Jay Wilson says Early Diablo 3 versions were “more like Diablo 2.5”

jay wilson in taiwanJay Wilson took a lot of heat when he was game director of Diablo 3. Some of the criticism was fair while some was a little over the top. Jay left Blizard some time ago now but his Twitter account became a little more active in the past 48 hours.

Jay took some time out to answer a few questions about Diablo 3 and the game’s design and direction which was hotly debated prior and after the game’s launch.

Read on for few snips from his Twitter activity.

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Blizzard Black Friday Sale is now live

black fridayBlizzard is holding their own Black Friday sale but there’s something strange about it. Ah yes! There are no Diablo games discounted whatsoever.

Obviously, Blizzard feels the player base is so huge they don’t need any more Diablo players. I though they might throw the Diablo community a bone for this one. I guess I was wrong. Diablo really is the strange relative they want to keep hidden under the stairs.

If you are looking for cheap games then check out the PC Invasion Black Friday deals page.

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Diablo 2 Ladder Resets Today Reminder and Site Updates

DiabloThis is a quick reminder post that the Diablo 2 ladder resets today, 22 November.

Blizzard will activate the reset at 10:00 AM PST so get ready for that as I know many of you are looking to jump back into Diablo 2 for this ladder rounds.

Some of you may be a little rusty, or even new, and might be looking for some tips. The Diablo 2 Wiki is stacked with information. everything from item information to guides, so check out these links…

I also want to point you in the direction of the SPF forum, specifically this thread, which is packed with useful links to guides and tips for players.

Finally, some of you may have noticed we rejigged the forums this week and the Diablo 2 forums are now at the top of the listings. Diablo 3 players should just scroll down a little on the page to find their forums.

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Blizzard Seeks Software Engineer for First-person Unannounced Project

blizzard DiabloA new job posting from Blizard has appeared in their job listings for an unannounced project but not under any of the current game franchises.

We have seen plenty of job postings appear on the listing page in recent months but this one is a little different because it doesn’t come under any of the existing franchises. The two listings for Lead Software Engineer fall under the heading “Unannounced Games/Projects” on the list.

What’s interesting about the post is the job description which states:

Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an experienced engine engineer to work on a robust first-person engine for an unannounced project. The ideal applicant has demonstrated ability to lead a team of engineers to success, has a vision for how a scalable, performant and technically excellent engine should be built, and has a passion for adopting state of the art rendering technology to implement visually stunning games.

Following the success of Overwatch, you have to wonder what other first-person engine game they could be working on. Now Blizzard has nailed the FPS with Overwatch they might try something a little more adventurous, perhaps an open-world game in first person like Skyrim or Fallout 4. As the new jobs are not listed under ‘Diablo’ we’re still in the dark as to what they have in store for that. A first person Diablo world would be fantastic to experience.

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How much would you pay for the Diablo 3 Necromancer Pack

diablo necromancerNow that all the BlizzCon fuss has died down it’s time to look ahead to the next major piece of content for Diablo 3, the Necromancer Pack.

We know roughly what’s in the pack, the Necromancer class, two character slots, two stash tabs on PC, cosmetic goodies (pets portrait frames etc). This is the first time Blizzard has released content for Diablo 3 in this way and it’s hard to gauge its value to the players. The content is only worth what a player is willing to pay for it.

Most Diablo 3 players will be interested in the Necromancer and stash tabs but cosmetic items are really just a bonus. What’s it worth to you?

How much would you pay for the new Necroncer Pack?

View Results

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Now that you’ve done that it’s time to look over the results of our last poll which asked how you felt about the BlizzCon announcement. It’s not great reading for Blizzard with 60% of you disappointed with what was shown.

  • Very disappointed (60%)
  • I am not sure. Will wait and see (24%)
  • I am happy with what is planned (16%)
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What is the most important aspect of a Diablo game?

Diablo pollIn the forums, Azimuthus  has asked the question “What is the most important aspect of a Diablo game?” I think you’ll agree that’s a tough question to answer when you have to pick three answers and prioritise them.

Is it loot, the skill system, characters, the end-game, lore, graphics, multiplayer, or even randomisation?

