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Diablo 3 Podcast 200th show coming up!

Posted 13 Feb 2016 by at 19:47 GMT
Diablo Podcast

Our original logo, still unsurpassed.

It’s a big occasion this week as The Diablo Podcast reaches 200 shows! As the longest running regular podcast show for Diablo we hope you’ve enjoyed the previous 199. It’s been a real pleasure recording these for you almost every week since the first show was recorded way back in April, 2011, more than a year before D3’s release.

For the 200th show we will have the usual current game discussion, as well as some flashbacks to hot topics from the past years.

We spoke to Blizzard about having a developer or two on for the 200th episode for you all, but they have once again declined to participate.

The show will be recorded this weekend and available next week.

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How do they make Tyrael’s wings look so great?

Posted 13 Feb 2016 by at 19:46 GMT

This is a question I’m sure you pve pondered for years, well maybe not. If you are a budding artist or game designer then Simon Schreibt series on game art tricks is definitely worth checking out.

Simon has looked at Diablo related art tricks i the past including the resource bubbles, the spider webs, and now angel wings.

In the video below he describes how the movement and look of the wings are likely created. It’s a really inrteresting watch even if you are not a developer and artist.

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Diablo 3 Hotfixes: February 11

Posted 12 Feb 2016 by at 23:26 GMT

Blizzard posted a couple of quick Diablo 3 hotfixes this morning, which may positively impact your gameplay.

Two more hotfixes have been deployed today, February 11th.

Adventure Mode

  • Bounties

    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Wortham Survivors bounty to become unable to be completed. (2/11)


  • DiabloWikiHellfire Amulet

    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Custom Engineering Hellfire Amulet to stop functioning after a period of time. (2/11)

At last. Those poor people of Wortham have suffered enough already!

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Leaderboard Check: 3P GR100 Busters!

Posted 11 Feb 2016 by at 22:13 GMT

We checked in on the DiabloWikiLeaderboards a couple of weeks ago when the first four-player parties were pushing past Greater Rift 100. Well, the Patch 2.4 “Power Leap” continues and we’ve now got four-player groups pushing GR110, while even some three player parties are joining the in triple digit GR land.

The WD is expendable?

The WD is expendable?

All of the top 4p parties are the default grouping with a DPS wizard supported by a WD/Barb/Monk who do nothing but healing and CC. (Given that there are 3P parties also doing GR100, I’d bet it’s possible to do a 4P GR100 with 2 DPS chars in the group, but haven’t yet seen that demonstrated.)

All figures and links point to the online leaderboard display as of noon, Feb 11, 2016.

  • Korean 4P Non-Seasonal: The best is GR106 in 14:17, and there are 440 characters who have exceeded GR100. (Yeah, that’s GR100+ all the way down to the bottom of the third page of the 4P leaderboard in the browser view.)
  • Korean Seasonal 4-player: The best is GR103 in and there are 91 total characters who have exceeded GR100.
  • Europe 4player Non-Seasonal: The best party so far cleared GR105 in 13:24, and there are 126 total characters at GR100 or better.
  • Europe 4player Seasonal. The top group has cleared GR103 in 13:44 and there are 143 characters with a GR100+ clear in a 4p group on EU.
  • Americas 4 player non-seasonal. GR103 in 14:42 is the best time, with 113 characters at GR100+.
  • Americas 4 player seasonal. The current top is a group of the required Monk/Barb/WD/Wiz at GR103 in 14:02, and there are 66 characters at GR100+.
  • Three Player GR100 Busters

    There are multiple groups at GR100 with 3 player parties, (and dozens more in the GR95+ range on all Realms) all of them comprised of a DPS Wizard with CC/healing from a Monk and a Barb. No one has beaten GR100 with a three-player Seasonal party yet, but the top 3P parties are at 99 or 98 on all 3 realms, so expect that milestone to fall in the immediate future.

