Just what exact meaning you want to add to the game up to inferno?
      It has the same meaning from very start till end/infinity… grinding/trading for items

    • You could play HC and not use the AH. That makes the game up to 60 interesting. Not blizzards fault that you want to make the game unfun for yourself.

    • HC is good from 1 to 60+Inferno even with use of AH.
      The market and prices out there is much more “meaningful”
      And its actually FUN to play/farm/trade out there while trying to stay alive as long as you can on. Thou i will w8 patch 1.0.3 before i will ever go to Inferno Act2.

    • Personally, I’m playing SC with two characters nowhere NEAR level 60 and I’m having a blast.

  18. So where are the actually important changes? This is the patch that needs to save the game or many people are done for good(or at least more than already are). This addresses so little, does blizzard really care? The game has been out for over a month now, where are the fixes the game has needed from the start?

  19. Apparently when they say “we aren’t happy with the state of melee vs ranged” what they mean is “we arent happy with the state of barbarian vs ranged”? Monk has been nerfed more than any other class and is one of the weakest and most gear\skill dependent overall.

    This patch needs to fix inferno or a lot of people are gone to GW2, Torchlight2, whatever.

    I really hope this isn’t a complete list, otherwise why bother Blizzard?

    • “Apparently when they say โ€œwe arenโ€™t happy with the state of melee vs rangedโ€”
      Correct they are going to fix the classes by bettering the skills of all classes so they’re essentially equal.
      “Monk has been nerfed more than any other class and is one of the weakest and most gear\skill dependent overall.”
      The Monk is not the most “nerfed” class in game, they’ve only had one intentional nerf (Serenity-Tranquility) because monks would abuse the skill. Every skill shown in this list is a fix to the tooltip that displays during the explanation of said skill. If the monk was the most nerfed class in game then Demon hunters and Wizards are also the most nerfed class in game. I think the barbarian is actually the most gear dependent class in game considering they do have to go with pure all resist for their shout to become effective. Monks get a slight over hand for that. They can use all resist and another stat such as resist to fire and stack that (or both) then use the one with everything to have essentially more resist than the barbarian. Try researching your class better by going to see what other successful players are doing, twitch.tv works great that way.
      “This patch needs to fix inferno or a lot of people are gone to GW2, Torchlight2, whatever.”
      They are fixing inferno as they’ve said plenty of times. Currently Inferno has technically been nerfed for parties (damage increase when players join the game has been removed).
      “I really hope this isnโ€™t a complete list, otherwise why bother Blizzard?”
      it’s not a complete list (hopefully) since this is all client side found changes that have not gone active and there is still a lot they can do server side.
      P.S. people stop saying these are nerfs posted here. They are (say it with me) TOOLTIP FIXES. thank you.

  20. Does “reflect damage” mean that the dmg is not dealt towards your health? i dont understand that affix, or why its good?

  21. Worthless. (just like this post)

    Captcha: high horse Yeah I’ll get off it.

  22. ow lets fuk up the barbarian even more then it already is -_- GREAT!!! pffff

  23. So when is this patch coming out?

  24. I think one of the tech forum dudes said there were gonna be quite a few performance fixes and tweaks in this patch. Something about “stuttering” in particular.

    From what I can tell this patch is mainly about smoothing the damage ramp-up in Inferno, changing loot drop percentages, and bug fixes. None of that really shows in a datamine.

  25. Elemental Thorns have now been added to the affix pool
    Blizzard’s answer to the h0mogeneous itemization problem. ๐Ÿ™„

  26. Will this be the patch that lowers artisan costs and gem combine requirements, or is that later?

  27. Another site has datamined this patch and looked at IAS item values. All of them appear to be nerfed by 50%-75%.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    IAS is definitely OP, but I think a 25% nerf would have been more appropriate. Monks aren’t going to be any better off despite the lowered monster damage if their LoH and LpSS get nerfed this hard. ๐Ÿ˜

    Not to mention a lot of people who bought expensive IAS items on the RMAH are going to be pissed off. Yet another legal shitstorm for Blizzard.

  28. People hem and haw over stats while the issue of most skills being completely un-fun or downright stupid remains ignored.

    Too little, too late, stopped caring about this game 2 weeks ago. I was still playing D2 earlier this year.

    • “Too little, too late, stopped caring about this game 2 weeks ago.”

      Yet here you are….

      • I can relate. I havn’t played much D3 after the first week to be honest, I’ve fallen back to D2. But the old habit of scrolling through the news is hard to break, especially when you hope to read news that will make D3 worthwile.

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