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PALs Preview: Diablo 3 Podcast #206

Posted 3 May 2016 by at 07:14 GMT

news-podcast-206The newest installment of the Diablo 3 podcast is now online with an exclusive 24 hour preview for our Site PALs. Our beloved site supporters can check out the podcast right now, in the PAL forum.

Season Six kicked off over the weekend and we discuss the fun. Rushing strategies, P500+ in two days, the best new OP classes/builds, power creep increases, botters running scared, and more. Featuring N3rdwards, Muggs, and Flux.

The podcast will go live tomorrow for everyone else, but if you can’t wait and want to become a Site PAL, it’s easy and will only set you back a few bucks a month.

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Diablo 3 Season 6 is live

Posted 29 Apr 2016 by at 16:19 GMT

Diablo 3 season 6

This is just a very quick note to say that Season 6 is now live so if you’re taking part this time then you’re good to go. If you’re not sure what’s included this Season, check these recent posts.

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1 and DiabloNut prepped for Diablo 3 Season 6

Posted 29 Apr 2016 by at 00:04 GMT

diablo ladders

Now the Diablo 3 2.4.1 patch is out Season 6 will be kicking off very shortly. In preparation for the new Season and to bring everything up to speed, The DiabloNut DB has been updated again (this also feeds DiabloWiki) with all the latest skill stats and is ready to capture Season 6 character data .

The team is also ready for Season 6 action and they have filtered out banned accounts and the layout has been improved for grouped Greater Rift leaderboards. The site won’t allow imports for the first day soon Season 6 has time to roll-out everywhere.

Check both these sites out as the new Season begins.

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Diablo 3: Season 6 Cosmetics Guides

Posted 28 Apr 2016 by at 20:00 GMT

MalthaelWith patch 2.4.1 out now there are a few guides out there to help you find the cosmetic items that were released with the patch.

JIGGLY_BALL shared over on reddit a tabled guide on what drops where with some details as well.

Quin69 shares an ultimate video guide that links to all of his videos on each of the cosmetic items, wings and portrait frame.

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Diablo 3 patch 2.4.1 live and notes

Posted 27 Apr 2016 by at 02:59 GMT

Diablo 3 patch 2.4.1

The EU servers were patched not long ago so everyone should now be playing with the v2.4.1 patch. Season 6 gets going this week too so get in-game and get used to the changes now.

The patch notes are lengthy and you can find them all after the break.

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Diablo 3 Season 6 Rewards Preview

Posted 25 Apr 2016 by at 23:48 GMT

Diablo 3 Season 6 is about to get underway this week and Blizzard is back with another preview look at the Season and this time it’s a look at rewards.

New Cosmetic Rewards

Season 5 introduced a new rotation of cosmetic rewards, and Season 6 continues this tradition!

In addition to an exclusive Portrait Frame and the usual rotating pieces of the Conqueror’s Transmogrification set, Season 6 will include a unique pennant for players who complete the fourth chapter of the Season Journey.

Diablo 3 Season 6

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Diabloii.Net Site Improvements

Posted 24 Apr 2016 by at 21:30 GMT

Today we have spent some time refining search functionality here on Diabloii.Net and the forums. As the site and forums have been running so long, the search options tended to get bogged down with the sheer amount of data. Forum searches could take quite some time to return a query. The site content search also had stacks of posts to filter through to find a keyword.

Now the forums search is practically instant and will also give better results thanks to some work in the back-end and additions to the forum code. The same goes for the site, search terms will now come back quickly and nicely highlighted.

We hope these tweaks help you find stuff you’re looking for a lot easier.

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Blizzard’s Overwatch truck in PAX accident

Posted 24 Apr 2016 by at 16:48 GMT

overwatch cars

Over the weekend, Blizzard has been ferrying attendees around PAX East in a joint Overwatch promotion with UBER called UBERwatch. One of the souped-up vehicles, a super truck,  driven by Overwatch character Solider 76 was involved in a prang with a civilian vehicle and Gearbox’ Randy Pitchford caught it as it happened and Tweeted:

“Just left PAX East and out full house Main Theater show to see a monster truck branded with competitive game run over a civilian car.

“You cannot make this up. They just smashed into the side of the civilian car. What a nightmare for everyone.

“I offered to help, but they had it sorted. Fortunately, no one was hurt. I feel bad for the victims, but also the PR team and dev team.”

Pitchford snapped photo of the vehicle that was hit which you can see the break.

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