  • Korean Non-Seasonal 3p: GR102 in 14:54, with 12 characters (4 separate 3p groups) at GR100+.
  • Europe 3 player non-seasonal: Seven characters have beaten GR100, with the best current 3p group at GR101 in 14:05.
  • Americas 3 player non-seasonal: Three separate groups of a Wizard, Barb, and Monk have hit GR101, with the best time a GR101 in 13:31.
  • Hardcore

    If you’re wondering about Hardcore, no party has come near GR100 yet, but on US and EU they’re not too far off. The best current group is up to GR96 on US Seasonal and GR94 in EU Seasonal, and yes, that’s Seasonal. It’s interesting to note that while all softcore Leaders are much higher in non-seasonal, the opposite is true in Hardcore. Seasonal US/EU at 96/94 vs. US 86 & 85 EU in non-seasonal. That’s not a real surprise to me as a HC player, since virtually everyone in hardcore goes Seasonal… because we’re used to starting over from scratch?

    Congrats to all the GR100 busters! Maybe take an evening off sometime… your families miss you.

    Click through if you want to see a video of the play style in action. It’s from Gabynator showing the first GR100 clear on US Seasonal, and this 4p group now tops the US Seasonal Leaderboard with a GR103 clear.

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    Blizzard celebrates 25th Anniversary today

    Posted 8 Feb 2016 by at 22:54 GMT

    It was 25 years ago today that Allen Adham, Mike Morhaime, and Frank Pearce formed Silicon & Synapse which was to become the Blizzard we all know today. A video has been released to celebrate the occasion.

    Mike thanks the players and fans for their support in the video, and unfortunately this video glosses over the importance of the Diablo franchise in making Blizzard what it is today. It was through the Diablo community that Blizzard fans started to really connect, long before games such as World of Warcraft even existed, and even the early Warcraft games never had a community quite like the Diablo community.

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    Diablo 3 Legendary Items Postmortem

    Posted 7 Feb 2016 by at 09:09 GMT

    john-yang-lightning-titleBlizzard has posted another Lightning Talk, with a developer reprising his quick presentation from Blizzcon onto video for the edification of everyone who didn’t witness (or couldn’t hear) the original live talk at Blizzcon 2015. This one features John Yang discussing 10 key Legendary/Set items that were exploited, or nerfed, or that players asked to be nerfed.

    It’s a good presentation; John explains what the issue was with all the items, what went wrong to create it, how Blizzard fixed (or not) the problem, and the lessons they learned long term. The items included are: Shard of Hate, Focus and Restraint, The Furnace, Elemental Immunity Amulets, Mortick’s Brace, Sunwuko’s Set (Patch 2.1), Sever, Shi Mizu’s Haori, Naglering, and Unity. It’s not exactly a Diablo 3 Legendary Items Postmortem, but close enough:

    Despite the “10 in 10” title, John’s talk runs just over 16 minutes… but it’s solid content and technically there are a lot more than 10 items covered, since that number includes Item Sets, 5 different immunity amulets, etc. So who is complaining?

    I found the video very informative and interesting, and since I know a lot of you guys would rather read in a few minutes than watch in 16, I typed up a rough transcript/summary. Here’s the first item covered, and if you click through you’ll see the other 9 in similar detail:

    Item #1: Shard of Hate

    The sword was produced by a community design partnership, with fans voting on the name, powers, graphics, etc. The item turned out well and had a great initial response, as it was flavorful, powerful, and had great visuals. Soon though, many players decided that it was to powerful and many requests for nerfing were heard.

    Bliz delivered that nerf, and as a result players who were using the SoH logged on to find their characters felt a lot weaker, which is a reaction Blizzard tries hard not to deliver. Ultimately, the item fell into almost total disuse (equipped by less than 1% of Barbarians) and Blizzard buffed the item, taking it back to the original function.

    In retrospect, they wish they’d not been so quick to nerf, giving the game more time to grow and evolve.