All of these I see as core to the game in some respect so it’s not easy to pick the top three. With Blizzard obviously now working on something new now might be a good time to post what you think.

Blizzard ignored a lot of criticism of Diablo 3’s features prior to the game’s release and I think most players would be very disappointed if they made the same mistakes again with a new Diablo title.

Drop into the thread and cast your vote.

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Diablo 2 Ladder Reset 22 November – Jumping Back in?

Diablo 2Following BlizzCon, I’ve noticed more Diablo players are looking to jump back into Diablo 2 and now is as good a time as any because the Diablo 2 ladder reset is just over a week away.

Start deciding your next build, because it’s ladder reset time. We’ll take the servers down for maintenance on November 22nd at 10:00 AM PST. Expect a few hours of downtime.

If you are heading back the D2, or starting to play it for the first time, make sure you check the Diablo 2 Wiki. There’s also over a decade of knowledge available in the Diablo 2 forums and these links will help new or rusty players

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New Diablo Job Posting Appears for Senior Game Design

Blizzard’s Diablo related job postings are coming thick and fast these days and there’s a new position up for “Senior Game Design”.

The minions of hell grow stronger! Our family of diabolically talented developers is expanding. Our backgrounds are varied but we all share a passion for the dark, gothic, and macabre. If you value a tightknit team that celebrates self-expression and a multi-disciplinary approach, then join us on the Diablo team.
We’re currently looking for a talented and experienced game designer with a background in content / narrative design. The ideal candidate is able to seamlessly integrate storytelling and gameplay to create memorable characters, moments and locales in addition to conveying a greater narrative vision.

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New Diablo 3 PTR Item Vendor Being Added Soon

Updated PTR Social ArtThe PTR will be getting a new NPC soon that will be unique to the PTR server who will be selling the new Bags of Fortune.

With the Patch 2.4.3 PTR, we wanted to try a little experiment based on the feedback from previous PTRs. Many players had trouble testing new items in the past and, as we continue to add more and more legendary items to the game to test, it gets harder to track them down and find them (even when a legendary drop rate buff is in effect).

We will be introducing a new vendor to help with this issue, who sells PTR-exclusive Bags of Fortune. These bags contain all the new class-specific items that have been introduced in Patch 2.4.3. Once the vendor is available, they will be located in all town hubs.

However, this vendor didn’t make it into the first patch in time for PTR launch. In the meantime, we’ve hotfixed a temporary solution—all normal Rift Guardians will drop a guaranteed PTR Bag of Fortune. Note that this loot will only drop from Guardians in regular Nephalem Rifts and not Greater Rifts.

We hope this eases the PTR testing process and look forward to hearing your feedback!

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Diablo 3 patch 2.4.3 now on PTR

D1 style graphics

The US election is finally over so let’s get back to some news. The Diablo 3 patch 2.4.3 is now live on PTR.

This update comes with the new 20th Anniversary event along with fixes and changes for Seasons, Adventure Mode, the Mystic and dyes, items, and some Barbarian changes.

Check out the full list of changes after the break.

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Watch the Diablo 3 BlizzCon Lightning Talks

The main panels were all streamed on the Live feed from BlizzCon but the lightning talks were not. Last year Blizzard recreated the talks months after the event but you can watch this year’s now in full shakey-cam on Periscope thanks to someone from Reddit.

Topics include animation, Diablo 1 recreation in Diablo 3,  implementing features on PC and console, and the server side of the game. The quality is not brilliant but it’s good enough to follow the talks.

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Blizzard Explain why Diablo 1 Remake is not Standalone

One of the big announcements this year was the addition of the Diablo 1 remake inside Diablo 3 as an annual event. In this interview with PC Gamer, Travis Day and John Legrave explain why this is not a standalone remake of the original.

John Legrave said, “Our idea was to engage the public in the nostalgia and what we’ve created. We wanted everybody to have that feeling of what we felt when we were playing Diablo originally. We’ve been pretty good about giving away a lot of awesome content over the past several years and we saw no reason why not to do that with this.”

Here’s the full interview.

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