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    Vote: Diablo 3 Set Dungeons in Patch 2.4

    Posted 5 Feb 2016 by at 19:13 GMT

    set-dungeon-nats-portal-worthamAs mentioned in the newest podcast and discussed at length in the previous one, here’s the vote/survey to see what you guys think of Diablo 3 Set Dungeons in Patch 2.4. Most fans were excited, or at least curious about Set Dungeons before Patch 2.4, but now that we’re able to run them live in the patch and in Season 5… most players seem fairly negative about the feature.

    From what I mostly hear in clan chat and see in forum posts (and heard on the recent podcasts) a majority of players find DiabloWikiSet Dungeons more annoying or frustrating than fun, and the requirement that we do all 4 of them for 2 different classes to earn one of the Season Conquests is a much-lamented fact. Does everyone really hate them, though? Or is this like most things on the Internet, where it’s the complaints that are heard most loudly. Maybe some/most of you guys actually sort of like the Set Dungeons? Let’s vote and get some community consensus:

    What do you think of Set Dungeons in Patch 2.4?

    View Results

    Loading ... Loading ...

    Conveniently, this morning Blizzard posted a blog about how Set Dungeons were created and designed. The article talks about how recently and quickly the feature was created, why they allow multiplayer, and why there are no Set Dungeon leaderboards. A quote:

    We hope that Set Dungeons provide a refreshing new challenge in Diablo III. They may not be for everyone, and that’s okay. Divisive content can be good for the long-term health of any game, ensuring that there really is something for everyone. Set Dungeons are meant to be tough and deviate from the traditional slay-and-loot gameplay. Are they too tough? Perhaps for some, but you’re not alone in the struggle! Even our designers feel the pressure.

    “The irony is that there are several that I can’t master on live, so maybe I’m not the best to give advice!” laughs Alex. However, he does have a few tips. “The number one tip is to check your corners. Don’t blast through everything expecting to win. There’s a certain playstyle that works in each, so pay close attention to them.” Attention to detail is important, especially if you’re looking to master each set.

    Finally, if you’ve conquered every Set Dungeon, don’t forget to congratulate yourself! That’s no small feat. “If you see someone running around with those beautiful green wings, bow down at their feet! They have mad skills . . . no matter which way they chose to tackle the challenge.”

    If you want more Set Dungeons, White Locks put together a video in which he ranks all 24 set dungeons from easiest to hardest.

    His ranking is largely about the gear required, and thus dungeons that only need the basic six-piece set are ranked above ones that require multiple additional legendary items. He talks a bit about tactics as well, but weights less to the really annoying play style dungeons, which results in some of the most hated — such as DH’s Shadow Mantle set, Monk’s Inna’s set, and Wizard’s Delsere’s set — rated surprisingly far from the worst.

    Of course opinions may differ, which is pretty much what this post is about. Your thoughts on Set Dungeons?

    White Links’ full list:

    List with Dungeons:
    1.Barbarian – Immortal King
    2.Demon Hunter – Natalya
    3.Witch Doctor – Arachyr
    4.Crusader Seeker of the Light
    5.Crusader – Thorns
    6.Witch Doctor – Zunimassa
    7.Demon Hunter – Marauder
    8.Wizard – Tal Rasha
    9.Wizard – Firebird
    10.Demon Hunter – Shadow
    11.Barbarian – Earth
    12.Barbarian – Raekor
    13.Crusader – Ahkkan
    14.Monk – Sunwuko
    15.Monk – Thousand Storms
    16.Demon Hunter – Unhallowed
    17.Wizard – Vyr
    18.Crusader – Roland
    19.Monk – Inna
    20.Witch Doctor – Jade
    21.Wizard – Delsere
    22.Witch Doctor – Helltooth
    23.Monk – Uliana
    24.Barbarian – Wrath of the Wastes

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    Diablo 3 Podcast #199: Power Creep or Power Leap?

    Posted 5 Feb 2016 by at 01:38 GMT

    Players have blasted through GR100 and it seems like everyone is already 20GRs higher than last season. Is this Power Creep or Power Leap? Is Torment 10 obsolete already? Plus, no DPS meter, and Set Dungeons still suck. Featuring N3rdwards, Muggs, and Flux.

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